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This is my first original designed and sculpted  set of figures, which I will be hand casting in resin and painting, entirely in house.
This is my first original designed and sculpted set of figures, which I will be hand casting in resin and painting, entirely in house.
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Another progress report

Hey Gang!

Well, just thought I'd give everyone an update on the project so far, I think the worst of the challenges are behind me, but I'm not out of the woods yet. Thankfully, my sanity is more intact than it was say, a month ago. lol

First, the fun stuff. Here's a pic of a yet to be cleaned up or painted, test pulled corrupter (note that the purple isn't accurate, the camera I used doesn't like purple for some reason) 

For the most part, it turned out great, the hands,arms, head, and fungal fiend all cast great will all clean up easy and look really solid. 

The body, however, is still giving me grief. It's ok, but not great. :/

When separating the body mold, it stuck and tore in some places, making a jagged seam that is going to be much more difficult to clean up, unnecessarily so in some spots.

So, after some deliberation, I decided that instead of trying to make the most out of a bad mold, I'll just have to order another gallon of silicon and try again. using the better silicon now that I have a vacuum chamber for it. 

As a brief aside, here's what happens if I don't get the 1.7 lbs of resin into the pressure pot before it starts to cure: 

You get TONS of terrible bubbles in the casting! Gotta move fast with this stuff!

Molds, molds, and more molds... oh so many lessons learned. On the plus side, I never made the same mistake twice. :)

this is all the molds and support shells for the three sets of waste molds and glove molds that didn't work out, and the reason i made a vacuum chamber!

And here are all the two part molds I made so far, although I think i threw away a couple at one point. 

On the left are the rest of the waste molds from the first Gallon of silicone, on the right, the final molds made with the new silicone I tried, that I'm not as fond of. Why? Because these molds started to give up and break down on me at around 30 casts, meaning I'll need to make new molds to complete the remaining DIY figures and what's left of the first edition. The silver lining is, at least I worked the kinks out! 

SO..... I've ordered more silicone and resin, I will be making yet another batch of molds, and finishing up all the castings soon. I'm going to turn these out as fast as I can, but I'm learning you can't rush a good mold. I'll post another update when they are set up, and I can announce all systems are go. 

Lastly, to those of you that pledged for thank you cards, I totally forgot to pull them up on my backer report. I'll be getting them out to you immediately.

Thanks again everyone for your patience and understanding, as I'm striving to bring out the best product I can for you, and you can't rush a quality product!  Hopefully have a much better update for you soon! 


Josh f+


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