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$9,378 pledged of $40,000 goal
By John O'Marra
$9,378 pledged of $40,000 goal

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Happy Monday Backers! Here's a fun one for you, all the way from Germany. Hope you like it!

We're hitting the home stretch here, and still have a long way to go to hit our goal. PLEASE do all you can to spread the word. Tell a friend, forward this email, ask folks to jump onboard.

If we don't hit our goal, it's going to be very tricky to stay on track to have a poem a day for 100 days, and publish for the fall. This book definitely WILL happen, but hitting our goal makes it a lot easier!

Thanks for all of your support, and keep watching!

Poem of the Day 6/25/12 - Day 22 of 100

Sirens, illustrated by Lev Kaplan

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Poem of the Day 6/24/12 - Day 21 of 100

Nada, illlustrated by Darrin Brenner

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Poem of the Day 6/23/12 - Day 20 of 100

Ice, illustrated by Caterina Baldi

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Poem of the Day 6/22/12 - Day 19 of 100

Words, illustrated by Nicole Gustafsson

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The Pugnacious Crustacean

Poem of the Day 6/21/12 - Day 18 of 100

The Pugnacious Crustacean, illustrated by Ole Tillmann

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