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Earth needs you! Help us raise enough to finish Strike Suit Zero, and bring the space combat genre back with a bang.
Earth needs you! Help us raise enough to finish Strike Suit Zero, and bring the space combat genre back with a bang.
4,484 backers pledged $174,804 to help bring this project to life.

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Posted by Born Ready Games (Creator)

It's taken us a lot longer than we anticipated to sort out, but those of you without a credit card or Amazon account can now pledge through Paypal. Additionally, you'll still be able to pledge through Paypal after the Kickstarter has drawn to an end. 

Simply head here, choose your tier level, and click through to the Paypal pages to complete your donation. 

Not long to go now -- huge thanks to all of our backers up until this point, and let's use the remaining few days to push hard and try and reach that 180k stretch goal. 

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    1. Missing avatar

      Mikael Öhman on

      @Mark Did you just use 2 windows only games to prove your point that games "just can't work" on linux? Sheesh...

      I certainly don't want to buy and install windows 7 on my SSD just to play a game, nor would i want to run a phone OS on my desktop, just so it technically runs linux. Completely pointless.

      Steam getting ported to linux, unity supporting linux, enormous success of humble bundles. I guess they are all wrong!

      We just want to know if the developers will release the game for linux. They are free to ignore that portion of the market if they want, and consequently not get any money from us. But Born Ready Games seems to just ignore the questions, so I guess I'll just trust the numbers and withdraw.

    2. nadeem on

      that was long time ago look at the new trend. you sound like a Linux administrator who just see a terminal writing bash scripts and so on. but Linux now is not all about that and it seems you really not up-to-date. steam now launch a beta for Linux client and 60000 user apply for it. HIB numbers and so on. you cant just be blind about all these numbers and keep looking 6 years back or even 8 years back. sorry 4 years back there was no android.

    3. Mark McCorkle on

      Quick disclaimer, I run linux all day long, I manage about 300 centos (a distribution of linux) servers in a data center and a few dozen Amazon Cloud Linux instances, so lets just say I'm a Linux professional and leave it at that. I also have been playing and building games for the last 20 years or so.

      Now, onto my comment. Linux was never built to play games. It is possible for the extreme hackers out there to make some games work, as I've played Sins of a Solar Empire AND Homeworld 2 on two virtual terminals at the same time, just to make a point, but that took me hours to figure out how to get each of them running, and even if I packaged up everything I learned into a script and posted it online, it would only work for another Linux user running the same graphics card, with the same driver, on the same kernel version, with the same existing libraries and tools. Linux was never built to play games, games are not developed for Linux. That doesn't mean that Linux COULDN'T be refined to run games rock solid every time, or that games couldn't be easily ported to Linux, but at the end of the day, Linux users that want to be Linux gamers are the minority, and that has been proven time and time again. Look at Loki Games implosion, Cedega Gaming's service being shut down, and any game that has ever been released cross platform -- it is always a tiny percent of user's playing on Linux, with no real benefit to the developer, or the gaming community to have the game on Linux.

      If you REALLY want to game on Linux, remember that Android is Linux and get an OUYA.

    4. nadeem on

      sorry but my point was not toward companies point of view. i was talking from a user point of view. me as a user you cant force me to use something or if i ask to support what i like then you just easily say owh go and buy a windows 7. i don't like windows and i don't want to use it. and if can i want this game on Linux if cant then this game will not be in my list. and the example you make is not really related to the computer world game engine is the thing that need to be ported to Linux and if that happen maybe 100 game can be easily made for Linux and as we can see many new engines are supporting Linux out of the box. so at the end the solution is not to have a windows

    5. Missing avatar

      Chris Webster on

      That gives a bit of information. No matter what your argument may be about the Pros/Cons of Linux (which I may try out someday, as I like some of what it does), you can currently see that around 75% of the users in the world use either Windows 7 or Windows XP, as of October, vs. 5% using Linux. That's why you should probably have Windows XP or 7 loaded on a machine.

      It's not Chocolate vs. Vanilla. It's Wal-Mart vs. your local Mom/Pop shop. It isn't narrow minded to want the product to go to the widest audience possible, and to do so with the least use of funds necessary. A solid business model says the cost to advertise in Mom/Pop shops vs. the cost to advertise in all Wal-Marts is ... well, not really even a discussion point. You go with Wal-Mart if you want your product out there, and Mom/Pop if you have extra funds to work with. That's Linux, and if you use Linux, you should absolutely know and expect that already. :)

    6. nadeem on

      and why i had to use windows?? if you like chocolate ice cream then i must like it too. narrow minds that the answer for you

    7. Roland on

      I don't actually understand, it is not hard for the linux camp to side load Windows. Mac people can also use bootcamp. Windows is not expensive to buy, especially if you look into Windows 7 which is a solid OS.

    8. nadeem on

      i will be really disapointed if not reaching 180 goeal since there will be no linux. so i will wait till last hour to see if it will be reached or not.