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Earth needs you! Help us raise enough to finish Strike Suit Zero, and bring the space combat genre back with a bang.
4,484 backers pledged $174,804 to help bring this project to life.

New Tier! Ace Pilot -- pilot your Strike Suit with a Logitech® Extreme™ 3D Pro Joystick!

Our friends at Logitech have supplied us with 20 Logitech Extreme 3D Pro joysticks - the same sticks we demoed the game with at gamescom, PAX and the Eurogamer Expo - to use in a brand new reward tier. As well as everything from the WING COMMANDER tier, the ACE PILOT tier offers a Logitech Extreme 3D Pro joystick to play the game with. For true immersion, joysticks really are the best way to play. There's only twenty, so act quickly!

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    1. Creator Shiv on October 24, 2012

      This seems like a strange deal. The WING COMMANDER tier itself is $50. The Logitech Extreme 3D Pro carries a list price of $29.99. Getting the two separately would save about $10 over the ACE PILOT tier…

    2. Creator J. Andrew Hartman on October 23, 2012

      Aww, way way late for me, Boooourns.

    3. Creator Robert Moy on October 23, 2012

      Gah! Sold out even before I got to read the email! If I had more games that warranted a joystick, I'd be really interested in getting this out though.

    4. Creator deepkinder on October 23, 2012

      What about those that pledged above the tier? Like if I pledged 200$ won't i get a joystick?

    5. Creator Matthew Larsen on October 23, 2012

      I already won that exact joystick. It's served me well for many years. Not too disappointed that it was sold out by the time I got the email.

    6. Creator Sam Bernstein on October 23, 2012

      Curses Kickstarter! Wasn't able to grab the joystick version because I had to change my password, and the email took too much time. -_-

    7. Creator Toby Heagerty on October 23, 2012

      Damn, I'm already pledging as a squad captain

    8. Creator Born Ready Games on October 23, 2012

      The joysticks will be sent out with the game in January -- hope that helps!

    9. Creator Martin Paterson on October 23, 2012

      One other question, the ETA for delivery is in January for the game but you said you have received these Joysticks now. Will the Joysticks be sent out before the delivery or do we need to wait till the ETA date?

    10. Creator Lamblin on October 23, 2012

      I'm interested! How do you do? Thanks !

    11. Creator Issagrim on October 23, 2012

      Are these special in some way? Because they are only worth about 25-35 bucks which means you lose money getting this tier.

    12. Creator Nigel Lee on October 23, 2012

      yoink! guess who's getting a joystick :D (protip: starts with a M, ends with an E)

    13. Creator Martin Paterson on October 23, 2012

      just up'ed my pledge. looks nice...

    14. Creator Flaoua on October 23, 2012

      Yes it is, thanks :)

    15. Creator Born Ready Games on October 23, 2012

      It's there now :)

    16. Creator Flaoua on October 23, 2012

      The new ACE PILOT tier is not showing on the tiers list :/