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Earth needs you! Help us raise enough to finish Strike Suit Zero, and bring the space combat genre back with a bang.
Earth needs you! Help us raise enough to finish Strike Suit Zero, and bring the space combat genre back with a bang.
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The Strike Suit Zero Team; Mini-interview #1

Posted by Born Ready Games (Creator)

Over the next couple of days, we'll be sharing some insights from the folk here in Guildford who are responsible for creating Strike Suit Zero; the Born Ready Games team. In today's update, we stole a few words from one of our artists, Kwok. 

NOTE: We'll be running a Reddit AMA with Christopher Redden, Lead Designer on Strike Suit Zero, this Wednesday at 6pm GMT / 10am PST. Get your questions at the ready!



My name is Kwok and I'm the guy that looks after the skyboxes - that's the background that you see with the planets and other celestial bodies :) Having joined on much later than the rest of the art team, there was a lot to do in a limited time but I hope you can all the see the hard work that I've put into these skyboxes.


Well my roots in the industry actually began in VFX in Film and TVv. I worked with hugely talented teams such as the guys that worked on the Harry Potter films and many more. However there was little room to be creative in my own quirky way. I found that when I got into Games I was able to make many of my own decisions and be creative in my own way without having to be constrained as much as in film. 

The experience and work ethos I got from film and tv helped give me an edge in games to push the quality bar up from a different perspective. The first game I worked on was Black (EA Criterion) a 1st person shooter on the PS2 and Xbox back in 2005 - which was hugely successful for being a console 1st person shooter that allowed for environment destruction at the time. 


This isn't an easy question, since I was brought up with Macross and many other mech anime series, my judgement is very much based on Japanese science fiction. But I guess I'd have to I'd say Zone of Enders 2: The 2nd Runner. It's old but personally for me the story was really engaging and I felt like I was playing through a anime cartoon series! The vector canon totally kicks ass. HOWEVER if you ask me what's my favourite space shooter series of all time it would probably have to be a classic like Gradius or even Ikaruga :D if that counts.


Oh man this is an even harder question since I'm always endeavoring myself to practicing art in my own time, I don't get much time to play games these days. If I can cheat slightly and choose a game that came out at the end of 2011 (I completed it in 2012!) I'd have to say Disgaea 4. Now I'm not a hard core gamer, I like tactically challenging games like the Advance Wars series and the Fire Emblem series. Disgaea 4 - whilst is not technically impressive in terms of graphics ( though it is beautifully illustrated) - is an extremely well crafted game. For me it's a statement on how games need not always be about having the best graphics or the most epic narrative but more about being imaginative and offering escapism.


At one point in time the company logo was suggested to be a crab (born ready - plated armour and claws that seems pretty much ready for anything). I challenge you to find this whilst you are playing the game!


More from the team tomorrow!


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    1. Kwok on

      Hey thanks for all the messages! I'm glad there are a lot of Z.O.E and side scrolling shooter fans here! Hopefully you'll all be impressed to see what Strike Suit Zero has to offer ;)

      Though i'd like to give a proper shout out to the entire Art Team and any artist that's ever helped out on the project. This game wouldn't have possibly looked as great without the help of the many talented team individuals, both past and present.

      ps: Kwok is also a brand of wok ......

    2. Missing avatar

      Nermin Kunovac on

      I actually have to praise the current logo. It really looks modern and cool. Whoever designed it, great work.

    3. Khaleg on

      ZOE 2, one of my favourites games, same as Ikaruga, Gradius, Salamander or R-Type, oh !!! and Homeworld 1 and 2. So many coincidences here... ;-)

      And yes, Silpheed: The lost planet too, and Philosoma for PS1.

    4. DabsforDaze on

      Kwak also happens to be a Belgium beer, and it is delicious.

    5. light487 - Kickstarter Junkie on

      Kwok could be either Korean or Chinese. It is either a variant of "Guo" (mainland Chinese) or a varient of "Kwak" (Korean) :) Doesn't make a different of course :)

    6. Heath Rowell on

      I approve of giant enemy crab logo.

    7. Missing avatar

      meiam on

      Yay for ZoE 2! (for anyone thinking about it, skip the HD remake, they seriously screwed up the port and the frame rate is sub 30 and they actually slow down the game).

    8. Roland on

      Hi Kwok (Kwok sounds Cantonese?). Glad to know someone who likes ZoE 2, an awesome game indeed. I actually liked a sci-fi arcade shooting game on PS2 called Silpheed: The Lost Planet, it was only average game-play wise but the graphics and feel of the game was great.

      LOL at the company logo candidate. That'd be a funny easter egg, thanks for the info.