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OPENING IN THE US APRIL 8TH!  For more info & to reserve tickets visit: Inspiring documentary about Andy Whitfield who put the same dedication he brought to his lead role in SPARTACUS, into fighting cancer.
OPENING IN THE US APRIL 8TH!  For more info & to reserve tickets visit: Inspiring documentary about Andy Whitfield who put the same dedication he brought to his lead role in SPARTACUS, into fighting cancer.
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Update #70: A beautiful and inspiring message from Vashti

Posted by Lilibet Foster (Creator)

I am sitting watching the sunrise on the balcony of the house where Andy, my late husband spent most of his young life and a place, that over the last 17 years, I have become accustomed to calling home. On either side of me in different rooms, gently sleep three generations of Whitfield’s, who’s similarities and features boast a tender legacy of love.

It’s quite strange to think about time in the context of Andy’s absence. Or to comment on how long it takes to re adjust to life without the person or people, who not only played such a significant role in your life, but who made living and loving, such a wild and wonderful collaboration of adventure.

Some days it feels like forever and others, as though he was here last week. But it is in fact four whole years since letting him go, or somewhere close to that, as even with three world clocks, my Australian jet lag renders me incapable of working out what day, time, or date it actually is and in the calm serenity of this little island, without a concerted effort to open up one form or another of my Apple technology, I am contently and refreshingly enjoying the moment of now and the lives of those going on all around me.

Life moves on and whilst the love is still so very much there, nestled safely on a ledge in my heart, that I now only occasionally climb onto, when there is a need to look back and remind myself from where I once came, my focus now very much lives, in the now and the how, of what it takes to inspire a perspective of possibility.

So to you beautiful people, I share with you as always all I have to offer and in my sleep deprived haze invite you whole heartedly to take a good old look at who you have become in your life so far and to make sure, that you are wonderfully and clumsily, slowly shaping a legacy worthy of ALL THAT YOU ARE!


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    1. Lilibet Foster Creator on

      Dear Don -- Thank you for your lovely message of support. We are sending you huge Be Here Now hugs!

    2. Donald Moore on

      Your message was nothing short of inspiring and full of love. You are a remarkable woman to have dealt with so much and continue to have such a positive outlook on life! It's almost divine intervention today as I sit waiting to go in to see the surgeon to find out if I'm being diagnosed with some sort of cancer. And why I say that is I received my "Be Here Now" bracelet just yesterday. I'm believing for a good report and I take the bracelet as a sign that everything is gonna be ok. :-)
      Love to you and your family Vashti and thanks for the continued inspiration!

    3. Lilibet Foster Creator on

      Thank you Denise...we are so grateful for your message and gratitude...have a wonderful day.

    4. Denise Romero on

      Your beautiful words inspire me to be better. To not take my loved ones for granted and to cherish each precious moment that I have with them. Thank you for sharing so much with all of us. You've touched many lives and we are so very grateful. I will continue to remind myself (with your heartfelt reminders) to "Be Here Now".

    5. Lilibet Foster Creator on

      Thank you Tim...Andy hoped for his story to be inspiring...we we are humbled by your lovely words and steadfast support...

    6. Tim Cassil on

      A truly inspiring message indeed. I have been lucky enough to live a life with minimal tragedy and loss. I can't imagine what it would be like to lose my soul mate, lover and mother of my children. It is so easy for me to take life for granted. Your messages (along with the "Be Here Now" bracelet) bring me back to reality, make me slow down and appreciate the little things.
      You and this project are an inspiration to all.

    7. Lilibet Foster Creator on

      Thank you Caroline...we are so honored to hear that you are inspired and this campaign has helped you...that is what Andy wished for.

    8. Caroline Auddino on

      I enjoy reading your updates u truely are an inspiration to so many I still talk about Andy to friends and family about what an incredible actor he was and to make sure they watch him in roles cause he had a very unique presence on screen that is one of a kind:) I'm been through a lot of pain over the years and the be here now project has helped me move forward and really live in the moment I wear the leather cuff to remind me to seek out that happiness and I'm finally in that place thank you so much for everything u do and have done and especially for never letting ANDY'S fans forgot what an amazing man he is xox