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Inspiring documentary about Andy Whitfield who put the same dedication he brought to his lead role in SPARTACUS, into fighting cancer.
OPENING IN THE US APRIL 8TH!  For more info & to reserve tickets visit: Inspiring documentary about Andy Whitfield who put the same dedication he brought to his lead role in SPARTACUS, into fighting cancer.
OPENING IN THE US APRIL 8TH!  For more info & to reserve tickets visit: Inspiring documentary about Andy Whitfield who put the same dedication he brought to his lead role in SPARTACUS, into fighting cancer.
5,265 backers pledged $302,810 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Skye on

      ‪What is the magic formula for an Aussie backer to actually see this film, that doesn’t involve a festival or Netflix - neither of which I have access to? It is now 2018, and like Tracie below, I feel completely betrayed.

    2. Missing avatar

      Tracie on

      Just found it on Netflix. What a betrayal! I'm done with kickstarter. I'm glad the documentary was made because of Vashti and the children, but never again.

    3. Wolfram Meidlinger on

      So apparently everyone with a netflix subscripion can see it before the backers.

    4. Missing avatar

      Tracie on

      Five years later and I'm still waiting to see the documentary. I can't wait until I finally receive the DVD. Or will I have to wait until I can buy it at Walmart for $1.99. FFS.

    5. Shirley Penrod on

      How do I confirm my address so that I do receive the DVD when it is released? I am a backer. Thanks. Shirley Penrod

    6. Missing avatar

      Alison on

      October 2016 and lots of news about certain lucky people able to view the film. When will it be possible for me to finally own and watch the DVD please ?

    7. Amanda Thompson on

      Well written Steve Lee, I agree. Would be nice if someone replied to you. Come on 'The Be Here Now Team', "Lilibet" if you really exist.

    8. Missing avatar

      Steve lee on

      After all these YEARS of waiting, I still haven't seen the film and there is no sign of that changing.
      The whole point of backing the project was to bring to to fruition and to get to watch it. If we don't get to watch it, haven't you lied to many many backers like myself? (That's a yes by the way).
      There has been no real useful updates during the whole project. All any of us have wanted to know is WHEN CAN WE BLODDY SEE IT.

    9. Geoffrey on


      I'll be short, even if there is a lot to say, but... Any news on the home video release?

      Well, no I'll not be that short... With all due respect, you know I do respect your work. The fact that I'm still asking after all that time should be proof enouth.

      But, I thought this movie's purpose was to share Andy and Vashti's story with the world, and so far, it's been shared with those who are lucky enouth to leave near a cinema or a festival who shows it. And the "Coming soon" campain hosted on is not reassuring at all, as it seems to extend this "due date" over and over after each update on the airing.

      I know it will not be aired in any cinema near me, so... Home Video Release? 1 month? / 6 months? / A year? / Several years?

      And don't want any pity but just an insight on my link with your project: When I first discovered it, I just had my first death from Cancer in my family. A very dear cousin, 31 years old died within a few month because doctors thought that a 31 years old couldn't possibly contract that kind of Cancer, and they let it go until it was too late.
      Since then, I have another cousin, 7 years old that got cancer and is still fighting it over and over as it come and goes ( So far it's gone, and I really hope it is for good!

      I don't know what I really espect from your movie, would it help me get some closure, would it virtually "end" this part of my life, I don't know. But every time I ear about Cancer, I come here, and it finally hurts more than it helps.

    10. Bren T on

      Hi everyone I had the honour of going to the Brisbane premier in Australia tonight of "Be Here Now". The documentary was moving and thought provoking. Well worth the wait , should I say life changing.The movie inspires you to be a better person and to enjoy every day. Thanks Andy ,Vishi and Lilibet.. for sharing this story of love and courage.

    11. Erin Marie Adams on

      Hello everyone... I have to say Nikki does make some valid points. One of which being delivery dates. They still stand, well, at least for the tier I am in, at Dec 2013, and it is now Apr 2016. An update of delivery would be greatly appreciated. As with all good things patience is key, however, again, I agree, we could have been some good grounding support. Hoping this premier week goes well for all.

