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ALPHA access, German translation and free location

Posted by Gato Salvaje (Creator)

After a great weekend, we are super close to our goal! And we want to thank you for your amazing support with 3 new surprises: a new awesome add-on, a new FREE ingame location and the translation of the game to German!

We are adding an important location on the map of The Waylanders, which will expand your game experience.

Finisterre (or Fisterra, in Galician language) comes from Latin: 'finis terrae'. Which means, 'land's end'
Finisterre (or Fisterra, in Galician language) comes from Latin: 'finis terrae'. Which means, 'land's end'

Finisterre is a rocky peninsula on the coast of Medieval Gallaecia, and is said to be the end of the world. It is as far west as anyone has ever been able to travel on the mainland.

The rocks in Finisterre are known to be imbued with power, and witches have constructed countless stone formations there in order to conduct evil magickal rituals.

To reach Finisterre, one must follow Saint John’s Way. The early Christian apostle, James, made a journey from Compostela to the coast, and marked his journey with altars. Some early Christians travel this path on a pilgrimage to become closer to their God, but it has become so overrun by witches, that it’s considered incredibly unsafe. The altars left by Saint John are now mostly used for dark sacraments, instead of their intended purpose.

Exploring Saint James Way will be dangerous, and full of conflict with those who would like to watch the land burn. But, it may be worth the treasures that await you, and the knowledge you will gain from your own journey to the edge of reality.

The Waylanders will be available on German!
The Waylanders will be available on German!

We have received huge support from the German community ever since we announced The Waylanders. At 2018’s Gamescom in Cologne thousands of people tried out our pre-alpha demo and provided us with invaluable feedback. We have also received thousands of comments and messages about the translation of the game into the German language. And on Kickstarter, the German speaking countries have played a major role in the campaign. After the US and Spain (our motherland), Germany is the country with most backers. So we wanted to reward you with a German translation of The Waylanders.

That’s why the stretch goal is now early unlocked and will be available for all of you!

Many of you have requested it, and now you can have it: The Waylanders Alpha access! From now on, you’ll find it as an add-on available to add to any pledge above the $20 early bird.

You only have to add $10 to your reward and you can enjoy The Waylanders before anyone else!

The Alpha add-on will give you access to the demo 6 months before the launch of the beta. So you can be part of the development of the game and start playing on 2019!

If you need any help including an add-on to your pledge, it’s actually quite simple. An example:

Mike selected the $20 early bird (congrats, you'll get the game at a great price!). But he wants to get the Alpha Access for $10. He needs to manage his pledge and add $10. So, he needs to pledge $30. Then, when we finish the campaign, we'll contact all of you to know which add ons you selected.

We would like to close this update by asking you one more time to please help us during this last few days of the campaign. We are super close! In fact, if each and every one of you added the $10 Alpha Access, we’ll automatically reach the goal! We can do it if we work together!

We hope you like the new add on, the free location and the german translation :)

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    1. Missing avatar

      Caitlyn on

      When I pledged I added the $10 for Alpha, but I do not see it on my pledge. Did It not get added?

    2. Missing avatar

      Daniel Weßling on

      The question is, you need help with German translation of the game?

    3. Gato Salvaje 3-time creator on

      Yes, Martí. It works like an add on. In the pledge manager, after the campaign, you will be able to choose the Alpha

    4. Missing avatar

      Marti on

      So, we just need to add 10$ to our pledge, and then you'll give us access to the Alpha?

    5. Furious_Snowman on

      Okay I'll add $10 just to make this work although I already got the Mourian sorcerer package. I really hope this works and becomes a classic.

    6. Ilona on

      Added $10 to my pledge. I'm really excited about this game, so let's make it happen!

    7. solyleo on

      German is wonderful, but I still need Chinese :(

    8. Missing avatar on

      so excited, and same here I exceeded my KS budget but I just had to get the alpha, I can't remember ever being the excited and believing so passionately in a KS video game project!

    9. Kehlenschnitt (Miremarsh Stumpy)

      Thank you for these additional freebies. Although I've already exceeded my KS budget for this month, I couldn't pass the opportunity to get an Alpha Access for this game. Come on guys, we can do it, there are still 4 more days to go.

    10. Missing avatar

      Jose Francisco Velazquez on

      Si! Vamos chicos, vosotros podeis!

    11. Missing avatar

      enyo on

      I'm so glad finisterrae was unlocked!!! Thank you so much :)