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Help the Order 66 Podcast transition to Edge of the Empire and still blaze the trail as the original Star Wars roleplaying podcast. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on August 2, 2013.

Help the Order 66 Podcast transition to Edge of the Empire and still blaze the trail as the original Star Wars roleplaying podcast.

About this project


Maybe you want to be able to access a special area on d20radio. Maybe you want to be able to download cool listener created and d20Radio/Gamer Nation Studios created content.  Maybe you just want to be a "backer" and get a cool color for your name on the forum.  Well, head over to and on the top of the page, there is a link that will let you do just that.  Thank you to everyone who made this project an incredible success!  We love our listeners and will continue to produce quality content for all of you for years to come!

The Ennie Award Winning Order 66 Podcast has begun its transition to Edge of the Empire, by Fantasy Flight Games.

In the past 15 Episodes, we have been able to interview the following guests in an effort to bring you the most comprehensive coverage of the newest RPG in the Star Wars line:

  • SVP of Communications Steve Horvath
  • Lead Designer Jay Little
  • Lead Producer Sam Stewart
  • Art Director Zoe Robinson
  • Game Producer Katrina Ostrander
  • Writer and Developer Sterling Hershey
  • And of course, Star Wars Actor Sam Witwer

We have bigger plans throughout 2013 and beyond, with two more core books on the horizon and a host of other products likely on the way, and we will be right there to help showcase the goodness of the Star Wars RPG line from Fantasy Flight Games.

We need some help though.  In years past, we have asked for a monthly contribution from people in return for stuff and pdfs that show sponsors created.  Although it was a good plan, and worked well for many years, as time passed and Star Wars Saga Edition was discontinued, our financial support died off.

After 12 years of podcasting, Dave's Mixer and microphone are shot, and Chris' computer is about to die.  We won an ENnie award a few years ago and we want to get back to that level of success, and that means enhancing the audio quality of the show.  We really want to be able to do the following things with your backing:

  • Get Dave and Chris some New Equipment
  • Upgrade the d20Radio website
  • Get a better hosting provider
  • Set up a private directory exclusive to d20Radio Backers
  • Host a d20Radio listener event
  • Make the podcast better as we enter a new RPG system
  • And yes, make it a video cast

Lofty goals, sure, but I think we may be able to get there with a few of you who can help us, and get a little SWAG in your inbox in return.

What's in it for you?  Well, we have a growing list of artists and freelance talent within the d20Radio network that are providing SWAG for the pack of awesome, and we will be adding to this list.

  • First, d20Radio has commissioned a new set of map tiles for use in your home game, and we think you will know the artist involved, Mapmaker extraodinaire, Mr. Christopher West of Maps of Mastery.
  • Next, our own GM Chris is almost done with a new custom Edge of the Empire module (Dead Man's Hand) that will be sent, free of charge, to ONLY kickstarter backers of The Order 66 Podcast.  This module will not be seen again.
  • Also, I (GM Dave) have put photoshop to use and am making a custom set of roll20 tokens for use in your online games.
  • Next, depending on your backer level, GM Chris will run a private game for you via skype!
  • If you really step up your game, GMC will run a game for you and 5 buddies!
  • For those of you really want more, you can become a friend and partner of the network, and we will advertise you and/or your business on The Order 66 Podcast and the d20Radio website.  You will get the orange partner color for your handle on the forums, which right now is exclusive to Christopher West and Maps of Mastery!
  • As we have reached stretch goal after stretch goal, we've added even more to this SWAG Pack, which you can find in the Stretch Goal Rewards section, below.

Where is your video?
Hey, we're an audio podcast!  But, just to give you an idea of what we sound like, we have pulled a bit from our last show, in which we talk about the project.  Have a listen and then never listen to The Order 66 Podcast!

Map Tiles and Online Play Tokens

Map Tiles by Maps of Mastery and Chris West
Map Tiles by Maps of Mastery and Chris West
Some of the Tokens from d20Radio for your Roll20 campaign
Some of the Tokens from d20Radio for your Roll20 campaign

Dead Man's Hand

An original module penned by Order 66 Podcast host, GM Chris, Dead Man's Hand is a stand-alone adventure for the Star Wars: Edge of the Empire Roleplaying Game.  Designed to introduce new players to the rules, as well as give experienced players a unique adventure filled with mystery and fear, it can also be inserted into an existing campaign, to provide a break from an adventuring group’s normal story arc.

The module will also include six pre-generated player characters: a group of heroes who comprise one of the “acquisition arms” of a well-known university, braving the wilds of space and the mysteries of the past to gather knowledge and exhibit-quality relics for their patron institution. Often working “under the table”, they specialize in going into dangerous locales and sometimes skirting local laws and customs to investigate history and bring back their finds.

The adventure begins at the time of unusual events in the Arah System, where recent attacks on ships near the Arah Asteroid Belt have garnered galaxy-wide media attention. Survivors claim the attacking vessel is a ghost-ship, Dugan’s Hand. A notorious pirate vessel in the days of the Old Republic, Dugan’s Hand disappeared within the Arah Asteroid Belt centuries ago, without a trace. As media speculation abounds, the university has seized on the opportunity to capitalize on it, and has sent our heroes to explore the Arah Belt and discover the remains of Dugan’s Hand. The party will have to investigate clues and the history behind the ship, as well as the recent attacks, ultimately braving treachery and hidden adversity to discover the secrets of a long-dead pirate and his mysterious demise! 