    12. Lilibet Foster Creator on

      Hi Nikki,

      Thank you for your email and your support. We greatly appreciate it and so very much enjoy hearing from you.

      We are excited too about finishing the film. Kickstarter does not allow anyone to change reward information once the campaign starts so we haven't updated the descriptions. In keeping with the description of this KS reward, the DVD or digital downloads are due when the film becomes available on home video. You and others who pledged in this category, and requested the extra rewards, will be the first to receive yours.

      Before then, you will receive a survey from Kickstarter to reconfirm your address. Kickstarter requires that you reply to this with your address updated. If you have not received any of our Kickstarter surveys or Kickstarter updates (we’ve sent out 70 to date), then these may be going into your spam folder. For some people, this goes into their spam folders so be sure to check yours and release them so that you receive them in the future.

      Thanks again.

      With best regards,

      The Be Here Now Team

    13. Missing avatar

      Nikki Beynon on

      Congratulations on the success you are having with the film. I, too, received my bracelet at last and wear it regularly to remind me to live in the moment. Checking-in regarding distribution of the DVD; I think a lot of kickstarters might have imagined that their contribution (above $X) would mean they would get a copy of the film before the general public so that we could be amongst the first to see it and start talking about it wherever we are in the world. As a thank you and because we were passionate about the project.It's hard to hold onto that passion after so long when we see the film galloping forward successfully but no sign of including us in that success (except when you ask us to spend more money on buying a screening ticket). I am sure the greatest cost-efficiency comes from waiting for the commercial DVD release and that you will be worried about someone throwing it up on YouTube if you release it to anyone early, but if that is the case then maybe just let us know ..... Okay, I just went back in to the original pledge wording and it looks like it has been updated to include the phrase 'receive a copy of the film when it is available on home video'. So maybe you could just clue us all in to what that expected date is according to your current schedule? Few of us work in the film industry and so have no idea what the timelines are. Are we talking weeks? Months? More years? I don't think anyone wants or means to be shovey about this but the waiting is like death by a thousands disappointments. We could have been your biggest, most passionate advance promo team...

    14. Missing avatar

      Karen Lin on

      How do I update my mailing address for the copy of the film?

    15. Missing avatar

      Barbara Petti on

      Still waiting on the digital rewards. Have not received anything at all, no emails or updates. Hope to get a copy of the film.

    16. Erin Marie Adams on

      Hello all.. I just saw how the film is being released in the spring...well that's great! Have been so looking forward to it. Does that mean we will finally get our copies?

    17. Lilibet Foster Creator on

      No worries Geoffrey,

      We understand and thank you for both your enthusiasm and patience. I assure you that 100% of my time is spent on this film and getting it out to everyone who is interested in seeing it. Would you please email us at and we'll put you on the mailing list so that you are sure to get updates. Remind us in the email that you are in Paris, France as we are making note of where people are so that we may better serve you.
      Thanks again.
      With warm best regards and happy new year wishes --
      Lilibet & Be Here Now Team

    18. Lilibet Foster Creator on

      No worries Geoffrey,

      We understand and thank you so very much for both your enthusiasm to see the film and patience. I assure you that 100% of my time is dedicated to making and getting this film out with everyone in mind, including you in France. Yes, we will most definitely keep you posted. Would you like to send us your email address via: so we may add you to this to be sure you get all and any updates? When you email us here, please remind us that you are in Paris, France as we are trying to keep track of where people live to better serve you.
      Thanks again.
      Lilibet & Be Here Now Team

    19. Geoffrey on


      I'm sorry for the trace of anger you may have felt in my tone. I guess it's kinda proportionnal to my involvement in this project (more emotionnal than financial...)

      I must admit I didn't catch the spring release, mainly because I don't know if it'll reach us in France, moreover: far from Paris... Theaters here are more and more selectives, and if there is not much money to be made for them, it'll not be available to us...

      So I should have been more specific, an update on any digital release, or DVD release would be appreciated.

      And thanks again for your very fast reply.


    20. Lilibet Foster Creator on

      Hi -- as we noted below in our last update and reiterated below the film is coming out in the spring. Please stay tuned for updates very soon and if you aren't getting our updates, please sign up for our mailing list on
      Thanks again.

