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Earth needs you! Help us raise enough to finish Strike Suit Zero, and bring the space combat genre back with a bang.
Earth needs you! Help us raise enough to finish Strike Suit Zero, and bring the space combat genre back with a bang.
Earth needs you! Help us raise enough to finish Strike Suit Zero, and bring the space combat genre back with a bang.
4,484 backers pledged $174,804 to help bring this project to life.

Strike Suit Zero: Director's Cut - OUT NOW


Hi all. Long time now speak. How are you all? Good, good - let's cut to the chase. 

Strike Suit Zero: Director's Cut is out on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC today (with an EU release on PS4 tomorrow). The Director's Cut brings with it a restructured campaign, upres'd ships and new textures, new voice over, campaign re-balancing, and a host of other improvements across the game. 

How does this affect you, our trusty Kickstarter backers? Anybody that opted for the Lifetime DLC reward will be sent a code for the Director's Cut in the next day or so. Everybody else that got a key for the game will be sent an offer for 85% off the game via Steam (providing you have the game in your library already -- which you should do if you backed at $15 and above). We're in talks with GOG to try and secure the same discount for the DRM-free version of the game. 
Please bear in mind that this Kickstarter was for the PC version of the game, and we're unable to send out discount codes for the console version of the game. 

Many thanks again for your support, and we hope you enjoy the Director's Cut. 


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    1. Born Ready Games Creator on April 30, 2014


      Do you mean the Director's Cut, or the original game (codes were sent out in January last year for the original release).

      You haven't pledged for the Lifetime DLC, so this would be why you haven't received a code for the Director's Cut. Feel free to drop us a line if you need any clarification on anything, though.


    2. Aaron Roudabush on April 29, 2014

      I've still never even received my code.

    3. Mickaël "Froh" Garcin
      on April 19, 2014

      Nope, didnt get it yet

    4. Jack Law on April 17, 2014

      I haven't got my key for the Director's Cut yet... anyone got theirs?

    5. Missing avatar

      Andrew on April 13, 2014

      I am going to throw my hat in the ring of unsatisfied kickstarter supporters, thus far I have had the privilege to pay more for the game, suffer re releases for more money and deal with broken controls and game elements. Now to pay again for your "vision" count me out. You will get no recommendations from me, I have already driven several people away from this game based on my game experience alone, not just what you have done to those that believed in your game. I wish you luck, not necessarily good.

    6. Missing avatar

      Matt on April 11, 2014

      I'm fine with the Marauder being released for all. Why not let other people enjoy it now?

      Though, what happened to the content pack mentioned back in update #32? I had practically forgotten about it until I was looking through the old updates. It's not the Raptor suit or Infinity, since neither were part of the $50+ tiers.

    7. Ronald Wanders on April 10, 2014

      I assume it'll take a good couple days to mail out all the upgrade codes? :) I pledged for the life-time DLC, haven't received it yet, but I assume I will?

    8. Brian on April 9, 2014

      I have the lifetime dlc will I receive codes for both the steam and ps4 downloads.

    9. David Ma on April 9, 2014

      Sorry, but even though I backed your project, I didn't play much of it because I found the campaign broken and unfun with pretty clear balance, progression, and checkpoint issues that pretty much everyone who played the game picked up on immediately. There's no need to discuss any of this because pretty much every reputable review discussed the issues while the major establishments flatout panned the game.

      If the Director's Cut fixes these issues, then from my perspective it's what the game should have been in the first place, hence I find charging any amount of money to backers for this somewhat repugnant. I understand you spent time and money to make this version of the game, but it doesn't at all change how I feel about this.

      Best of luck, but I am not going to support your future projects.

    10. Daniel
      on April 9, 2014

      On another note, I find it disingenious to NOW claim the kickstarter suit was/is a "timed exclusive" when nowhere in the frontpage material or pledge descriptions this is mentioned. try reading your own front page under wingcommander tier. I quote: "The Wing Commander tier offers the definitive Strike Suit Zero bundle. Not only will you get the game, digital art-book, soundtrack AND additional content, you'll also get the Kickstarter-exclusive Marauder Strike Suit, strictly available to our Kickstarter backers only. "

      I'm sorry, but the more I read about this thing and think about it, the worse you come off.

    11. Daniel
      on April 9, 2014

      Let's do some simple calculations.
      In the top right corner of this page it says 4484 backers.
      in Steam, with the generic 85% off offer, the price is listed as 2,70 euro.

      IF, and this is a big if, as comments clearly show, every backer purchased this, it would come to a grand total of 12106,8 euro earned by them. Now deduct whatever taxes are applicable, as well as whatever cut Valve are taking for handling the sale and you have.. something less than that. the exact number isn't really important, this is just to give a general idea of the amount of money in total we are at the max talking about.

      So something less than 12k euro. That would have been the money it would have theoretically cost you (when we consider income not gained as a loss) to keep your reputation untarnished. Add word to mouth and people usually being far more vigiliant in passing on bad experiences than good experiences, and it's probably fair to say that it will impact future income in some way due to a bad reputation gained.

      So... Do you really think those 12k are worth the rap you will be, and are, getting for this stunt?

    12. Missing avatar

      Vincent Woo on April 9, 2014

      I didn't get the 85% off offer. Is it because I have only the OSX version of the game installed in Steam? To mirror Benjamin, will there eventually be an OSX version of the director's cut?

    13. Daniel
      on April 9, 2014

      It's not that the price you are asking me as an individual to pay for this 'directors cut' update is much. It's the fact that you are asking me to pay at all.

      "Director's cut" indicates that "this version is the one the director envisioned". That leaves me wondering what exactly we were backing you to create if it wasn't the version you envisioned?

