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The Butler will solve every busy person's problem, keeping your keys, wallet, iPhone,Android,HTC & glasses in 1 sleekly designed spot.



The idea for the Butler began a little over a year ago. After countless hours spent looking for lost keys, wallets, phones and glasses, a solution needed to be found. Once I had discovered a design that could hide these sometimes unattractive items, and at the same time highlight them so they're visible when needed, the Butler was created. Making them by hand was the initial intention, but it cannot be done at a price affordable for most. That is where kickstarter comes in...


  • Organize your things in one sleek place while taking the appearance of a modern wall clock.
  • Work as a charging dock for: all iphone models, Samsung's S3 and S4 and the HTC One, and also fit most of these phones with cases so you don't need to remove the case as you do with many other docks.
  • Be made by a highly skilled American woodshop at a very affordable price, and kickstarter supporters will receive them at 25-30% discount to the new retail.
  • Include the option to complement this wall mount piece with a braided extension cord.


The Butler started off as all my pieces do, from a few simple sketches, to cardboard cutouts, to a series of prototypes, and finally to a working finished product. I'm always looking to find the most efficient way to make things in my small shop, so with a series of templates and roughly 15 steps, I've been making quantities of 5 with over 300 made to date. 

With requests by a few larger retailers to provide a lower wholesale price to test market the product, I'm now ready for the next step.  To increase efficiency, lower costs, while still maintaining the same level of quality and handmade USA touch, I need a solid CNC shop with product manufacturing skills.

After a long search, I have found a skilled wood shop here in San Diego that does nothing but high quality work. With a large quantity order, they are ready to make the Butler to my exact specifications, start to finish.

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The biggest challenge will come in maintaining the highest level of quality for a large quantity run. I decided that the only way to ensure this was to locally manufacture here in San Diego. I am a short 10 minute drive from the shop, so I will be working directly with them on a short run so we can get all the bugs worked out. Once we have fine tuned everything, I will let them do their work and personally inspect the finished pieces so that I am certain the customer is getting the highest quality piece.


  • The braided cord is a 120V US cord that plugs in to your existing charger. Therefore it is compatible with any of the three listed phones chargers.

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  • At this time, we are only offering a US 120V cord compatible with the United States outlets. However, the Butler will work with many other extensions cords you can find at a local retailer.

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  • The Butler mounts to the wall with two screws through the center niche.

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  • The clock is actually the phone and with a clock app readily available for free in the app store on any of the applicable phones.

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  • Unfortunately unless you are large shop shipping very large quantities, shipping overseas is expensive. The Butler currently costs between $60-$80 to ship internationally, so we have discounted the price to $50 to minimize this expense.

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    Thanks for supporting micklish and our effort to create high quality design MADE IN AMERICA. You will receive a micklish t-shirt. -- INCLUDES SHIPPING IN USA

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    (1) BUTLER -- Compatible with all iphone versions & most cases as well as the Samsung S3 and S4 and HTC One). This is over 50% discount from my previously listed price. Made of American Black Walnut and Baltic Birch ply-- Includes shipping to USA

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    (1) BUTLER and (1) 7' handmade red braided extension cord. -- Includes shipping to USA

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