    21. Geoffrey on

      It's been nearly 4 years since this project has been funded. 302 810$ given by people from all around the world because Andy and Vashti talked to us though their fight.
      Ok, there is some updates every now and then, telling us the movie is finished (or nearly) and has been presented to some selected few, far far away from us...

      So, is it another failed Kickstarter? A cause we all joined, sometimes marking our own body with it's message. My tattoo is a part of me, and it helped me when I felt down, but it sometimes feels "incomplete".

      So please, grant us a REAL update, with information worth our collective involvement, not another self congratulation about how it was received by those selected few who probably didn't even know about it before they saw it (and maybe forgot it today).

      If you think the movie will be available to us this year, tell us, if not TELL US TOO! I really think we deserve it as we are all still there waiting and hoping today. The flame is still on, but it flickers more and more every day...

      Thanks for your regard and sorry for my broken english.


    22. Bren T on

      Received my bracelet a couple of months ago. I wear it with pride, good luck with the film festivals. So pleased the documentary is getting out there. Live in Australia hope we get to see the documentary down here at some point. Good luck with all your endeavours.

    23. Missing avatar

      Steve lee on

      It's been 3 years since I donated, still no sign of actually being able to watch the documentary.

      Yes you have posted updates about film festivals and other rubbish, so what, I don't care about other people watching it, I donated so it could be finished and I COULD WATCH IT!

      It has taken far to long and you have spent far to much time messing about. If you couldn't deliver then you shouldn't have taken it on.

    24. Lilibet Foster Creator on

      Hi there,

      We send out all of our updates via Kickstarter's platform. Sometimes these go into people's spam folders so please feel free to email us directly on This way we are able to answer any questions individually. We have found that this is the best way to correspond, as sometimes Kickstarter can be confusing and updates and surveys are not always seen or filled in and returned to us.

      In our most recent update #71, we shared the upcoming Hot Springs film festival and that we are working towards the film's release beginning in the spring in theaters, working together with major cancer research related organizations to make as big of an impact for the cause as possible. Then comes home video, which is when the DVD is due to be fulfilled as per our Kickstarter campaign rewards descriptions. As you know our commitment is to put as much towards the making of the film as possible. So, we intended to send rewards as extra bonuses to those who requested them, all in one package to save on postage. But, although the DVD is not yet due, since we didn't want to make you wait for your bracelet we endeavored to send them out separately, ahead of time (at no additional costs to backers).

      If you are referring to the download of the Be Here Now artwork, we sent this out a long time ago and if you didn't get it, do email us and we'll send it to you again.

      Also, the way Kickstarter works is that the survey that is sent out from Kickstarter has to be completed to verify mailing addresses before hand. We send out the Kickstarter surveys periodically because many people don't see them and therefore don't fill them in. But, this is no problem because we try to assist by sending them out again. But, again, please feel free to email us with any questions you may have on We are a very small team but we do try to answer every email.

      Thank you.

    25. Missing avatar

      Steve lee on

      How much longer do we need to wait for the documentary?

      Have received no information at all, which is completely unacceptable.

      Last time I back any project when we have to deal with such incompetent muppets.

    26. Greg Lindsay on

      I have a question that I'm sure many others have. Can the documentary be viewed somewhere in its entirety? I received my bracelet for backing the kickstarter - thank you. If the documentary cannot be viewed yet, when will it be publicly available? Thanks!

    27. Lilibet Foster Creator on

      If you are commenting with a question about your pledge, please email us on We do not get all the comments. We can let you know the level you pledged for, corresponding rewards (if you requested them) and when they are due. Thank you.

    28. Missing avatar

      angelo on

      This is so disapointing...i never got an email with download link, even a response.

    29. Travis Masters on

      I backed this project and never received my download. How do I go about getting it? Thanks.

    30. Rose Vance on

      Received my bracelet this morning

    31. Lilibet Foster Creator on

      Hi --

      Thank you again for your support of “Be Here Now.” We greatly appreciate it.

