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A resource management, universe creation, stellar destruction, brain melting adrenaline rush of a strategy game (with explosions) FUN!
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    1. Gamer Nation Studios 13-time creator on

      @Jorune I understand your concern, I really do. I, however, do not agree with your sleight-of-hand assertion in the slightest bit. We thought we had it right through internal playtesting, which we did for months, but once the public at large got to play the game, it became obvious that we could make the game better by removing it and replacing it with more valuable alternatives. We actually increased the size of the game and made the rules tighter. And, we asked for no additional money or stretch goals to do it, in fact, we lowered the stretch goals.

      Everything we do is based on economy of scale, producing thousands of games costs quite a bit, and adding almost 10% to the game, with associated layout and artist charges costs us quite a bit of time and resources. We are not asking for more money for the base game in this case, simply stating that if we get enough backers we will use the additional funds to pay for this module to be re-developed, re-playtested and produced free of charge to all of you fine people.

      Above all, we believe that being transparent is a key to having a good reputation in the game industry. We are farther along than many games who do not even provide full rules to their backers in advance of the kickstarter. We simply believe that if we find something that is broken, you need to know it. We may take a short term lump from individuals such as yourself, but in the long term, we will have a better reputation and a better product on store shelves by involving the community in every step of the design process.

      I am sorry you are disappointed, but I guarantee you would have been more disappointed had we kept the game in the state it was instead of tweaking what we could now and making the game better for everyone. Although I disagree with your comment, again, I respect your opinion and thank you for your feedback. Every bit of it will go into the expansion we produce for EONS.


    2. Jorune

      So, first we have secret agendas, something I like in Lords of Waterdeep. They seem to be broken, so instead of tuning they are removed. An outcry follows. Than they get put back in as a stretch reward? One, that at this rate, may very well be unattainable.

      Sleight-of-hand, I say, and a red flag for me. Perhaps the game should have been play tested a bit longer before being kick started? Not sure why there was a rush to kickstart when there seem to be kinks in need of working out.

      I'm disappointed.

    3. Missing avatar

      William Atkinson on

      I will place a comment on BGG under my blog and a forum I'm able to find that's fitting tomorrow.