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An illustrated, rhyming adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft's "The Dunwich Horror" by the creators of Littlest Lovecraft: The Call of Cthulhu!
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Thanks For Everyone!

Posted by Tro Rex & Eyo Bella (Creator)

Happy Thanksgiving for all our US backers and Happy Day of Us Thanking you for the rest of the world!

 Turk-Sothoth would love to have you for dinner :D

Now that we are stuffed with all the foods (sooo much foods...), here's a quick update for you!

Most everyone has gotten their packages or will be getting them soon, so we hope you enjoy! As always, we LOVE hearing about what you guys thing about the book/project/stuff :D You can share with us here or on Facebook - - pics, anecdotes, etc., we love and appreciate it all!

Here's a video of us earlier attempting to not be bad at thanking you >.> Pretty sure we didn't succeed...

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 Anyway, long story short, THANK YOU :D We appreciate you all SO. MUCH!

As we mentioned in the video (if you watched it, if not, here's what we were talking about!) we'll be back next year with our third book - and that will be our last full length Littlest Lovecraft story book. After that we anticipate 2 short story sets (probably 3 each, one Mythos set, one Dreamlands set), for a total of 5 Littlest Lovecraft books at the end. Yup.

We'll check in with you guys every now and then between now and when we launch again, but otherwise we're pretty set!

Here's a beautiful pic from the always amazing Professor Stephen Candy that shows all the stuff we've come up with to date :D

 All the things!

We seriously have so much fun with everything and everyone. So thank you all again, so very much!

OH, and in a couple weeks - on Dec 9 or so - we're going to have our annual winter holiday shenanigans over at the Facebook page. Last year we had the 13 days of Cthulhumas, so this year we're celebrating the 13 Days of Yule-Sothoth (forgive us for not having the graphic up yet!) >.> Yuuup. 

Until next time!

-Tro & Eyo 

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    1. Professor Stephen Candy

      What I am taking away from this is THREE MORE BOOKS which means THREE MORE YEARS of awesome fun with you guys creating brilliant thingz!

      Not even halfway on the exciting journey PLUS I love the feeling of completion that comes from knowing the length of the journey.

      Thank YOU Tro and Eyo - roll on Yule-Sothoth!

    2. Heather Råwr Crews on

      Can't wait for next year!! �

    3. Alex Neilson

      The two of you have made a pact with something for an infinite supply of cuteness, haven't you? :)