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Earth needs you! Help us raise enough to finish Strike Suit Zero, and bring the space combat genre back with a bang.
4,484 backers pledged $174,804 to help bring this project to life.

Reward Clarification

Hullo all!

Just a quick update to clear up a little bit of confusion on the rewards. The table below details exactly what you get at each pledge amount. The addition of the joystick may have confused a few people. This was a one-off, limited run of joysticks which has unfortunately all gone. Due to popularity we are looking into bringing this back. Stay tuned for more on that!

We'll continue to address specific questions, but hopefully the table below helps you come to an easy decision regarding your pledge. 

Thanks for your continued support! 

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    1. Creator Born Ready Games on October 25, 2012

      Hi Kallimon -- the beta will run later this year; we can't commit to an exact date yet, but it won't be too long after the Kickstarter finishes. Hope that helps!

    2. Creator Kallimon on October 25, 2012

      When will the Beta come out? I'm really looking forward to play this game since the gamescom. Even if it's "just" a beta I know how well it would run already!

    3. Creator Born Ready Games on October 25, 2012

      We're working on our add-ons at the moment -- so yes, you should see that at some stage, Ren-Wei :)

    4. Creator Ren-Wei Yang on October 24, 2012

      About Lifetime subscription, wonder if that can be an addon down the road?
      That would definitely help your campaign( with good pricing of course. )
      Or $10~15 addon option for planned first year contents.(ie. how many suit, missions pack release in schedule. No one will expect 15 bucks gets them one suit per week, but one additional suit bi monthly seems to be good deal.)

    5. Creator Born Ready Games on October 24, 2012

      The wallpapers will go out as soon as the campaign finishes (providing we meet our target :) ). Everybody who pledges is in for one set, the other is exclusive to the $20 tier.

    6. Creator Sam Bernstein on October 24, 2012

      Oh, I didn't realize there was a wallpaper set for everybody. Is that already out somewhere or is that going to be released at a later date?