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Feature length documentary about coming of age in the murder capital of the U.S. 5 teens 5 cameras 2 years 1 story. Help us get funded!

Shell Shocked: The New Orleans Youth Story, formerly titled Murder Through the Eyes of a Child, is a documentary about youth violence in the city of New Orleans. Our focus is to promote positive mentoring programs which we believe is a potential solution to breaking the cycle of violence. Last year we began our own mentoring program where the filmmakers taught a group of teens the skills needed to make a documentary film. They attended class every Saturday at New Orleans Video Access Center over the course of a year during which the teens were given cameras, taught how to operate them, how to conduct interviews, and how to edit their work.These teens provided personal insight and unique perspective on what it is like to grow up in the city that has the highest homicide rate in the United States.

During that time we also interviewed other local teens affected by violence, parents of teenage murder victims, community stakeholders, and adults who operate successful mentoring programs. We are very excited that project has grown far beyond our original intentions! Creating a feature-length documentary film is a major undertaking that requires years of effort from many people. Our crew worked for free during production, but in order to finish the film we still have hard costs for editing, sound mixing, music, color correction, curriculum development and final graphics design.

We have an incredible story to tell that is not just exposing the problem that we face, but promoting a solution. It offers a message of hope by suggesting that if we put the resources into these programs things can dramatically improve. Every city in the world can benefit from learning about this issue from the perspective of our youth. We can begin to bridge the gaps between our youth, the people who love them, government, and law enforcement. Film can give a voice to these children and allow people to look at the reality of the environment they live in through their eyes. We can show people what there is a need for and what they can do to incite change in their community. Our message along with the compelling footage we have shot will ensure that the project garners the national attention that this issue deserves.

This is our second time around!! The $7,000 we raised through kickstarter in our project's last campaign helped tremendously! It allowed us to get the remaining interviews needed, organize the past 2 years of footage, moved us in to post production and also helped to create a trailer with graphics from Laundry TV and music from local musician Shamarr Allen. Having a trailer to show our work helped us to get our editor/ sound mixer/ colorist/ composer/ curriculum developer on board and it is creating a lot of buzz in our quest to secure distribution upon completion of the project! Thank you so much to all of our supporters, because of you we have been able to keep such great momentum. Raising our financing through outlets such as Kickstarter has allowed us the creative freedom needed to tell this story in a raw and honest light.

This time we have an even bigger goal! We want to raise $20,000 by midnight on Sunday March 6th! These funds will finance audio post and color correction (which are mandatory for the film to be released) as well as the development of a curriculum that will allow schools to use the film to open a dialogue between educators and students all over the world about violence. This will also include a "how to" on group projects that guide teens in making PSAs. Equally as important to our goal of raising the money needed we want to do everything we can to get our message out to more people.

YOU can help! We are offering some great packages in return for your tax deductible donation (501c 3 non-profit sponsorship through Video Veracity). To get more information about the documentary, the teens, our mentoring program and statistics please visit our website Send us a message at We look forward to hearing what you have to say about this issue and to reaching our goal through the online community!


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