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A resource management, universe creation, stellar destruction, brain melting adrenaline rush of a strategy game (with explosions) FUN!
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    1. Keith & Diana on

      ... Oh, wow. Eons is good. Like, really good.
      The fusion cycle is fantastic.

    2. Keith & Diana on

      Ha! My copy just arrived.
      I shall have to play it now. And then I shall review it. Thank goodness you extended the deadline!

    3. Warlock Bylandt

      My copy arrived today, just letting you know! :-)

    4. Warlock Bylandt

      Thanks for the quick reply! I am anxiously awaiting till my copy arrives, can't wait to play the game! :-)

    5. Gamer Nation Studios 13-time creator on

      Thank you everyone for the suggestions! We like the asteroid idea, and although we had some rules in place for asteroids, we may look at the "throw it at another architect" rule.

      @warlock since they left the states on Friday, I don't expect anyone overseas to get them before September 13. I'd expect to see a Canadian or two post that they received them this week, and perhaps the UK shortly thereafter. I expect a ton of them to be delivered the week of September 16.

    6. Warlock Bylandt

      So far haven't recieved anything, do we even get a tracking number? Has anyone in Europe recieved their copy of the game already?

    7. Kaelynn West on

      So far, everyone else had stated what I was thinking as well (asteroids, as well as expanding upon planet expansions, etc.) and everything you guys have mentioned as well! I guess I'm a nut for just making the game greater and more varied, overall! It's great how it is now, and it's already becoming one of my favorite games!

      One thing that I wouldn't mind as much either, is more variation in the artwork! --Actually, it's already got quite the variation, and perhaps I'm just stubborn. Overall, I think you guys should just add a lot more to the game! (Perhaps make it longer [slightly]) -I find that whenever I play, I have a goal in mind and every single time I get so close and the game ends!

    8. James on

      I like Andrew Maiewski's idea about asteroid belts, but instead of having them generate essence or VP have them be protectors a solar system. A low cost, single use focus chip of sorts but for an entire solar system.

      Somehow incorporate more uranium and the ability to get it. In the 10 or so games we've played, we've barely touched the stuff (it gets handed out for supernovae, but almost never used). Maybe the Civ idea like Gary Rabinovich mentioned.

      Outside of cards in the game, the one thing I REALLY want for this game is either a setup reference card or a new board that has the starting element counts for each player group. So, in the Hydrogen box on the board, in the bottom right of the box, put 14/14/18/20/22 (can't remember the starting counts off the top of my head). The rest of the board is great, but it's good enough to make the ref cards virtually useless. This is the only reason we have to continually refer to the rulebook.

    9. Warlock Bylandt

      Once it get's delivered in Belgium, I will play it a few times first before talking about expansions but glad that it is underway now! :-)

    10. Missing avatar

      Din Scalper on

      any tracking number info?

    11. Keith & Diana on

      I'll... let you know when the international order arrives and I get to play it.

      Please don't finish the expansion before I get the chance ;-)

    12. Missing avatar

      Gary Rabinovich on

      Expand the game to 7 players. The pieces are there as are the numbers on the count down track.

      Alow for each player to create an active civization. You already have the civ cards in the game. The player who creates a civ gets to draw a card from the civ deck. The deck would contain cards for advancements that would give vp but not essence. Whatever the advancements are they should require uranium to build. So maybe nuclear power, that would allow for a creation of uranium without the need to destroy a star. Military, would allow for lots of VP but would only last for 4 rounds, if the game does not end before the four rounds are over the card goes away and destroys the civilization. (Mutually assured destruction)
      Have space travel that allows the civ to move to one other of your planets creating another life and civ on the new planet. This new life and civ would give the same benefits that the two cards do.
      Religion or belief, once this is created you generate essence equal to the planets and stars you have in play. But this will give you NO vp.
      Important to note, these cards should be attached to a civ that is built, if for whatever reason the civ is destroyed the card goes away too.

      These are all I have so far. I'm not sure how many civ cards are in the deck now, but you may need to add more to make this work. The civ deck should be limited to say maybe 2 cards per player in the game. So if you expand to 7 there should be no more than 14 cards. If there are 5 ayers, than 4 of the civ cards would not be used in the game. The same way you limit resources based on the number of players.

      Good luck

      These are all I have so far.

    13. Missing avatar

      Eric Stolar

      more cards that do things while in play
      (example: the star that can recycle resources back into essence)

      Special ability deck: Like the secret agenda deck given out randomly that gives each player a single use ability for that game. I say single use because (if balanced well) I think 1 time powerful effects are much more fun then every turn weak effects.

      Planets need to be more important. Currently Building nothing but suns (assuming the cards don't hate you and you draw enough suns) is much better strategy then mixing suns and planets.

    14. HPLazarus

      I like the idea of a comet. It provides essence and/or a resourse for the player. The next turn it rotates to the next player. So to help yourself, you will ultimately help other players. Adds strategy to it's use.

    15. Missing avatar

      Rick on

      Looking Forward to seeing the Expansion. Some thoughts from the top of my head:
      1) Have more things that can add on to planets (e.g. Mineral richness and mining colonies on top of that to generate income. (That are of course not mixable with Life/Civilzations))
      2) Form star Clusters (e.g. an "Eden" Card that brings extra Points when you have three or more earthen planets orbiting the same star. This could maybe be an attachment to a star...)

    16. Andrew Maiewski on

      Expansion idea - Asteroids and asteroid belts. For the most part they would play like nebulas... Nebuli? Whatever. Small VP and essence creators. 1 each for a single asteroid, 2 Vp's for a belt? But with one special ability. Make so that you can scrap an asteroid, or belt, you control to play a cosmic collision card instead of paying essence to play a cosmic collision.

    17. Vienticus Prime

      Do it! I love the game.