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OPENING IN THE US APRIL 8TH!  For more info & to reserve tickets visit: Inspiring documentary about Andy Whitfield who put the same dedication he brought to his lead role in SPARTACUS, into fighting cancer.
OPENING IN THE US APRIL 8TH!  For more info & to reserve tickets visit: Inspiring documentary about Andy Whitfield who put the same dedication he brought to his lead role in SPARTACUS, into fighting cancer.
5,265 backers pledged $302,810 to help bring this project to life.

Rewards Update

Posted by Lilibet Foster (Creator)

Greetings to everyone,  

We are pleased to say that we will soon be sharing some good news on the film.  

We would also like to also give you some updates on the rewards.  

If you pledged below $250 we mailed out all of the leather bracelet rewards, followed by several rounds of re-sending bracelets to people who didn't receive them. If you pledged $250 above, not all of your rewards are available yet and therefore are not yet due. As communicated, since our commitment is to use your pledges towards the making of the film, our intention is to send you all your rewards in one package so as to save on postage. Please provide us with your most current mailing address as we are planning to send some of the rewards that are already available.

If you didn't respond to the survey or haven't received your leather bracelets, please send your response via the Kickstarter survey or send us a message via Kickstarter, and we will get back to you with an update. If applicable, we will endeavor to include any other rewards that we have in house, in these packages, and then send you a second package with your remaining rewards, when they become available.

Stay tuned for our next update to follow this one.  

Again, thank you for your patience in the time consuming process of independent documentary filmmaking and for you moral support and encouragement.  

We greatly appreciate it.  

The Be Here Now Team

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    1. Missing avatar

      Mr. and Mrs.Frank Taheny on

      Hello ,

      Was a $150 backer , no bracelet , emailed a few times and was told it was on the way, never came. Emailed again sometime last week with the email provided below, no reply ?!?! My concern is if the bracelet has not come how do I know if my DVD will get here ?!?!

      Did the survey , double checked the mailing address and all is done on my side of things !

      Please advise ....thanks!

      Oh and congrats on the success at the film fest, can't wait to see it !


    2. Allen Patterson-Sterling on

      Hi Lilibet,
      I honestly do not remember how much I pledged towards the production and completion of Andy's story. I can tell you I have not received any survey or anything. After pledging on Kickstarter I went and got "Be Here Now" tattooed on my right arm. In 2003 I began getting very ill everytime I ate anything. After four years of E.R. visits and misdiagnosis, They kept telling me to stop drinking (I drink a glass of wine every once in a while). It too me ("Literally, yelling at an ER doctor after my sixth visit that month") He finally listened; and ran some more test and came back with results that showed I had seven large Gallstones. He sent me back to my HMO (I won't name them) and the surgeon removed my Gallbladder; damaging my Vegal Nerve shutting down my stomach. I spent the next three plus years attached to an I.V. pole 22 hours a day for nutrition. We changed insurance companies and found a little bit of relief. I still have a "J-Tube" in my left abdomen due to the condition "Idopathic Gastropresis" caused by the surgeon's screw up. I know you will be so surprised when the surgeon would not accept any responsibility. She said I was a "High risk patient" I actually have a back ground in clinical research (I have actually co-authored publication(s) which have been internationally published). I am able to eat some due to better health care and medications from Canada. I think of Andy everytime I look at my "arm" or my husbands arm as he got the same tattoo in support of my. Thank you for under taking this massive project. Please know that Andy is not forgotten and we talk about it everytime someone see's either of or tattoos.

    3. Cheryl Moore on

      Have not received bracelet or survey to date

    4. Lilibet Foster Creator on

      Hey everyone,

      Thank you for your comments.

      Robert we just emailed you that your reward was delivered. Please respond to the email if you have any further questions.

      To everyone, please do not leave us your address in comments. Please be sure you responded to the surveys we sent out with your updated address. If you are unable to do this or have done so and would like to be sure we have the correct address for you, please email us via

      Thank you all again.

      The Be Here Now Team

    5. Missing avatar

      Robert Sobocinski on

      Hi! I just letting you know, I have not received my leather bracelet! My address is still the same - 49 Second Avenue Katoomba NSW Australia.
      I look forward to receiving it, hopefully soon!!! Thanks!, Robert.

    6. Missing avatar

      Isabel Sorg on

      Hey there! I have not received anything to date :-(
      My address: Isabel Sorg, Zur Weide 13, 66901 Schoenenberg, Germany

      Thank you! Looking forward to receiving something soon!

    7. Missing avatar

      Marilyn E. Johnson on

      I have not received any rewards having pledged 150.00 dollars. I cannot remember what these were apart from the bracelet. My address is: 8 Brig y Nant, Llangefni, Anglesey LL77 7QD. I look forward to hearing from you. Mal Johnson

    8. Debbie Schlosser on

      Responded to your survey. To date, have received nothing. Donated in the $150 category. Don't really care if I received bracelet, but would like the promised pictures. Thank you.

    9. Missing avatar

      Hilary Bauder on

      Hello ~ Is this where you intend for us to "send us a message via Kickstarter"? I submitted the survey on 3.24.14 without an address change.

