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1000 backers, Emma Ríos & races

Posted by Gato Salvaje (Creator)

We have reached 1000 backers! Thank you very much to all of you!

In this first update, we want to extend the info of one special and limited reward: the $225 tier called Mourian Soul River Edition, which includes a limited-edition illustration by Emma Rios. Now, you probably have 2 questions: Who's Emma Ríos? And what is a mourian? Let's get by parts.

Emma is one of the most talented artists in Spain, and she's a very close friend of the studio. We are happy to announce that she will draw an illustration based on The Waylanders universe in her own style. It's a limited edition of 200 units, printed in high-quality A3-size, numbered and signed by Emma. A valuable artistic work, only available for our Kickstarter backers!

The ancient and magical race known as Mourians lives in the Otherworld-- they use portals and mystic labyrinths to interact with or even enter our human world. Their bones and eyes are made of a sort of gold, so they have huge reserves of that precious metal.

If you do business with a Mourian, they'll always pay extra for whatever you sell-- often offering a massive quantity of gold for a simple piece of good food. But, never try to cheat them... if you do, their gold will change to coal... forever.

Some backers asked us how to include add ons and it's easy: if you want any add on, you have to add the price to the reward you've selected. Let's see with an example:

Chris wants to select the $225 reward to get the signed illustration by Emma Ríos. But he wants to get the 120mm miniature too! He needs to select the $225 reward and add the miniature price. This means $225 + $75 = $300

Like this:

We'll add this explanation to the FAQs section. Anyway, if you have any question about rewards, tell us and we'll try to help you.

Thanks again for your amazing support!

The Gato Studio Team


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