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Babycastles is an effort to provide a social home for the game development culture that has long been part of New York City.
223 backers pledged $9,008 to help bring this project to life.

IndieCade, Last Weekend "Sale", Copenhagen Games, Opening Party with Thu Tran!

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Thanks to some many and very generous supporters, we have all the funding we asked for to run the new Babycastles Arcade @ The Showpaper 42nd Street Gallery. While we'll be hosting music, game, lecture, and workshop events continuously throughout the year, see if you can come out to our opening party this coming Friday! I just hung out with Thu Tran from Food Party on IFC, who is spending the week making crazy new furniture and designing our October arcade.

Come see ! Friday night, free!
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We're really excited to be in talks with IndieCade towards hosting an IndieCade curated games exhibition. This would be our closing exhibition, and will be up a little longer than the rest, from December 16th until our closing party on December 29th. IndieCade is an annual international festival and a series of exhibitions, conferences, and curated happenings for the future of independent games, and has hosted the work of many game developers on the Babycastles team since 2007!

This year's IndieCade starts next weekend, October 8th - October 10th, in Culver City, California.
(The same weekend we open our Manhattan location!)
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I'm about to reduce donation pledge amounts on everything lets me. Take a signed Katamari Damashii, somehow! Take an Atari 2600 Guru Meditation Cartridge! Signed sexy pictures sold out. You have all of this weekend until the wee morning on Monday, and then it's done!


Starts Early! 7 - 9pm ~ Game Talks by Frank Lantz of NYU GAME CENTER, Katherine Isbister of NYU POLYTECHNIC, The Copenhagen Game Collective. Music by Knife City of ANAMANAGUCHI. Crazy Danish Games and Alcohol and Candy: including DARK ROOM SEX GAME, BUTTON, FUCK YOU IT'S ART. Ends around 1am

Tonight, $5
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