    10. Maija Marina Myllys on

      Hello, I am also in the $150 pledge bracket and have not received the leather bracelet. I have messaged my new address several times, here it is again: Käpylinnuntie 1A 2, 00780 Helsinki, Thank you so much!
      Best Regards Maija Marina Myllys

    11. Missing avatar

      abyssalflames on

      Hi there, I am also in the $150 pledge bracket and have not received the leather bracelet. Survey was successfully completed in March of last year. Please advise how best to proceed; thanks!

    12. Missing avatar

      Nina Bozell on

      Hello, I am in the $150 pledge group and do not recall receiving a survey. I too have not received my bracelet or any of the other applicable items. Thank you!

    13. Bren T on

      Hi , I am in the $150.00 tier group and still have not received my bracelet did survey in March 2014 as per response request info on the Be Here Now page. Address the same have left message in member Kick starter area. Looking forward to receiving bracelet.

    14. Colleen Weisbrich on

      I received the bracelet but don't remember the survey. Address is the same.

    15. Missing avatar

      scott muir on

      No address change here thanks

    16. Missing avatar

      Bryan on

      same as to what other are saying in regards to survey and bracelet

    17. Missing avatar

      Melaney Bernhardt on

      I never received a survey or a bracelet. My address is the same. I look forward to receiving it soon! Thanks!

    18. Missing avatar

      AHerring on

      Very pleased to read this...but never received survey either and forgot contribution amount. Am just eager to see the film and share it.

    19. Dale Armstrong on

      I got my bracelet about 1 year ago. Wore it everyday until it fell apart. Any chance of making another contribution to get another one? I know it takes time to create an inspiring documentary. Hopefully it will be selected for 2016 Sundance Film Festival!

    20. Jackie Brown on

      I never received a survey or a reward. I've got no survey in my Kickstarter inbox either.

    21. Lilibet Foster Creator on

      Dear all, if you have completed the survey and changed addresses, please message us on Kickstarter. If you haven't completed our survey then please check your Kickstarter inbox. Or if it's easier, send us a message via Kickstarter. Thank you all.

    22. Missing avatar

      Ken Moreau on

      Hi there, I pledged 50$ and never received my bracelet. I completely forgot I had pledged for this movie. Thanks for helping !! My address is the same as when I made the pledge.

    23. Missing avatar

      Beverly Steen on

      I pledged $150 and have received nothing. My address has not changed. Still hopeful.

    24. Missing avatar

      Naomi Lindsay on

      I pledged $500 and my address has not changed. I really hope to receive the rewards in due course, if only to restore my faith.
      Naomi Lindsay

    25. Rivke on

      Get of your complaining asses and just email
      Not that hard to find her email, being that it is plastered everywhere. LOL!
      No point complaining if you havent done anything to try to resolve your issue.

    26. Rose Vance on

      I pledged below $250 and haven't received anything at all :(

    27. Annett Metzen on

      Hello, thank you for the message. My physical address and email has not changed.
      Best wishes

    28. Missing avatar

      Greg on

      I have not received anything as of yet. Can you please send me another survey as I never saw the first.
      Can I ask a question of my fellow backers? Did anyone receive their promised bracelet?

    29. Missing avatar

      Gary Angarita on

      I did not offer >$250 so I'm not expecting a bracelet. I don't care how much money I spent. I don't want any recognition. However, if this "media installment" doesn't do justice to the man I fell in love with then I will seek further compensation. Not in the form of monetary recompensation. More like recompensation in the form of "before he was a famous actor" stuff.

    30. Samantha Lopez on

      My physical address and email has not changed. I have never received a kickstarter survey. I, like others commenting, have contributed and have never received anything. I pledged $150 back in 2012 under the assumption that the film would be finished sometime in the next year, 2014 at the latest. It would be greatly appreciated if we would know when the film will be ready.
      -Samantha Lopez

    31. Missing avatar

      Laura Baker on

      No address change, have not received gift.

    32. Missing avatar

      Suzanne Pontey on

      Hi...just received an update asking for a response here. I contributed $150 back in 2012. As of yet nothing received. No change of address since that date.

    33. Queenester McDaniel on

      I am going to be as respectful and considerate as possible despite the way I feel about this project at this point. I pledged $250.00 and would have pledged more at the time if I had more to give but at this point I'm happy that it was only $250.00. I don't understand how some backers have received rewards and yet others have not Including myself. I also don't understand why this project is taking so very long to complete. I have received project updates and each time it seemed that progress was being made which I was so happy to hear yet followed by more and more waiting. I don't mean to sound impatient but here it is 3 years later and nothing.

    34. Elizabeth Harrington on

      I believe I pledged $150.00 but haven't received anything. I don't recall a survey either so please tell me what information you need and where I should send it to. Thanks, Elizabeth Harrington

    35. Missing avatar

      Tammy Abraham on

      I also have not received any item I should have. I also don't remember the survey but I bid $150 and have received nothing as of yet. Please let me know what you need to send me the items.

    36. Missing avatar

      Tammy Abraham on

      I also have not received any item I should have. I also don't remember the survey but I bid $150 and have received nothing as of yet. Please let me know what you need to send me the items.

    37. Missing avatar

      Sarah Hazel on

      Hi there
      I've moved house and not sure what address I put on survey ... How do I know where my parcel will be sent ?