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$39,020 pledged of $150,000 goal
By Farmer John Peterson
$39,020 pledged of $150,000 goal

Recent updates

From our Hearts at Angelic Organics

Dear Friends,

Today is the end of our campaign for "Barns are for People, Too." We reached over 25% of our goal, over $38,000. Since we did not reach our target, you will not be charged for your pledges, and the farm receives nothing. Although we are disappointed that we did not reach our goal, we are thrilled that over 600 people came together to support us; many people faithfully spread the word through social media; and the farm staff and Learning Center staff came together regularly in passionate resolve to promote the project.

So much heart went into "Barns are for People, Too." Although the target was not reached, those of us who worked on the campaign will move forward to achieve our goal of making our barns safe, functional and beautiful for the thousands who visit each year. 

We plan to re-group soon, and devise a future strategy for getting our barns in shape. This may involve another crowdfunding campaign. You will probably hear from us again, and we hope that you will again offer support to this important vision for the farm and the greater community.

Let's Stay in Touch. If you have not been receiving updates for "Barns are for People, Too"  through our Constant Contact mailing list, then we do not have your name in our records, and will not be able to let you know our next plan for fixing our barns. You can receive updates by signing up here for the Farmer John mailing list. You can also follow us at  .

Thank you so much for your pledges and other support for "Barns are for People, Too." We have taken your gifts to heart.

The barns still need work; we will make it happen. That's what farmers do.

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Farmer John and the Angelic Organics Team

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Our Final Week!

This has been an incredible campaign, thanks to all of you.

We've raised more than $30,000. That's a HUGE amount of money for a sustainable organic & biodynamic farm. But it's not enough.

At 10 p.m. on Valentine's Day, if we fall short by even a penny, we lose it all. Gone! You're not billed and we can't fix our barns.

Here's how you can help us make some magic and reach our goal:

Bring your laptop and join us for dinner from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. this Sunday, either at The Learning Center office in Chicago or here at Angelic Organics Farm in Caledonia, IL.

We'll be tweeting and posting on Facebook and emailing EVERYONE!  RSVP to if you would like to join us.

Can't join us? You can still be the difference. 

Ask your best friend to pledge. Tweet. Pick up the phone and brag about us to someone you love. Post on facebook and tell your friends just how critical it is to all of us to preserve places in this country for kids and would-be farmers and people who crave organic produce.

We grow here. We teach. We provide a place for people who yearn to taste a carrot still warm from the earth, to go eyeball to eyeball with a goat, to hear a rooster crow.

Thanks for being a part of this fabulous effort,

The staff here at Angelic Organics and Farmer John Peterson.

Our First Milestone!

You've really stepped up in the week since we launched "Barns Are For People, Too!" Thank you!

It's been thrilling to see strong support from members of our CSA, all of the friends of the Angelic Organics Farm and the Learning Center, fans of "The Real Dirt on Farmer John" and good friends, including Alice Waters and Michael Pollan.

We're at $15,000 with a big job ahead of us before our Valentine's Day deadline.

You can get us to our goal, and be a part of the transformation of our dairy barn and corn crib into functional and beautiful community spaces for all of us who love farms, food and community.

Post on your facebook page. Email 10 friends and ask them to pledge. Share our website on your blog or mailing list.

Give everyone an opportunity to support a great American farm!