Stretch Goal Rewards!

We are amazed at the outpouring of support from listeners - and we want to say thank you by giving you some MORE content for your SWAG packs!  We've met every stretch goal we've put out there, thanks to you.  And the rewards just keep growing!

GamerNation CON

Artisan Dice has signed on a the title sponsor for this exclusive d20Radio/GamerNation Studios event!  Many listeners have been asking us to put on a Convention for years... and it's now a reality.  (Apologies that we nuked the original $8500 stretch goal, but we never anticipated this many backers, and want to focus our excess funding on making the Con happen!)

Details:  March 14-16 at Dallas Games Marathon (DGM) in Plano, TX.
Con Hours are 9am to 2am Fri. and Sat. and 9am to 4pm on Sun.

Activities so Far; We have not been planning long, but we know this: 

  • Jay Little will be there and will be the Guest of Honor.
  • Artisan Dice will be available, and you can see all their cool stuff.
  • Reaper Minis is finalizing their schedule, but will hopefully have a Paint and Take event up and Running.
  • Bryan Stiltz from Reaper, Charlie from Artisan Dice, Dave and Chris and others will put on a "Successful Kickstarter" Panel on Saturday.
  • Sunday from 10am to 2pm will be Proto-Game Day!  Test upcoming games from designers who want to play test with you, our attendees!
  • There will be tons of Star Wars RPGs, X-Wing and LCG action for you hardcore Star Wars fans.
  • We have HUNDREDS of board games available for check out from the DGM WALL OF GAMES!  
  • We will have RPG events for Edge of the Empire, Pathfinder, D&D, Mutants and Masterminds, Fiasco, Numenera and many more!
  • 2pm on Sunday, we will have a little auction for cool games and stuff that won't cost you ANY money!
  • More to be announced as we get close to the date.

After this kickstarter ends, we will be selling convention badges for an all-weekend price of $30 ($40 at the door), but those of you that wish to attend have the best pricing right now!  If you like, you can simply add-on $15 to your pledge, or easily bump up your pledge to the new $35 level, either or which will lock you in for a single 3-day badge for the convention!  Register today!!

Additional Stretch Rewards (NOW included in every SWAG Pack for EVERY backer of $20 Pledge Level and higher)!

"Ice Station Zulu" - an original Edge of the Empire module (penned by network host and program director GM Dave).  A chilling adventure where the PCs are forced by a criminal syndicate to steal a new stimpack prototype from an "Imperial Prison." But when they arrive, everyone is dead and the PCs have to investigate what horrors lie in wait for them.

"Summoned" - an original Edge of the Empire module (penned by network sponsor and d20Radio staffer Garret Crowe) is a Lovecraftian-style horror module set on Coruscant. A former rival twists the heroes' arms to explore the Coruscani ruins buried within the city. What they discover... are long-forgotten horrors from beyond the galaxy!

"Fallen Starlight" - and original Edge of the Empire module (penned by network sponsor and d20Radio staffer Jonathan Stevens). Starting with what appears to be a simple escort job, the PCs find themselves drawn into a murder mystery with their prestigious and well-known passenger having died under unusual circumstances. Racing against time and the authorities to uncover the identity of the real murderer, prove their innocence, and maybe even collect a reward in the process - they'll soon learn that the glitter and glamour of the entertainment world can hide vile and sinister secrets.

"The Hovertrain Heist" - an original Edge of the Empire module (penned by network sponsor and d20Radio staffer Ben Erickson).  The PCs are tasked with a daring heist, stealing a new chem used to make a hot street drug.  The only problem?  It's on a moving hovertrain... and the PCs aren't the only ones in on the action! 

"One Man's Trash" - an original Edge of the Empire module (penned by network sponsor and noted author Kevin Frane). After being forced into an early retirement by an Imperial attack, an injured smuggler needs a team to track down the wreck of his old starship in order to obtain valuable astrogation data from its navicomputer. Consigned as scrap to the junkyard planet of Korad, the ship needs to be found as soon as possible, because on a world constantly scoured by salvagers, scavengers, and other miscreants, nothing of value stays unnoticed for very long...

"From Mars With Love" - the eBook version of a short story by noted author and d20Radio staffer Wayne Basta (author of the epic Aristeia series of novels).

What Can You Do to Get All This?

So, how do you help us?  Simple.  Just toss us a buck or 5 and help us upgrade our stuff so we can provide even more high quality podcasts to support Edge of the Empire, by Fantasy Flight Games.

Track the Project at Kicktraq
Track the Project at Kicktraq

Risks and challenges

The risk with this project is actually quite minimal. The items we offer for download have already been, or are nearing completion. The podcast will survive and move to a new roleplaying system, so the risk for a backer is actually quite low.

Combine this with a very low goal, and you get a quick campaign that will offer a quick reward in about 6 weeks.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter


Have a question? If the info above doesn't help, you can ask the project creator directly.

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    Get recognized on the forums, plus get the swag pack of awesomeness that is growing by the day. First, GM Chris will give you an Edge of the Empire custom module that will only be released to kickstarter backers. Also, get a set of map tiles from Christopher West, mapmaker extraordinaire and d20radio Sponsor! Also, get a set of tokens to use on from GM Dave. As the swag bag grows, the project will be updated.

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