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Werewolves, PC Gamer and... Kickstarter streaming!

Posted by Gato Salvaje (Creator)

Werewolves are direct descendants of the Celtic deity Lug— a member of the Tuatha de Danaan who assumed wolf form and fathered many half-breed children.

Early werewolves look almost entirely human, much like their godly father. But as the generations passed, they became less human and more wolf-like.

In the Celtic era, werewolves live as nomads, hunting and selling meat and leather goods throughout the world. Their superior tracking skills allow them to live a life of decadence, and few ever leave the luxury and security of their pack. Werewolf packs have a strict, hierarchal alpha-omega structure, complete with actual wolves who patrol their borders.

Though the werewolves don’t hold much political sway, they believe in a prophecy that they’ll one day breed the two greatest leaders of the most powerful army the world has ever seen.

If you choose the werewolf origin, you will play as an alpha wolf who works as a supply officer for a powerful trading pack! Your mission to visit the Tuatha de Danaan brings a personal touch- the hope that you may meet your ancestor, Lug.

By the Medieval era, after generations of inbreeding, nearly all werewolves appear mostly lupine- they walk on four legs, they’re much larger, and they predominantly display the cleverness and predatory cunning of wolves instead of the rationalism and empathy of humans. They’re a formidable force in the Medieval world, and when you visit this era, they may be surprised to meet one of their own who appears so human!

Kicktarter live stream!

Surprise! This Thursday will be an important date for us: we'll be on Kickstarter Live! And we'll show you real-time gameplay from The Waylanders' pre-alpha demo.

You have lots of reasons to watch it live: our game director and one person from the art department will play The Waylanders pre-alpha, and they'll answer your questions. So, we invite you to watch it and enjoy the gameplay session!


Kickstarter Live


Day: Thursday, October 25

Hour: 7pm CEST (Madrid)

Which means:

  • 6pm BST (London)
  • 1pm EDT (New York)
  • 10am PDT (Los Angeles)

Are you from a different place and need help? We recommend you this Time Zone Calculator.

'Dragon Age-ish RPG The Waylanders has hit Kickstarter'

That's what PC Gamer said today in his new post about The Waylanders! Good news to close this update :D


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    1. Freddy

      @Kelhenschnitt - nice to see you here too! Yeah, I've been absent for a while due to an ongoing conflict with Kickstarter support (which, quite frankly, is horrible).

    2. Missing avatar

      Ipsus301 on

      Sounds like a fun race to play!

    3. Kehlenschnitt (Miremarsh Stumpy)

      Looking forward to the livestream.

      @Freddy: Hey buddy, nice seeing you again.

    4. Freddy

      Advertising is good. Let's home PC Gamers bring in lots of new backers!

    5. Missing avatar

      Mariachiara Dell'Aglio on

      I can't wait for Thursday!!!
      Many thanks!!
      By the way, werewolves look terrific!!!

    6. Svetlana Morgun on

      well, i know what race i'm playing first :3

    7. Missing avatar

      enyo on

      The werewolves look really good!! I appreciate having them as a playable race, and it's cool to see they have their own weapon set! I hope we get to see them in 3D :)