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Important news about first stretch goal!

Posted by Gato Salvaje (Creator)

The story is one of the most important parts in The Waylanders. That’s the reason why we are collaborating with experienced scriptwriters. In fact, our first stretch goals is to count on Emily Grace Buck, one of the most talented writers in videogames industry.

But we have great news for all of you. She is heavily involved in the campaign and really interested in The Waylanders, so we’ve reached an agreement… Emily is now part of the team!

The Waylanders is still an indie RPG, but we are really happy because she’s an AAA person with the skills to write an AAA story for the game.

This announcement means, Emily is free from her ‘stretch goal jail’, and this is now unlocked, even before reaching the $200,000 goal!

Emily joins our team, so this stretch goal is unlocked!
Emily joins our team, so this stretch goal is unlocked!

She wrote some kind words for all of you:

Fantasy stories have been my solace, my escape, my home away from home, since I can remember. When I was a small child, I’d often hide under my bed with a flashlight and read The Lord of the Rings or Redwall until the sun came up, dreaming of exciting adventures, deep relationships, and magical realms. Soon, I started playing tabletop RPGs, designing and writing my own characters, worlds, and stories. I became so excited about medieval history and legends that it was one of my main focuses academically in undergrad.

I didn’t start playing large-scale videogames until I was in college, but series like The Elder Scrolls, Neverwinter Nights, and later Dragon Age were and still are my absolute favorites. I immersed myself in those worlds, devouring every bit of lore I could. The amount of fanfiction I wrote was… enormous. As I practiced writing characters and scenarios for those types of games- fantasy epics in which I was also able to romance and befriend characters, I realized… I had to be a game storyteller. I needed to do this with my life.

My writing samples for my first game design position were all thinly veiled fantasy game fanfics. I got the job.

And now, many years and a lot of titles later… I’m not writing fanfiction any more! I’m getting to actually write the real thing! A real, huge, fantasy RPG!

My time at Telltale allowed me to experiment with all kinds of ways to help players emotionally invest in games, and have agency over their relationships with NPCs… while still giving those non-player characters agency as well.

Thank you so much for giving me the chance to work on The Waylanders. This is a dream come true.

I can’t wait to use my previous narrative experience and my love for this genre to bring you what I hope will be a delightful and robust gaming journey through the world of the Celts!

So, now Emily joins the team and we have 4 experienced collaborators for the script:

We hope you like this important announcement. We are sure she will help to improve the quality of The Waylanders!

We recommend to follow Emily on Twitter:


And of course, you can follow The Waylanders too!


Aunes is a charming seaside town, known for its brightness and relaxing atmosphere. It’s sunny and warm nearly every day, and staying in Aunes is known to cheer up even the most grumpy people.

Though there are many humans in Aunes, their largest population is Goblins. The Goblins of Kaltia are mischievous, playful creatures who don’t intend harm- but they might do harm if they think it’s funny… so it’s best to be on your guard. They’ll never hurt you maliciously, but you still might get hurt. Or have things stolen. Or your house burnt down. Then again, you might receive nice gifts, or a nice laugh at someone else’s expense.

By the Medieval era, Ons has become a town of mystery and madness. After years of corruption, the town experiences a near-constant nighttime. Swirling fog and storms from off the coast are an almost daily occurrence.

The once-shiny buildings of Aunes have been battered by centuries of storms and decay. The once glorious lighthouses now stand as lonely beacons against the looming chaos. The residents all seem a bit… off, when you speak to them. Nothing ever quite makes sense, except for the persistent darkness, and the rhythmic beating of your own heart in the dreary silence.

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    1. ImaSithDuh on

      I am so happy to support Waylanders, and Emily in particular. I can't wait to see what you all bring to the gaming table!

    2. Justin

      Exciting news, REALLY looking forward to playing through the narrative of this story.
      I wonder if I have enough wiggle room to up my pledge a bit in celebration...

    3. Antonio Galan on

      Que buena noticia, se nota que Emily es una gran profesional y que realmente le gusta su trabajo, gracias Emily

      Good news!! it shows that Emily is a great professional and that she really loves her job so thanks Emily

      Por cierto bonitas fotos, a ver si el año que viene subo por Galicia y así poder verlo en persona.

    4. Missing avatar

      enyo on

      Holy SHIT, I'm flipping out!!!! This is amazing!!! Thank youu so much for unlocking the first stretch goal!!

    5. Ana Barbuta on

      I am SO HAPPY about Emily joining the team!