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Earth needs you! Help us raise enough to finish Strike Suit Zero, and bring the space combat genre back with a bang.
Earth needs you! Help us raise enough to finish Strike Suit Zero, and bring the space combat genre back with a bang.
4,484 backers pledged $174,804 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Chem_Warrior on

      It's nice to see more indie developers invest in music. I cannot wait for the soundtrack. Will it be available to download when the kickstarter closes?

    2. Missing avatar

      Leonard on

      And by "here" I mean "hear" of course. >.< -whynoeditbutton-

    3. Missing avatar

      Leonard on

      Oh man, this is starting to sound so good. Upped my pledge to the soundtrack level. I'm a big time Kokia fan so I can't wait to here what you and Kokia have done! :D

    4. John Morrow on

      I went for the soundtrack pledge level from the start cause i love soundtracks. But I'll be totally honest I wasn't sure if it was going to be worth it, and I debated about downgrading my pledge.

      After seeing this, I am without a doubt staying with the soundtrack tier. I can't wait to hear it all. I can't wait to play this game either. Good move with these developer diaries Born Ready Games!!

    5. WP - Member, Mutant League on

      For those that think the pledges might fall short before the Mac/Linux level, many have been there at the last few hours on some projects where it is fingerbiting close and then see the incredible happen.
      Withdrawing your pledge at the last day is just saying you didn't had any faith in these independent developers anyway. (PS: Kicktraq is a cool website but it isn't exact science imho)

    6. Missing avatar

      Christian Peters on

      @Roman: Same for me, I'm sad to say.

    7. ICOTom Collaborator

      Projects tend to see quite a decent update the last 2 days (this is due to everyone that set the "remind me later" gets contacted about it) - you should wait till closer to the end.

    8. Roman Romanchuk on

      Mikael Öhman same for me, i'm just waiting for the last day to see for mac version, if this will not achieve that level - just withdraw my pledge

    9. Missing avatar

      Mikael Öhman on

      Looks like its going to fall short of the mac/linux tier. Any hope for that either way (i.e. should i stick with my pledge anyway), or am i just shit out of luck (i.e. should i just withdraw the pledge) ?

    10. Lucas Dove on

      Music reminds me of something like Tabla Beat Science... love it.

    11. Ronald Wanders on

      The opening music was screaming Homeworld, and I really like it. :)
      It's gorgeous music for a space game, whether or not it fits the setting remains to be seen, but it sounds really amazing. :)

      Can't wait to blast it through my Dali Ikon 2 speakers. ^_^

    12. Robert "HealyHQ" Healy III on

      I love the East meets West style coming from this. The soundtrack reminds me a lot of the .hack// franchise, and that's a good thing, a very good thing. Even more appropriate, since I intend on playing this in VR. Haha! :D

    13. Lami on

      Wow… just upped my pledge for soundrack.

    14. Roland on

      The mix of Western and Asian influence adds so much uniques and atmosphere to the game, +1 for globalization. I do wonder if this game would be published in the Asian market and if so I pray for its success. Good luck

    15. Koshinator on

      The soundtrack to this game is going to be amazing.....