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An illustrated, rhyming adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft's "The Dunwich Horror" by the creators of Littlest Lovecraft: The Call of Cthulhu!
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Quick Update and Teaser!

Posted by Tro Rex & Eyo Bella (Creator)

Hey you guys!

So, most (all??) of the US backers should have gotten their goodies by now because of priority mail shenanigans - and some far away places have reported in already! If you are still unsure about your tracking number, please let us know! And since many of you have asked and we apparently didn't mention it (faaaail) we are, in fact, the EOP - the Esoteric Order of Publishing:

 That's us!

We'll have some behind the scenes pics and stories and a thank you video in about a week once everything settles down a bit :D

Until then, here's a shot from our next KS video:

 Speculate to your heart's desire what we're working on for next year...

Right :D SO, again, if you're still without a tracking number, please let us know! Everyone should have one and we have the list right at hand to look it up. And we're happy to field any questions or comments ^______^

Thanks again!


PS - We still love pictures of stuff and anecdotes about the books ^____^ Thank you SO much to everyone who has posted pictures and sent us messages so far! They bring us great joy :D

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    1. Missing avatar

      Kim Hempel on

      @ Tro

      Aha, extraction successful. Now the preparations for Jul are complete! (;,;)

      Just the small detail of preparing a proper tinfoil hat to ward off trackers. :-P

    2. Tro Rex & Eyo Bella 5-time creator on

      @Kim I'm so glad! They're SUPPOSED to hand it over to the local post - once it leaves the country (US) it's meant to go from our postal service to yours. Obviously, sometimes drama happens, but it's not supposed to, so I'm glad it didn't!

      ACTUALLY, we found out just a few weeks ago that you can, in most countries, take your USPS tracking number and put it in your country's post tracking service - it'll find it and report more fully than the USPS since they only track it to the edge of the country! Now we are even better stalkers!

      Anyway, SO glad it made it to you :D Also, just fyi, we got pretty durable wax for those sealed envelopes and if you're careful, you can pop the seal loose and open it - I KNOW FROM GREAT EXPERIENCE :D


    3. Missing avatar

      Kim Hempel on

      The Shadow over Kickstarter brings you great tidings.

      No but seriously, in contrast to prior experience they, rather than returning the package, decided to hand it over to the local postal service! Glorious!

      So I'm sitting here with everything laid out and it exudes quality and feeling all through, even the packaging is expertly made. I'm sitting here teary eyed with the ugliest grin on my face having the best Monday ever. :-D

      Now I'll just have to decide whether to 'ruin' the sealed envelope.

      Thank you! And I'm looking forward to your next project. :-)

    4. Tro Rex & Eyo Bella 5-time creator on

      @Nathan Sorry about that! It got mixed up in our spreadsheet - all you or anyone has to do if anything is incorrect is PM us and we'll get it sorted out.

    5. Missing avatar

      Nathan Christenson

      On the plus side, my book arrived in perfect shape and is awesome! On the downside, instead of a pair of dice from this KS, I got a pair from the last one. :-(

    6. Tro Rex & Eyo Bella 5-time creator on

      @Kim We're always going to use USPS standard to ship since it is by far the least expensive option, but we've always let people choose to pay extra for a different service if they want if you don't care for the postal service in your country. Just ping us ahead of shipping next time and we can talk options!

    7. Missing avatar

      Kim Hempel on

      Love the project but for the next one: think you could allow shipping with something not USPS against an additional fee?

      "November 14, 2014 11:26:00 ATTEMPTED DELIVERY ABROAD"

    8. Susan Ferrara on

      Got mine today! The books look great :-)

    9. Jacob D. Proctor on

      Mine came in yesterday.
      It's got that fresh book smell and everything.

    10. Susan Ferrara on

      Eh, just looks like my package decided it wanted to do some touristy stuff at a bunch of stops in Washington and California before arriving home. Can't really blame it, I suppose, as it looks like it's on a fun trip down the West Coast.

    11. Tro Rex & Eyo Bella 5-time creator on

      @Susan & Kay *fist shake at the USPS* 2 Day Priority shipping should be take 2 days! Even with the day off for the 11th, stuff should have been there yesterday! *more fist shaking*

      @Gian Pablo Aww, thanks :D


    12. Martin Dickson

      +1 Shadow over Innsmouth. (And incidentally my favorite HPL story). :)

    13. Jeff Narucki on

      Shadow over Innsmouth

    14. Kay Muir on

      Mail arrived today, and it wasn't there. Sad face. So I used the gripe link you provided, and we'll see what they have to say for themselves! <3

    15. Gerald Ward

      Got mine, love it! Has to be Innsmouth next. Can't wait!

    16. Tro Rex & Eyo Bella 5-time creator on

      Also, for the US backers who HAVEN'T gotten their stuff yet, here's a link you can gripe at the USPS through:… Since 2 day priority shipping is supposed to be 2 day priority shipping, and all the packages went out on Saturday the 8th. Grrr!

    17. Gian Pablo Villamil on

      Fantastic, love the book and the goodies!

      You guys are some of my favorite Kickstarter authors: the product is beautiful, creative and unique; you are super prompt in delivering; and your communications are not only timely, but also charming.

    18. Susan Ferrara on

      Not quite all of the US backers, yet....... My speculation: I'm going with The Shadow Over Innsmouth.

    19. Tro Rex & Eyo Bella 5-time creator on

      @Tom We'll get into it a bit more in the next update about where we're going with stuff, but the next book is the last full length book - after that it's a set of short story compilations :D And we ARE terribly fond of the Rats in the Walls...

    20. "Filkertom" Tom Smith

      Got mine, love it. Gorgeous work. Maybe a couple of shorter stories next? Statement of Randolph Carter, Pickman's Model, The Rats In The Walls...?