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Information artist Albert Hwang has designed a reinvented home theater system - one without screens. Help him share his sketches.
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Public Musings on the Subject of Augmented Reality

A few weeks ago Daniel Cooper of Ball State University invited me to take part in a study he was conducting on the topic of Augmented Reality. He emailed over a list of very smart questions.

Instead of writing out a response, I figured I'd post a video of my response. Here it is - me rambling on about some interesting topics from information design, 3d spaces, architecture, narrative, theater, etc...



    1. Creator phedhex on November 24, 2010

      Thanks Derek!

      Yeah, I love spouting off about all this stuff. Probably even too much for my own damn good : ) If you're actually up for it, please do turn it into a 60 minute response and post it on ustream or something!

      Thanks again for the pledge... and I guess it sounds like I should do more of these, eh?

    2. Creator Derek Barrett on November 23, 2010

      Was a great response, it really puts your perspective out there and what you are trying to accomplish. With your theater background, you are used to really digging into the visual presentation, with an experienced perspective on many details most of us will take for granted. It's sortof like, 2D is a picture of the Grand Canyon, but actually being there is 3D. The 3D version presents a view that is exponentially more impressive and "visceral," as you would say.

      You are also pointing out the limitations of current 2D media. We are in the infancy stages of 3D, which in my opinion, will be THE interface within 10 years. I could turn that into a 60 minute response, but that is the future.

      Also I ended up doubling my pledge since you took the time out to talk to someone from Ball State (my alma mater haha)