      We have sent out a number of updates and emails about the status of the film. We have also sent out updates on rewards, that are the extra treats that came with the pledge made towards the making of the film. Perhaps you have not received them. If you haven't receive them yet, they have not been sent to you yet because your reward includes items that are currently not yet due or available. As you know, our commitment is to use as much as possible of the backing from Kickstarter towards the main goal of the making of the film, so this is why we set the rewards to be sent to you all in one package when they became available, to save on postage.

      But, because a number of people have asked for parts of their rewards now and we want everyone to be happy, we are happy to send out items to you now. If you would like us to, please let us know by emailing us on You also need to be sure that you responded to the survey we sent out via Kickstarter to confirm your mailing address. Also, send us your address to as a confirmation. Also, please feel free to email us directly with inquiries to the same email address above as we do not get all the comments posted here.

      We are currently hard at work on the film's cause related release to shine a light on the need for cancer research, as well as to help inspire people faced with any challenges and with dreams and goals, to go for it and make the very most of one great life.

      We will keep you updated on all of this.

      With warmest regards,

      The Be Here Now Team

    32. Missing avatar

      Mr. and Mrs.Frank Taheny on

      Still in the same boat with so many others ... No items yet for backing � ! Emailed a handful of times , commented here, and still nothing. Happy for the films success just wish the backers who had a part in making it happen were treated better . just looking for what was promised for my contribution nothing more!

      A responce would be great, thanks ?!?!

    33. Erin Marie Adams on

      Hello everyone.. I saw the documentary won a category at the festival, congrats! However, to follow up on my May12 comment, may we at least know what is holding up our return? I understand a project like this can be an undertaking, but, it's been 3 years and the film is obviously viewable because it was taken to California.

    34. Missing avatar

      Barbara Petti on

      Still have not received a single item.

    35. Missing avatar

      Brendan Wood on

      Received my bracelet today and very happy with the quality and design and to see the rewards getting rolled out, can't wait to see the finished film.

    36. Lilibet Foster Creator on

      Hi Stephen,
      Thank you for helping us to make "Be Here Now" (The Andy Whitfield Story). Your contribution has gone to the making of the film and we greatly appreciate it. They are each handmade and no two are exactly alike. The bracelet you received as an extra reward, is the same as the one in the picture from the Kickstarter campaign. We only have one kind. It will increasingly become more unique as you wear it. If you want another one, please feel free to send it back to us and we'll send you another one. Please send us an email via the website. Thank you.
      The Be Here Now Team

    37. Stephen Baker on

      Bracelet arrived today. Nice. Not exactly like picture but acceptable. Thanks.

    38. Missing avatar

      Tracie on

      My faith in humanity has been restored. I finally received my Be Here Be Now leather bracelet!!! Thank you! Now I want to see the documentary :/

    39. Missing avatar

      Alison on

      Still nothing. This is the third time I've mentioned this !

    40. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    41. Missing avatar

      Tracie on

      One month later ... Still waiting. Oh well.

    42. Missing avatar

      Bill Colburn on

      I received my bracelet many moons ago but am still awaiting the film. It's great that it will be shown at the film festival but I wont be there to watch it so looking for the personal copy. Clearly it's done so perhaps a note to the backers on the status of the DVDs?

    43. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    44. Missing avatar

      Dorothy Lewis on

      I am extremely disappointed in how this project has been handled with regards to receiving the Be Here Now bracelet as promised. I made a pledge of $150 back in June of 2012, have sent repeated emails, and so far, after almost 3 years - nothing. I just sent another email directly to Lilibet Foster in the hopes of receiving some kind of reply. Very very disappointed.

    45. Missing avatar

      Tracie on

      Hi Lilibet...I sent you a direct message on Kickstarter with my name and address info. I hope this works this time.

    46. Erin Marie Adams on

      Hello.. I just saw on your FB page this documentary was selected for the LA Film Festival. Congratulations! However, it has been long overdue since we were originally promised seeing this film ourselves, no? Did I miss something? Putting aside that myself and others still have not received all fund rewards...I think it's great his message is starting to get further out there...but...what is the actual status on this project entirely? Thanks...

    47. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    48. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    49. Lilibet Foster Creator on

      Hi all - comments are great but please be sure to re-respond to the survey with your address as we sent rewards out and want to be sure your address is correct. Or, direct message us via kickstarter or the website
      Thank you.

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