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A resource management, universe creation, stellar destruction, brain melting adrenaline rush of a strategy game (with explosions) FUN!
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    1. Alberto Vitali on

      After reading some reviews of the game on BGG, I collected more hints for the future expansions:

      - Dangerous Black Hole ... a black hole that threaten the neighbours cosmic bodies (the cosmicl bodies owned by the Dangerous Black Hole player, and the cosmic bodies owned by players at his left and sis right). Each turn, during the Create phase, each "threaten" player must pay 2 (more?) essence (to be discarded to the stockpile) or lose one cosmic body (the player who have not paid must choose his cosmic body to use to feed the Dangerous Black Hole). The Focus Token can not protect a cosmic body from the Dangerous Black Hole.

      - Gravity well ... it's a card to be played on a star. The affected star has an immense gravitational force and can stole a rogue planet fom the other players (adiacent players? left/right of the player who played the card). The stolen planet (and all the Life and Civilazion cards, if present) moves from the old owner galaxy to the new owner galaxy If the stolen planet can be supported by the new star, it becomes a normal planet... if not it stay rogue and can be stolen again. The Focus Token can protect a rogue planet from being stolen.

    2. Michael Destefani

      quit yapping and take me money ;-)

    3. Missing avatar

      William Atkinson on

      Hiya Dave and GN Team,

      If you're looking for play testers in the Seattle Queen Anne Market let me know. I can get something going at work and would love to try them out myself.

    4. Zachary Johnson

      I gotta say, I am SUPER excited to hear this. We have a regular gaming group (last 5 years) that meets weekly. We played this for the first time last Wednesday, and have played 3 times since. We LOVE this game and CAN'T wait for the expansions. This is one of our favorites, seriously, well done. We have all received numerous Kickstarters and this is our favorite Board Game to date.

    5. Mathieu Boisvert

      AWESOME improvement to an already awesome base game !!

    6. Gamer Nation Studios 13-time creator on

      @diddycoo we expect and are driving to a kickstarter date in the Feb/March time frame with a full release in June/July. We want to be in production well in advance of GENCON this time.

      @Alberto, thanks for the suggestions, we will try some things out and see what changes we wind up with out of play testing. At this point, nothing is off the table.

    7. Diddycoo on

      When would this be on KS, Later this year or Q2 next year etc??

    8. Brad Gravett on

      Why not have the Advanced Civilization be represented by Kardashev numbers? It sounds like the existing Civilization is a Type 0 (like modern humanity), and the Advanced Civilization is a Type 1. Maybe later expansions would have Type 2 civilizations, and its host Star doesn't generate Essence but has a boatload of VPs; Type 3 civilizations are so advanced, the first player to successfully play one automatically wins? Just some food for thought!

    9. Alberto Vitali on

      Another interesting ability that the "Cosmic Technology" cards may offer to the owner (all the Cosmic Technology cards this time, so also Space Travel counts...) is the possibility to spend elements to obtain Uranium.
      Maybe give an exchange value to Uranium (value 9?) ... so a player can spend 2 Iron and 1 Hydrogen, or 4 Carbon and 1 Hydrogen, or 3 Oxygen... or any combination to reach or exceed the needed points.
      Maybe only 1 Uranium por Eon can be obtained in such way, and any point over 9 is lost (sometimes is not possible to reach exactly 9 point).

      This is to simulate the capacity of a Cosmic Technology to gain Uraium in different ways than destroying a star.
      We made nuclear bombs extracting Uranium... and Uranium is needed to power-up the big atomic engines needed to travel throug space.

    10. Alberto Vitali on

      Just a note about the "Cosmic Technology" expansion:
      - when Colonization and Advanced Colonization cards are in play, why not to give to the owner of the card(s) one free element (his choice from the common elements - NO uranium?).
      The free element(s) (one free element for each Colonization and Advanced Colonization card owned by the player) is drawn during a different phase than Purchase (maybe during the Account phase?).

      This is to simulate the capacity of these civilizations to easily extract elements from orbiting moons, dwarf planets (like Pluto) etc.

    11. Alberto Vitali on

      What a GREAT news!!!
      Count me in for the playetest, if possible. ;)

      I love the new expansions. GREAT WORK!!!

    12. Gamer Nation Studios 13-time creator on

      @robin the PoD services are 1) very good, but a little too expensive and 2) Not of the same quality and finish we settled on for EONS, so yes, we will be using the same printer to ensure that the cost is reasonable and the cards will match the previous set and are not easily distinguished from the base game.

      Now, we may make the beta decks available through a PoD service for those that wish to help play test or simply want their stuff early.

    13. Gamer Nation Studios 13-time creator on

      Gary, it is funny that the feedback we received through the updates were almost all ideas we had already heard, and served as validation that this is what our players wanted to see. The asteroid deal was new. Although we had asteroids on the list, we did not have the mechanic to allow an architect to chunk it at another planet.

      I expect this to go to kickstarter, as with almost 60% of our first print run depleted within a month of the official launch and two more distributors coming on line in October, we will be looking at a second printing about the same time and will need a kick to help.

    14. Robin Lees

      Do you envision launching the card expansions as a project on Kickstarter, or will you be considering other avenues, such as PoD sites such as the excellent

    15. Missing avatar

      Gary Rabinovich on

      Wow you guys listened. I'm impressed, not many companies that ask for suggestions, actually use what they are given.
      I am however sad to see that there is no minimal uranium generation.
      But for the most part, I like this. Are you guys going to do this thought Kickstarter, or only reatail?