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In the history of word games none has been radically innovative as this system, where any letter can be turned instantly into another!
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Thank You and Happy Holidays!

Posted by INversionGAMES (Creator)

Thank you to everyone who've had the chance to play the VERSATILETTERS and posted photos or reviews online.  We agree with comments that the tuck box material and printing quality could be better, but are nonetheless very happy to read feedback that the games themselves are intuitive, creative, educational and enjoyable. 

Please keep in mind that 100 copies of these were manufactured by a print-on-demand company that is great for small printing runs but certainly has limitations regarding availability and quality of components.  The final graphic designs looked crisp but the printed outcome was not exactly WYSIWYG.

If we conclude that this Kickstarter project provided proof of concept that the VERSATILETTERS collection of games have educational and entertainment value, then we would set our sights on the loftier goal of having them made by a game manufacturer such as CartamundiUSA.  The challenge is that their minimum requirement is 5000 units.  We'd be happy to receive suggestions and comments in this regard.

Best regards and happy holidays!



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    1. Richard Sandberg on

      My review on BGG was not intended to be a personal attack against the designers of the game. However, I believe that it is important for consumers to understand what they are buying. A small print run does not necessarily correlate to "preview quality" components. So if you intend to do other projects in the future with "preview quality" components (whether it is another small print run of versaletters or another game), it would be helpful to consumers to be more specific about the quality you intend to deliver. I would be glad to offer more feedback to the game designers about possible game improvements if they would be interested in contacting me on BGG. Merry Christmas everyone and I hope you enjoy, not only gaming with friends and family, but the opportunity to celebrate the true reason for the season.