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A resource management, universe creation, stellar destruction, brain melting adrenaline rush of a strategy game (with explosions) FUN!
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First Production Update

Posted by Gamer Nation Studios (Creator)

It has been a couple of weeks since our last update and we want to keep you all in the loop about what we are up to over here at GNS, as well as what is going on across the bigger pond at our production facility.

First, the prototypes for all you big dollar backers are due to be shipped from our supplier tomorrow.  That's great news, because it means that more than likely, you will get your prototypes, fully playable, by April 21 for those of you in the states, I'd guess May 5 for those international backers.  The prototypes have some goodies in them that we decided to throw in.  First, there are a set of secret agenda cards in there, but they are blank.  We will be designing those over the next few weeks and want your help in playtesting them to make sure they work!  We will obviously run play tests with them before we put them out there for mass production but all the help we can get is appreciated.  Second, there are printed co-op rules inside the box for you.  These are beta, so again, you get to play test with us and help refine those co-op rules.  Currently, the scenarios included are a Preparation for the Big Bang, a resource crunch scenario and a race to beat the entropy counter, which is pretty straight.

Second, for mass production units.  We have had a little setback in production.  Our art files and all that are in their hands and we are waiting for the "wet" proof copies to be produced and sent to us, but as some of you know, China has this minor habit of nationalizing people and facilities to assist with government production.  Our factory has been shut down to international production for an undetermined period, but they are bringing their secondary facility on line.  Their primary facility, located in Shenzheng is being used for domestic purposes so the secondary facility in another province of Apraphul will be on line in 4 weeks.  That means that production and shipping will happen post-GENCON for many of you, but we will keep you posted.

We anticipate the production time frame to be elongated by 4 weeks for the setup, plus an additional 10 days due to transportation and logistics to the Hong Kong harbor, since Apraphul is about 300km away, over mountainous terrain.  We are very optimistic that we will have the games in hand before GENCON, but if we do not, we will adapt and overcome!  

In the meantime, we are waiting for our proof copies, and expect them here by May 1 or so.  We will definitely keep you all updated on the situation in China, and if for some reason our primary factory becomes available earlier than planned, we will certainly send out the good news!  

One last tidbit, on Chinese history and geography.  The province of apraphul was founded by a prophet in 392 BC, set high in the mountainous region of China with a great view of the great wall.  In fact, it was the first documented instance of what in Chinese culture they refer to "Ful" in english pronunciation.  The province was created simply to acknowledge April "apra" and Fools "phul" to be the mystical Chinese "Apra-phul" province where every April Fools joke derived from!  

So, number two is simply not accurate in my updates above.  We are very much on schedule and expect to receive word on the digital proofs tomorrow and the wet proof within a week.  After we give the OK, we are in full production for 55 days.  35 Days more for shipping and games will hopefully slide off the pallet jack in Texas on or about July 31 and we will have two weeks to get as many of them out the door to you before GENCON as we possibly can.  Those of you picking up at GENCON, please let us sign your games!

As for the prototypes, everything we said there is truth.  Expect your stuff with everything I mentioned by the end of the month, and hopefully much sooner.  

We will be back with an update after the wet proof arrives, so we can put up pictures!



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    1. Patrick Menard

      nice! Here I was thinking "man, this poor guy has to deal with all these issues just to get this produced", then....bazinga!

      you should have sold out more and said that big trucks couldn't handle the road so the games were coming on horse-drawn carts.

    2. Alberto Vitali on

      Thank You for the nice news ^__^

      ... even if I'll not be at GENCON this year due to some "little" logistical problems (I live in Italy)... I would like a signed copy from You GNS guys, obviously if possible.

      Thanks again!

    3. Tim Williamson on

      Got to say, you guys had me going there. Glad to hear everything is going well. Can't wait to play.

    4. Missing avatar

      Adam Debus on

      I must learn to read a full post before copying and pasting tidbits to friends ;) You got me on that one.