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Vizcaya: A young adult novel's video poster

A young adult fiction novel about three teenagers growing up in Miami and learning about love and friendship. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on August 22, 2011.

A young adult fiction novel about three teenagers growing up in Miami and learning about love and friendship.

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"What do you see when you look at me?"
"Every mistake I have yet to make."
Our love story fell apart when he saw her, but then again, maybe that's when it really began.

Vizcaya is the story of three teenagers who meet at the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens in Miami, Florida. The Vizcaya Museum and Gardens is one of the most enchanting places I've ever visited. I knew I wanted to set a story there, but for awhile I wasn't sure what type of story I really wanted to tell. I considered doing a historical piece about what life would've been like for people who came to Vizcaya to visit the owner of the extravagant home, but I liked the idea of it inspiring young people today instead. 

Nikki is a bubbly, self-motivated, teen who loves shopping and hanging out with her boyfriend, Diego.  Diego is artistic and on the verge of truancy.  When they go to the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens to work on an art project they meet a girl who would soon change their lives forever.

Nelli is about to turn fifteen and has lived the life of a spoiled little rich girl, but when she meets Nikki and Diego at Vizcaya, her focus shifts to only one thing – to steal Diego away from Nikki.

The three teens embark together on a path of self-discovery as they frolic innocently among the beautiful backdrop of Vizcaya, Miami, and the Keys.  Their bond strengthens as they shop together, go to the beach together, and play Monopoly at each other’s homes.  But soon, they must start to make important decisions about their lives.

Nikki doesn’t know what she wants to be when she grows up, Diego doesn’t understand why his mother won’t let him meet her boyfriend, and Nelli tries to fulfill all of her stage-mom’s dreams.

As they get older, they are forced to make tough decisions in regards to their relationships.  Nikki starts to realize that Diego’s obsession with drawing Nelli may be indicative of more.  Diego is enchanted by his new muse and falls in head first into her over-privileged world where he is forced to follow the rules.  Nelli slowly realizes that getting what she wants may cost her both her friendships and her family.

At the center of all this is a coming of age story where the three of them have to learn to balance their present day problems with their dreams for the future.  Vizcaya is a simple story of first loves and first obsessions.  It’s a story about three teenagers who must figure out when it’s time to leave their childhood behind and start acting like adults.  It’s about the challenges of learning that your parents aren’t perfect, and that your destiny is in your control.  It’s a story about what it means to be a real friend and what it means to have real competition.  But most of all, Vizcaya is about choosing whether you want to live in fantasy with doses of reality, or live in reality with doses of fantasy.

My goal with Vizcaya is to revise it, have it professionally edited, and self-publish it.

Read the First Chapter

I've posted the first chapter on my website for anyone who wishes to look further into the story to see if this is a project they would like to back.  You can read the first chapter by clicking this link.

Vizcaya: Chapter 1

What Funding Will Cover

I'm hoping to raise money to cover the following costs:

  • Professional Editing
  • Professional Cover Artwork
  • Self-publishing through CreateSpace
  • Library of Congress Control Number
  • Kindle-ready File Conversion
  • Kickstarter fees and costs

In the event that the funding goal is achieved and more money is donated past the initial goal, that money will then be used to cover the cost of marketing and promotion.  So please feel free to donate more!


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