      Also, I paid way over store price with my pledge, so I feel even more afronted by this whole deal now.

      I'm sorry, but you lost me. I can't in good conscience back you in any way in the future if this is what I am to expect from you. Neither by pledging to projects, or bothering with purchasing future products you may be able to create.

    14. Philomelle on April 9, 2014

      I'm sorry, you have yet to do anything right by your backers. You are offering us the same 85% discount as to everyone else despite us having already paid more for the game than the average Steam user, and you ignored concerns brought up in previous posts. Even your explanations for how much work was put into the Director's Cut is questionable, given that Steam forums are so far nothing but complaints about how the new version barely runs at all.

      "We even sought out some of our fans on Steam - those who had sunk the most time into the game - and asked what would be a fair price point for those who own the game already. They dictated how much we're asking for, and believe there's a decent amount of new content to warrant the price."

      And yet you didn't seek the opinions of your Kickstarter backers. Why is that supposed to encourage me to follow your studio in the future? Have you considered that some of us didn't sink hours into your game because we were unhappy with how you treated us and were thus embittered toward your work.

      "We've also added the Heroes of the Fleet mission pack, the Raptor Strike Suit, and the - *timed* Kickstarter exclusive - Marauder Strike Suit."

      The front page of your Kickstarter campaign says "strictly available to our Kickstarter backers only". It says absolutely nothing about it being timed, neither did any of the updates you posted later. Claiming it was timed and you simply never specified that doesn't make it fine, it means you lied to your backers.

      I'm sorry, but all you've done with that post is further ruin my image of you.

    15. Nigel Lee on April 9, 2014

      i'm almost certain anyone who bought it on steam got the 85% discount as we;;, thanks for the offer but i'll keep my money this time.

    16. Born Ready Games Creator on April 9, 2014

      @Miles Fitzpatrick @Philomelle

      The work - and time - invested into the Director's Cut was extensive. We went back to the recording studio, recording new voice over for the game, expanding on elements of the story that were glossed over the first time around.

      We brought on a new artist, who's upres'd all the ships in the game, throwing a serious amount of new polys (and textures) at the models. We've added image based lighting, and redesigned the very look and feel of the ships, too.

      We've restructured the campaign, meaning you get into the Strike Suit much earlier on in the game. We've re-balanced the entirety of the game, removing difficulty spikes, and adding new checkpoints throughout the game.

      We've also added the Heroes of the Fleet mission pack, the Raptor Strike Suit, and the - *timed* Kickstarter exclusive - Marauder Strike Suit.

      We even sought out some of our fans on Steam - those who had sunk the most time into the game - and asked what would be a fair price point for those who own the game already. They dictated how much we're asking for, and believe there's a decent amount of new content to warrant the price.

      I can see your point of view, but to call it a 'glorified patch' is perhaps slightly unfair. Apologies if you don't think the 85% off is enough, but we believe for what's on offer, this is a fair discount.

      Well over a year after this Kickstarter finished, we're still committed to doing right by our backers, and making sure you're still furnished with new content, betas, discounts and information ahead of time.

      Cheers guys!


    17. Benjamin Schollnick on April 9, 2014

      Can you elaborate on when Macintosh support will be available for the Director's Cut? I'm a very happy Macintosh kickstarter, and while I can play it on the PC. I would prefer not to have to boot camp over. I support and Encourage Macintosh native games.

      It's a large disappointment if the Director's cut edition does not have a macintosh edition, where as the original version of Strike Suit Zero does.

    18. Miles Fitzpatrick
      on April 9, 2014

      I agree with Philomelle, I could see if this was an entirely new game(or had vast amounts of new content) but its seems simplify a glorified patched version. So does this mean no more support for the previous version? You should at least patch in high-rez textures. Disappointed, no more $ for you.

    19. Dean Thrasher
      on April 8, 2014

      @Dragoon -- Good tip about the Soundtrack. I definitely want to keep that!

    20. Dean Thrasher
      on April 8, 2014

      I'll have to check out the director's cut. I liked the original version of the game, but felt that the campaign didn't quite come together. Some restructuring and rebalancing might make a big difference!

    21. Philomelle on April 8, 2014

      Not to be harsh, but asking your backers to pay for an update that removes backer exclusivity from the only piece of Kickstarter-exclusive in-game content, on top of the minimal pledge having cost more than the game proved to cost on release, guarantees that this Director's Cut is the last game developed by your team that I'll ever buy.

      This gesture clearly shows that you don't care about your fans half as much as about the contents of their wallets. As such, I will no longer support your company in the future.

    22. FlamingFirewire on April 8, 2014

      @Michael - In their second to last sentence they mentioned that that would be impossible as the kickstarter was for the PC version only.

    23. Michael Sterling on April 8, 2014

      This post seems to cover those who will be playing the game via Steam. I was a backer, have my steam key, but just bought a PS4 and want to play in there instead. Is there a PS4 discount of 85%? Thanks.

    24. Dragoon on April 8, 2014

      Finished downloading. Artbook and Sountrack DLC are unfortunatley not part of the DC. So if want to keep them you need to backup before deleting the old Strike Suit Zero.

    25. Dragoon on April 8, 2014

      Does the Director's Cut include all previously released content or is something missing.
      In the Steam store description it already mention the DC includes Marauders, Raptor and Heroes of the Fleet DLC. What about the artbook, the soundtrack and I assume Infinity is still a separate entity?
      Just wondering if I need to keep the old Strike Suit Zero or can delete and replace it with the DC.

    26. Missing avatar

      edzieba on April 8, 2014

      Looks like the Director's Cut is missing from the Steam 'VR Support' category. Has the Director's Cut dropped Oculus support?