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Game improvements and exclusive add on!

Posted by Gato Salvaje (Creator)

The people behind The Waylanders pour their hearts and souls into every single detail of the content they create. Characters, environments, textures, VFX, lighting… Sometimes, even after finishing an asset, they analyze it and look for ways to make it even better.

Ever since we showcased our pre-alpha demo at game conferences such as Gamescom and the Tokyo Game Show in 2018, we have made several improvements to certain elements of the game. Today we’ll be showing you some of them!

Hillforts are one of the constructions you’ll see more often in the Celtic period. They all have been remodeled and retexturized to add some variation and make them more interesting-looking. It might be difficult to fully appreciate the difference seeing them here by themselves, but we can promise you that the overall look of the village will drastically change in the final version of the game thanks to this kind of small details.

On top of this, we have also improved the 3D models of our characters. All their bodies have been redesigned to showcase a more detailed style (check out those fingers and toes!). This new style will most definitely boost the overall quality and look of the game.

New amazing add-on!

This is not just any add-on. This is a life-size replica of a Mourian sword!

We have reached an agreement with Tier Lab, a company specialized in the handcrafting of swords, armors and other objects for cosplay, exhibitions and even approved items for LARPing!

Best of all, no sword will be identical to any other. Tier Lab, as opposed to many other companies that make every item from a single cast, handcrafts every single item. That’s right, your Mourian sword will be different to any other, it will an exclusive unique item!


Sword length: 91 cm

Blade: 65 cm 

Hilt: 14 cm

Weight: 375 g

If you need a visual reference to get an idea of its actual size, here is one:


Glass fiber core, polyethylene foam, leather and lead hilt for balance and latex paint.

We’ve known Tier Lab for years, they are good friends of some people on the team and we can 100% guarantee the quality of this beautiful handcrafted collectible.

We hope you love this new add-on as much as we do!

How do I choose an add-on?

It's easier than you probably expect: if you want any add-on, you have to add the price to the reward you've selected. Let's see an example:

Emily wants to select the $30 reward to get the Celtic Guardian Edition. But she wants to get the Mourian Sword too! She needs to select the $30 reward and add the sword price. This means $30+ $150 = $180

Then, when the Kickstarter campaign is over, we'll send you a form to select the add-on you want.

Anyway, if you need help with the add-ons, please contact us! We’ll be happy to help.

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    1. Freddy

      @Fernando, @Susan - it highly depends on the rules in your country. In this day and age, several of the Western European countries have laws that anything that even *looks* like a real weapon, is illegal. So before you purchase this add-on, better make sure that it's legal to own/import this kind of prop in your country.

    2. Missing avatar

      Susan M. on

      Freddy, do you think this sword can be illegal? I don't think so... I practice HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts), and I use sword made of steel (in fact, my swords are made on Hungary). This Mourian sword is made of foam. It is a cosplay sword (it isn't a weapon). I don't know the legislation of all European countries, but I am surprised that it can be illegal.

    3. Fernando on

      But Freddy, it is a cosplay sword, not a real one...

    4. Freddy

      Those look amazing. Unfortunately these are illegal in several European countries... they wouldn't even make it through customs.

    5. Mr. B. on

      This sword! 😍

    6. Missing avatar

      Susan M. on

      OMG!!! That sword looks amazing!