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In the history of word games none has been radically innovative as this system, where any letter can be turned instantly into another!
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Typography expert joins endeavor PLUS the card decks are doubled!

Posted by INversionGAMES (Creator)

A great benefit from Kickstarter is the opportunity for people to participate in the process of product development.  We are very pleased to announce that Michael Graham, Associate Professor Emeritus of Art in American University whose specialty is typography, is very interested and will be involved in this endeavor by providing his expertise in finalizing the versaTILEtters artwork.  His input has helped optimize the aesthetics and legibility of the stylized letters.

Another update is our decision to include not one, but TWO decks of cards (1 red and 1 black) based in part on the idea of our resident consultant 9-year-old Elaine* who suggested and playtested an "extreme" version of Word Wars I.II.III where players have to form 3 words with 12, instead of 10, cards.  A twist is the knockout rule by which a player instantly wins the game by forming a word with 5 cards of the same color.

*Read the Background Story

The inclusion of two decks of cards with different colors makes it even easier to create games in addition to Word Wars I.II.III.  Stay tuned for further updates that would include rules for more games.  Thank you to everyone for sending suggestions and for helping spread the word, especially our friendly backers in the BoardGameGeek community!


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