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A new expansion that adds 800 new spells to Shadow of the Demon Lord!
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Digital Spell Cards, Penny Arcade, Previews, and More!

Posted by Robert J Schwalb (Creator)

Good morning cultists! Lots of updates to share with you today. Let's get to it.

Digital Spell Cards

I've had great success with the spell cards released already for SotDL, so why not sweeten the deal by offering 42 decks of digital spell cards to cover every spell presented in Occult Philosophy? If you back at the $50 or higher pledge level, you get PDFs of all the spell cards for free. That's another $42 of material you're getting for being an early adopter of the game. 

Penny Arcade

Last week, I flew out to Seattle to record two programs on the Penny Arcade Twitch channel. The first was all about beer and we put together the recipe for The Headed Horseman, a thick, dark, and thoroughly evil beer that will one day find its way into my gullet. But more importantly, I ran a game of Shadow of the Demon Lord for Jerry, Eric, and my dear friends Nicole Lindroos and Chris Pramas. Now, I haven't watched this (I prefer to live in ignorance of my tics and tells rather than experience the fear and loathing that comes from doing such things), but people tell me it was a lot of fun. If you want a glimpse of the full-Schwalb experience, check it out here.

A Land of Dreams and Darkness

This morning we released "A Land of Dreams and Darkness," a new entry into the Lands in Shadow series written by my old friend and occasional cohort, jim pinto. It's a cool book loaded with all the evil goodness you have come to expect. For more details, go here.


Here's another big, powerful spell to add to your games.

Illustration by Katerina Ladon
Illustration by Katerina Ladon
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    1. Slev on

      Do the Spell cards PDFs include the other cards?
      If not I'll just have to buy the rest :P