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The Revol Dog Crate is ergonomic, simple to use, stylish & safer than other wire crates. Combined with Snooz, it's the best crate ever.
The Revol Dog Crate is ergonomic, simple to use, stylish & safer than other wire crates. Combined with Snooz, it's the best crate ever.
The Revol Dog Crate is ergonomic, simple to use, stylish & safer than other wire crates. Combined with Snooz, it's the best crate ever.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Judith DeSmet on

      Hi Zel, I found your update emails. I am used to looking for updates posted on Kickstarter. Hopefully you are still on target with your shipping. We have doggie plans very soon for using your crate. Best of luck on your continued development.

    2. Zel Crampton Creator on

      @Judith. Thanks for inquiring! We sent an update to all backers ~3-4 weeks ago and are planning our next update this coming week. Please let me know if you did not receive the last update. As for your specific question, everything is still on track to ship in late August or September. I was with the manufacturer 2 weeks ago and I'm going again in 10 days to approve final production. Hope that helps and please let me know if you have any further questions!

    3. Missing avatar

      Judith DeSmet on

      would you provide an update? how is production going? are you still on target to ship in August 2018? I think Kickstarter promises a monthly update schedule. Even if there is not much nuew to say, it still lets you backers know you are moving forward vs absconding : )
      thank you

    4. PanterA on

      Sounds good. Thanks for the reply

    5. Zel Crampton Creator on

      @PanterA: no news to share at this time. Everything is still on-schedule as previously communicated. We're still trying to collect BackerKit survey responses from everyone - so please complete those, if you have not already, as soon as possible. We will be sending a formal update in the next few days. Thanks!

    6. PanterA on

      Any news or information so far ?

    7. Zel Crampton Creator on

      @Vicki: I just sent you an email to address. I apologize for the inconvenience. We'll get you sorted right away.

    8. Missing avatar

      Vicki Melnick on

      When I pledged, I pledged double the amount so I could get two crate and pad combos at the $156 reward level. That was what the FAQ said to do. When I went to complete the survey, I can only get a second crate and pad as add-on items and together they cost more than the $156 reward level I pledged at. I can only afford the second crate with the funds I have left in my pledge. I sent a request for help on this and got a reply that it was being looked into, but I've gotten no further replies in the past week.

    9. Zel Crampton Creator on

      @Kyle: shipping to Ohio is certainly not that amount - sorry to concern you. I think the items in your basket may have exceeded the total shipping weight per order. Can you please email us the details of your order to and we can get this resolved for you. Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience.

    10. Kyle Wolff on

      $999 shipping to Ohio?! That can't be right. Zel, is this correct? If so I have to cancel my pledge.

    11. Zel Crampton Creator on

      If you’re having issues with the backerkit survey, I apologize for the inconvenience. Please email us a screenshot of the issue you’re having to and we’ll resolve it right away. Thanks for your patience.

    12. Missing avatar

      Liana Santarossa on

      Same comment as John. Why do I need to pay $4 more for nothing? I paid in full for item and shipping. No add ons. Can’t complete my survey as its saying I’m owing $? Is this a glitch?

    13. Missing avatar

      John Crowley on

      I just received a survey for my reward, I’m not requesting additional add-ons, but the survey states I owe additional funds?

    14. Zel Crampton Creator on

      @JayBee V: Yes - Snooz can be left inside Revol when you fold Revol down (no need to remove it first). Thanks!

    15. Missing avatar

      JayBee V

      Can the crate fold down with the Snooz Pad still inside or would I have to take it out to fold it?

    16. Zel Crampton Creator on

      @Melanie Kandra: Yes - you ordered 2 correctly. Thanks very much!

    17. Marsha Tyszler

      Just adding my voice to the mix. I pledged on day one for a SEB hoping that a large size would be announced. Sadly, I may have to give up my perk because I can’t cram my big Black Lab service dog into a small crate! ;-) Tasha Turner is right — you’ve raised well above your goal. Why wouldn’t you want to put the extra funding that you’ve already collected towards creating a second crate size that is clearly being requested rather than using it for accessories for the small that’ll cost far less to produce? Your big money maker is the crates, as many people won’t need accessories (though there is value to them and I’d be interested), so think of producing the large sizes now as an investment! You have three days — please rethink your strategy here. Or maybe figure out something like a deeply discounted placeholder pledge for your most vocal backers wanting the large! :-)

    18. Missing avatar

      Melanie kandra on

      Hello! So excited to get these crates. Hoping a large isnt gonna be too expensive. But question did i order 2 the right way?

