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Kathy and Mike made a movie. Now we have to make it pretty and pay for airing rights for the news footage used in the film. We need YOUR help!

We made a movie. We made it in our spare time and with the money we make at our day jobs.

Now, we want to make it pretty: This means color correction in an online suite and taking the sound to a mastering house. Oh, and we want it to be legally ours. Did I mention the news footage? The news stations want to be paid for their work as well.

So, all that said, we pulled some favors and can get this done on the cheap, but not for free. We've spent the last year of our lives on this project and we're only asking for help now...just a little more to get us over the finish line. $2,500 will kickstart this thing, but please feel free to go beyond. So help the cause, donate a sawbuck or two and we promise... we'll dance at your wedding.


First Come, First Served: A Universal Pre-K Story

President Obama vows to help all 50 states establish Universal Pre-Kindergarten (or Pre-K). Pre-K for anyone who wants it (regardless of income) looks great on paper, but in practice, it is but a dream.

The oldest Pre-K program in the nation serves less than 60% of the state's age-eligible children. 'First Come, First Served' is a documentary about the 2008 Mary Lin Elementary School Pre-K registration fiasco during which parents camped for three days to get their children enrolled in Pre-K only to have the process changed hours before registration. The film follows parents throughout the camp-out experience wherein they reflect on the value of Pre-K and the fairness of the system in which they are participating.

The parents' subsequent disillusionment leads to a closer examination of the Universal Pre-K program in Georgia. Interviews with the Southern Education Foundation, The Reason Foundation and Bright From the Start: The Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning enrich this investigation. The experience of these parents provides a cautionary tale, an opportunity for the oldest state-wide Pre-K program in the nation to lead the way, by sharing both its successes and failures.

Sounds good, doesn't it? Be the first kid on your block to have helped fund a documentary.

It'll be fun!


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