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FUNDED!!! New stretch goals revealed

Posted by Gato Salvaje (Creator)

We are now funded! And we wouldn't have been able to do it without your amazing support!

We want to say just two words:

But it's time to keep working, because there are two important days left! And we want to adjust our stretch goals. Emily have joined our team before we reached the stretch goal, and we also give you the first companion as a present for free. So, the next stretch goal was in $300,000. We adjusted it to... $160.000! 

Do you want to know more about Aunes? You already have the info on this update!

And we also want to reveal the next stretch goals:

Despite his youth, Heraklios is one of the best greek warriors, as good using sword as with his fists. Nobody wants to fight him in pancratio, sport where Heraklios is a brutal champion.

He’s a member of Salamina’s royal family and it’s said that he comes from Teucer’s lineage.

Following the known idea that superheroes are the gods and heroes in a modern mythology, Heraklios is obsessed with greek legends in the same way a modern “freak” would be with Star Wars or superheroe comics. During his childhood his parents told him classic greek histories, making him an absolute fan of these legends, being the Trojan Cycle his favorite saga. He could recite from memory all the ships and warriors who joined in the trojan siege, or spend hours in an argument about who would be the winner in a fight between Hercules and Achilles.

He is also obsessed with collecting things related with his favorite legends; his most valuable belonging is a replica of Achilles’ shield, decorated just like the one described in the Iliad. He does not use the shield in battle to keep it intact, in the same way a collector today would never open the package of a rare action figure.

His biggest dream is to get the glory in combat and become an equal to the mythological heroes he admires.

When a group of greek soldiers comes to Brigantia he joins them to follow the steps of his ancestor and go to the land where Teucer spent his last years.

As Brigantia is now in a siege, Heraklios finds some kind of similarity with the trojan war and thinks this is the great battle where he can find the fame he is looking for.

We'll reveal more information about Mal and Khaldun soon! 

These three characters will add hours of play to The Waylanders! We want to remind you the important role of the companions in The Waylanders: 

Companions are important characters that can join your party, and that you can have close relations with. They’ll provide you with more hours of gameplay, since they have their own character quests (these will have a similar format to Mass Effect’s loyalty missions). If you have a close relationship with them, you will get further quests and they’ll become an important part of your gameplay experience.

So, more companions means more time to enjoy The Waylanders!

Thank you again for your huge support. We'll do our best to unlock the new stretch goals!


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    1. gandalf.nho


    2. Interstellar Marine on

      Congrats! Try to really push it with updates these last ours. Maybe one about the social goals?

    3. Gustavo on

      Congratulations, amazing success! Proud to be a backer

    4. Xendor on

      Heraklios!!!!😱. Uoooo unexpected and an amazing!!!🙌🏻

    5. Justin

      Nice, and right in time for the activity level of the last 48, bring on the stretch goals :)

    6. François Lafond on

      GG guys!! :D I'm really looking forward to your game!

    7. Freddy

      That's awesome! With still 48 hours to do, we might (hopefully!) still be able to unlock the next SG...