    19. Zel Crampton Creator on

      @Kim: thanks for your question. Looking at the American Kennel Club website on Rat Terriers (link here:, the small Revol should be perfect for your dog. Even if you have the "standard" (larger) sized variation of the breed, your dog would be able to stand up inside the small crate. Similarly, at a maximum weight of 25 lbs, that's comfortably under the limit.

      That said, I would be happy to provide additional photos to you if that's helpful. I don't have a picture of a Rat Terrier in Revol though. We have a corgi, frenchie, a mix-breed (similar to a mini schnauzer) and a Maltese mix. Would any of those be helpful? If yes, message me directly and I'll be happy to send one to you.

    20. Missing avatar

      Kim Duncan-Persons

      I'm wondering if I should wait for the medium? We have a rat terrier and I'm worried the small will be too small. Is it possible to see a pic of the small dog suggestions in the small revol?

    21. Missing avatar

      Yvette Dobbins on

      Thank you, but I couldn't figure out how to message you directly. But I changed my pledge to $330 to coverage shipping on both crates.

    22. Zel Crampton Creator on

      @Yvette: The issue you’re raising is actually a shortcoming of the Kickstarter platform - apologies. The workaround is the following: if you want 2 of something simply add the value of the extra reward/item + shipping for each additional reward/item to your contribution when you check out (you can manually edit this). For example, if you want two Revol crates at $135 + $15 shipping, change your reward contribution to $300. When the campaign closes, we will be sending out a survey to all backers to confirm your orders and collect shipping address when you can remind us that you ordered 2 Revols. If you have further questions please message me directly. Thanks!

    23. Missing avatar

      Yvette Dobbins on

      How do I purchase another one, I can't seem to be able to purchase a 2nd one with a Snooz pad.

    24. Zel Crampton Creator on

      @Barbara Luna: thank you for the enthusiasm! We would love to have UK/EU distribution and will be working on that over the next little while. Thanks for the offer to help. As for costs to import to the UK, it seems you would have to pay VAT + 2.5% customs duty (see this link: Please correct me if I'm mistaken.

    25. Susan Clary on

      I run a small breed dog rescue in Florida. I would need a dozen of these to adequately use them for rescue, so unfortunately, I won't be backing you. However, I gave $1 because one of the biggest problems in Florida is what to do with your pet (or small breed dog rescue as it may be may) during Hurricane Season here. Storing and taking care of crates is a pain. The idea that this is foldable, and perhaps stackable, would be very useful for my home and all multi-dog households if the price were a litle more reasonable. Just a thought. Thanks again!

    26. Barbara Luna

      Will you have UK/EU distribution?? The tariffs on an item of this value will be quite high, so I'm hoping that by the time you have larger sizes, this won't be an issue?

      If you are looking to begin distribution here and need boots on the ground here, please contact me! (I filled out a survey). The market for taking care of man's best friend is substantial here in the UK!

      Can't wait to see Larger Sizes KSCampaign!!

    27. Jessica on

      I have to agree with @Tasha Turner on the larger stretch goals. I’ll be using mine for a puppy for a couple of months while he will fit, then luckily I have a smaller dog in the house that can benefit from it. However, I’d love to see a stretch goal for large dogs (80-100 pounds) that I can share with my numerous service dog and K9 training groups. The groups I’m in, we simply don’t have any small dogs and while I think they’d all love this product and would be just fine with a later delivery date - even into Q4 or Q1 2019 - I can’t promote this to them because none of their dogs could fit.

      It’s a great reinvention of the wire divided puppy crate and something I’ve been looking for for over a decade, now please just bring us a size my Beauceron can grow into and my life will be happy happy.

      Other types of stretch goals could include a crate cover and/or bumper for he inside (for seniors and pups), food/water bowls like Tasha mentioned. A matching blanket to go with the crate pad.

    28. Zel Crampton Creator on

      @fishcube: that's a great question because rattling is actually one of the problems we solved for in designing Revol. People generally can't stand the rattle noise of a wire crate, particularly if your dog sleeps in one in your bedroom at night - it can be disturbing and wake you up. While we have not tested the rattling specific in a car, I can say with confidence that Revol makes little to no rattling noise in normal use - particularly in comparison to standard wire crates.

    29. fishcube

      When used in a vehicle, in use. Will it make noise? Such as rattling etc? We have one now that makes alot of noise from door rattling etc.

    30. Zel Crampton Creator on

      @Marcel: you did it correctly - thank you for being a backer and for the great feedback!!

    31. Missing avatar


      So I doubled my pledge to get two crates - pls let me know if I did all correctly .

      Love the crates...! Great idea and concept!


    32. Tasha Turner

      Add the crate add-ones like bowls & water for stretch goals that we can add on to our pledges now makes sense. But $80-100k for medium and & $120-150k for large isn’t unusual stretch goals on Kickstarter and I see a number of people asking for larger sizes. I totally get where you are coming from it’s just if you are thinking of bringing the larger sizes to market later this year here is an opportunity to raise the funds.

