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pledged of $150,000pledged of $150,000 goal
Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Tue, August 7 2012 8:45 AM UTC +00:00

Download first episode for FREE

Posted by Gato Salvaje (Creator)

Hi Kickstarters,

We have read your comments. You say you don´t know our game or any previous work. We want to change your opinion so, only for a limited time, and for the people that visit our project in Kickstarter, we offer you a free download of the first episode, so you can have a hands on experience. You can see where are we and what we want to improve.

People who works with Linux could play using Wine. We have tried it, and it works fine :D




We hope you enjoy it! :D


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    1. Gato Salvaje 3-time creator on

      Hi Yaron,
      Thank you very much for your interest!. Most of your comments will be solved when we change the graphic engine, even in the first episode.
      But we thank your time and effort to make us know.

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      Yaron Davidson


      I'm playing through the first episode now. I really like the graphical style, the humor, and the overall feel of the game. I also fully agree that the voice actors are quite good. But there are also some problems, and some things that seem to lack polish or not fully considered.

      So here's a list of comments for your consideration (I'm using "+" for important issues, and "-" for less critical ones):

      - In the main menu the active area for the menu items doesn't closely match the text/items.

      - Amber/dog cursor has the hotpoint in the middle, but it's large and non-transparent so it's not possible to see what's exactly there. Should probably move the hotpoint to the nose or something like that.

      - On the same issue, in the Amber cursor the tag on the collar is too bright, meaking it look like it is the intended hotspot.

      + Agent Bollizei looks like he's standing with his back to the street. The legs are correct, but something in the head/helmet makes it really look like we see his back and not his front.

      - Don't have the Next button on the PDA (to the inventory-related page) acitve if there's nothing in the inventory.

      +After asking about something on the PDA, why is it still there even when the response is the same? The logic should be the same as for the dialog, so if the dialog hides options without letting to repeat them, the same should happen with questions on the PDA for each character. Either option is fine, but be consistent.

      - Unless it's possible to combine inventory with the PDA, right-click when the PDA is open for questions should be ignored, or close it, but it should not open the inventory. Just like right-clicking when in dialog mode doesn't do anything.

      + Need some serious go-over and checks of the texts. Possibly try and get an experienced copy editor. For example in the starting room on the poster there's "Then heall come to pick them up" (also combined with the audio being very odd/unclear at the same point), or "without interest fora degree". And similar mistakes (wrong spaces, typos, replacing " ' " with " a ", repeated words) keep on over and over throughout the game. Once or twice it's annoying, but at some point it starts to give a (hopefully wrong) very strong impression of you just not caring.

      - In the same issue, writing style is sometimes obviously inconsistent. When talking with Frankie about the Corpse Reviver drink, in the dialog, two of the "Something that..." are double-quoted, and two aren't.

      - And in the same issue, there are small inconsistencies between the on-screen text and the audio/voice-over. For example "they have smashed it with a brick" on text but "that they have smashed it with a brick" in voice.

      + When leaving the apartment, why is Alice asking the cop to help her understand what happened last night? There was no crime, he wasn't there, and in the same conversation she really doesn't like the police/guards. There are some other cases where it feels like the action or question doesn't really makes sense given the context. True, it's kind of a standard things in adventure games to ask everyone everything, but this particular example seems especially not to belong there.

      + In continuing the same conversation, why does he start by asking how many people were in the premises? She didn't yet give him any details beyond asking to help her figure out what happened yesterday. It would make much more sense for him to start by asking what was the problem she wants help with, and then where she even was, before asking how many people were there.

      + Also on the same conversation, when using "club guy" question on the PDS, Alicia starts by asking the cop if he worked the night shift. When he says no, but adds that they operate the security cameras, why does that end this line of questioning, instead of her asking for the possibility of checking the camera records? He could say no, but it doesn't make sense for her not to at least ask.

      - It would be helpful if there was some clear indication if an action will, or will not, cause a location transition. In many cases it's already obvious, but some not so much. For example when clicking on the door to the bar (from the outside) it's not obvious in advance if this will cause Alice to enter the bar, or if it will just be a "look" action talking about what's there.

      + There are other cases where it would be better to separate getting information with performing an action. For example in the soft drinks vending machine selecting one of the Skunk types is used both to describe it, and to get a bottle. It should really just give the description, and then let me choose whether to get a bottle or not.

      - It would help if double-clicking on a walkable area will run there. For example in cases like the corridor in the university just slowly walking back and forth is a little annoying.

      + When clicking on an object in a way that doesn't do anything (such as many cases with Amber), please avoid having Alice walk there first. If nothing will happen, including not even her looking at it and describing what's there, then she doesn't need to walk, and I doesn't need to wait for her to walk.

      + There are some cut/missing dialog sentences. For example when talking to William Walrus, choosing his name from the PDA has the on-screen text of "It has not escaped my attention that you are very interested in Scottish culture", without an ending period, and the voice/audio or Alice goes on to also say "for some" and then stops abruptly. The impression is that maybe it was "for some reason", and of course there's no way to know if there's anything else there.

      - Going through menu windows leaves the selection/highlighting intact. For example if I press the ESC key, then click resume, move the mouse, and press ESC again, then "resume" is yellow/highlighted even though the mouse isn't on it. Then if I click "save" and move the mouse, and press back again, I now have both "resume" and "save" highlighted, repeat for "load" and back, and now all three are highlighted as active...

    3. Gato Salvaje 3-time creator on

      Thank you very much Thomas!
      We want to publish 3 more episodes, so... please, tell it to your friens and contacts.

    4. ThomasN on

      Really good animations, characters, and puzzles. Am proud to back this.

    5. Gato Salvaje 3-time creator on

      We will change it tomorrow, but if you just make right click in the mouse and change the name adding .exe extension it goes...
      Sorry for the inconvenience

    6. Gato Salvaje 3-time creator on

      James, did you get it? Any problem?

    7. Missing avatar

      James Fullerton on

      Ahh extract it nvm

    8. Missing avatar

      James Fullerton on

      Alright downloaded it but what should I use to open it?

    9. Yrma Prado on

      I encourage everyone to play. It's fun. I really love it. It is very well done

    10. Yrma Prado on

      I encourage everyone to play. It's fun. I really encanta.El is very well done

    11. Gato Salvaje 3-time creator on

      Great! Thanks Serena!

    12. Serena Nelson - Hero of the AGRM

      Awesome. I'll download it and try it out later tonight.