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A resource management, universe creation, stellar destruction, brain melting adrenaline rush of a strategy game (with explosions) FUN!
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Final Week! Let's Push to the Finish! Look - A Play Test Video!

Posted by Gamer Nation Studios (Creator)

One Week To Go and We are looking pretty good to hit $27,500!

So Dave had a brainstorm the other night. What if, after we get the Neutron Stars at $27,500 and steamed on to $35,000...we actually printed a couple of blank cosmos cards for you to make something of your own with? $35,000 seems like a goal that is a real stretch, so tell us if you like that idea and we can look at including that!

So, We have a little video we shot at a play test a couple of weeks ago, and thought we'd share a couple of highlights.

The post game comments were representative of all the game groups we have playtested with over the last month in our blind game store testing.  Thanks to everyone who gave their time to test and then report on what they wanted to see changed.  The tweaks we made have tightened up the rules and we are confident that EONS will be successful when it hits retail stores!

We will have some pictures of the beta Reaper Mini Sculptures on Tuesday, Reaper Bryan himself informs us, and will post an update immediately for those on the fence about plunking down serious coin for the Limited Collector Edition.

Thanks again,

KCD (Krista, Chris, Dave)

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    1. Michael Destefani

      I'm totally in the background... I'm FAMOUS!!

    2. Gamer Nation Studios 13-time creator on

      The VP tracking stars were actually toned down a bit. Other graphics were enlarged and we did not want to distract from the entropy counter at all.

    3. Keith & Diana on

      Great to see the video! Actually, a how-to-play video going through a complete cycle for someones hand would be neat if you can manage it? The game can be a bit hard to describe at times when I'm mentioning it as a pitch!
      Regarding the board - are the victory point 'yellow spots' altered for the final board at all?

    4. Missing avatar

      William Atkinson on

      Absolutely Love to see a little more visual colors and hoping to hit the big board mark! My wife and I are very excited about this game and can't wait!

    5. Alberto Vitali on

      Great! :)
      Thanks for the reply ;)

    6. Gamer Nation Studios 13-time creator on

      Alberto, we actually made all the colorful elements on the board bigger, and the board is much more balanced than the prototype you see on the tables and there is literally no space for any additional images without cluttering the board.

      If we hit $42k and get the bigger board, I have a very nice nebula that will join the board, courtesy of Mr. West.

    7. Alberto Vitali on

      Nice video! The game seems to be as I expected: Innovative and fun to play. Thanks.

      Just a note:
      Looking at the video I seen the big game-board (where Victory Points are tracked).
      So my request, if possible:
      - put into that board a nice image of a galaxy... darkening it (or lightening) where needed (resources pool, the eon cycle).
      Even if on the game board are present white spots/stars and the big entropy image... it seems too dark, to "boring". Please put a little bit of colors.