    33. Zel Crampton Creator on

      @Tasha: thank you for the nice and helpful words! The issue with adding the medium and large sizes as stretch goals at this stage is that we would have to set the stretch goals unrealistically high to cover the costs of the manufacturing molds plus the inventory costs to meet our manufacturing minimums (which is by size). We would prefer to offer realistic stretch goals that are attainable and valuable to our backers. I hope that clarifies.

    34. Tasha Turner

      Love the concept. Thinking of gifting for a friend.

      Is the concern with offering the medium and large sizes as part of the campaign delivery dates? You can set those stretch goals and pledge rewards to have later delivery dates

      Medium estimated delivery December 2018
      Large estimated delivery March 2019

      If they end up ready early everyone gets a surprise. If they are a little late it happens.

      Your factory might give you a discount if you line them up for the 3 sizes over a number of months. Backers expectations are properly set. Some might want a small and medium/large which you could offer separate deliveries at extra shipping costs or to hold on shipping until both are ready.

    35. Zel Crampton Creator on

      Thank you to everyone who has provided stretch goal ideas. It is clear that folks would like to see the larger sizes available (so do we!). Unfortunately offering the larger sizes at this time is not feasible for us and we don't want to promise/offer something that we are not sure that we can deliver on in a reasonable time frame.

    36. Zel Crampton Creator on

      @fishcube: here is an older video of my wife showing some of the features of Revol (…). I think this should address your question about door open/close but please let me know if that's not the case.

      As for water and food bowls - we are absolutely going to develop those. We already have 8 accessory mounting points build into Revol that can hold the future bowls. Based on feedback, we are making these accessories a priority. As soon as specific timing becomes clear, we'll let everyone know.

      Regarding the size of the Medium crate, the internal dimensions will be approximately: 32"L x 19"W x 21"H

    37. fishcube

      Like to see video showing door open/close and locking. Also would love to see you add interior water/food bowl, what will medium size dimensions be?

    38. Missing avatar

      Liz Roper on

      Larger sizes as stretch goals.

    39. Michael Paolini on

      One more stretch goal idea - medium & large cages in the KS.

    40. Missing avatar

      Amber Landry-Miller on

      Love Michael Paolini's stretch goal ideas!

    41. Tobias Biermeier on

      Can this amazing crate also be used as a carrier, for example for vet visits? Or is it not portable at all with an animal inside?

    42. Missing avatar

      Chantel Oukami on

      Attachable water dispenser would be great and blue tray would be amazing. Also wondering if it is secure to pick up with the pet in it. If not maybe add a stretch goal for additional methods of locking it in place. Maybe even having a small food bowl ring that can be attatched and removed when not required so doesn't make it look messy.

    43. Missing avatar

      Rosie Stout on

      Please keep,me updated for the Medium size. Tks

    44. Michael Paolini on

      Have a couple of thoughts on stretch goals.

      1) a carry case with storage for toys and chews.
      2) a cover for the create to make it more of a den
      3) mountable water bowel or dispenser

      Or maybe team up with some of the folks how ran successful dog kickstarters like the Tikr to offer discounted add-ons (I love he tikr and could use another one. :).

      Or maybe uLeash or I’m sure dozens of other pet relegated products.

    45. Missing avatar

      Alex collier on

      I am very interested in staying in the loop on larger sizes. Thanks!

    46. Missing avatar

      Sarah Ryan on

      Hi Zel!

      For my stretch goal wishlist I was thinking maybe you could add a couple color options? Like the blue in the video or hunter orange would be fun!

      SO excited for this. My Frenchie is going to LOVE it!


      Sarah Ryan

    47. Missing avatar

      Haneet on

      Hi Zel,

      Thanks for reaching out and responding to my concerns. I would like to message you directly to be able to discuss the sizing constraints and also stay up to date on the future size upgrades of this product. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to figure out how to directly message you, but it seems like as a creator, you can message individual backers. I backed the project again and added a contribution without a reward. Please send me a message, so we can discuss the issues I mentioned earlier.

    48. Zel Crampton Creator on

      @Michael: you can definintely add the value of the Snooz pad to the Super Early-Bird Revol reward which would come out to the exact same cost as the now sold-out Early-Bird combo pack. Thanks!!

    49. Michael Paolini on

      (Also your FAQ seems to suggest it, "f you want an additional reward, simply add the cost of that reward to your pledge. For example, If you want another Revol crate mat reward, add $56 to your pledge."

      Of course the easy thing to do would be to add more of the earlybird offers so save some trouble ;-)

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