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A resource management, universe creation, stellar destruction, brain melting adrenaline rush of a strategy game (with explosions) FUN!
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So Much Awesome, So Little Time!

Posted by Gamer Nation Studios (Creator)

PODCAST SPECIAL ON SUNDAY!  Funding party with Andy Hurley, Drummer for Fallout Boy live in studio!  Sam Witwer, star of Being Human also plans to appear during the show!

Gamer Nation, we have a problem!  We have much more awesome to give and are running out of time, I turn to you with a plea for help!

Some of you may noticed that we lost a couple of high dollar backers today for unfortunate events that have befallen them, and their funds are needed elsewhere.  We completely understand and even though we took a $500 hit, we have had the momentum today to stay in positive territory.  This is a good place to be for the final 4-day "ramp up" as I like to call it.

This is the time that people will point to as the time this project shot for the stars!  Please, everyone take time to post on a forum, get on board game geek, tweet, facebook and reddit your collective butts off and make a big number happen.  Here is what we have come up with...

Cooperative Rules! NOW AT $30,000!!
Dave will do the layouts, but we still need to hire a webhead to code what we want to do, and here is what we have slated for $30,000 at a new stretch level.  Take a look at the alpha cooperative rules - sheet 1.  We will undertake building a community to support the game, and turn the cooperative aspect of the game into a communal cooperative platform.  Via the EONS website, we will build a section that is dedicated to a couple of things:

First, story telling.  Yes, we want to know your back stories for how you would name a planet.  If you are a current backer, a great story may earn you a collector card for your trouble.  If not, we might just send you one anyway if your story is compelling.

Second, CO-OP HQ.  As you take a look at the co-op rules, you will see that we are largely keeping the base game intact and building scenarios in which the game turns against you through a creative use of entropy or resources.  Our fist co-op scenario has the Architects racing an upward counting entropy clock to score a preset number of victory points.  They must strategically blow up their own planets and stars to try and keep entropy in check until they score enough VPs.  Once the counter goes past 19, the game ends.  Poorly.  Rules are set for a solitaire version as well.  The best part about CO-OP HQ is that we will take submissions from any registered user and if it passes muster, we will include it (with credit to you) in our weekly content updates so everyone can play it, and give feedback on how it played.  We will also publish 5 new scenarios each quarter, creating a limitless opportunity to play the game in a different way every time.  If we hit $42,000, we will print 4 scenarios with the base game - 'Preparing for the Big Bang', 'Cosmic Countdown', 'Carbon Crunch' and 'Into the Void'

$35,000 - Blank Cards and SECRET AGENDAS!
Many of you liked the blank card idea, you just want co-op rules more.  So, if we can get there, we will include a few blanks so you can make the cosmic body of your choice to add to the game.  Then, share it on co-op hq and get some feedback!  We also were not prepared for the numbers that liked the secret agendas, so if we hit $35,000, we will go back and rework how these mechanics are playing out in the game.  We already started working on muting the benefits/penalties and making them more controllable and attainable.  This will also be downloadable content and is optional in the base game.

$42,000 - BIG BOARD and Printed Co-op rules.
This guy and those above it remain unchanged.  We want to make a bigger board, capable of supporting the expansion, but need to hit this level to do it. 

Everyone please listen to my little mini-podcast on the co-op community and let's get going to $30K!


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    1. Gamer Nation Studios 13-time creator on

      @Jorune I understand your concern, I really do. I, however, do not agree with your sleight-of-hand assertion in the slightest bit. We thought we had it right through internal playtesting, which we did for months, but once the public at large got to play the game, it became obvious that we could make the game better by removing it and replacing it with more valuable alternatives. We actually increased the size of the game and made the rules tighter. And, we asked for no additional money or stretch goals to do it, in fact, we lowered the stretch goals.

      Everything we do is based on economy of scale, producing thousands of games costs quite a bit, and adding almost 10% to the game, with associated layout and artist charges costs us quite a bit of time and resources. We are not asking for more money for the base game in this case, simply stating that if we get enough backers we will use the additional funds to pay for this module to be re-developed, re-playtested and produced free of charge to all of you fine people.

      Above all, we believe that being transparent is a key to having a good reputation in the game industry. We are farther along than many games who do not even provide full rules to their backers in advance of the kickstarter. We simply believe that if we find something that is broken, you need to know it. We may take a short term lump from individuals such as yourself, but in the long term, we will have a better reputation and a better product on store shelves by involving the community in every step of the design process.

      I am sorry you are disappointed, but I guarantee you would have been more disappointed had we kept the game in the state it was instead of tweaking what we could now and making the game better for everyone. Although I disagree with your comment, again, I respect your opinion and thank you for your feedback. Every bit of it will go into the expansion we produce for EONS.


    2. Jorune

      So, first we have secret agendas, something I like in Lords of Waterdeep. They seem to be broken, so instead of tuning they are removed. An outcry follows. Than they get put back in as a stretch reward? One, that at this rate, may very well be unattainable.

      Sleight-of-hand, I say, and a red flag for me. Perhaps the game should have been play tested a bit longer before being kick started? Not sure why there was a rush to kickstart when there seem to be kinks in need of working out.

      I'm disappointed.

    3. Missing avatar

      William Atkinson on

      I will place a comment on BGG under my blog and a forum I'm able to find that's fitting tomorrow.