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$715 pledged of $2,000 goal
$715 pledged of $2,000 goal

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Crossing The Finish Line

Hello everyone!

It's been a while since I've updated. That said, with only three days left to go, and only 37% of my goal reached, funding is about to come to a close. So, what does this mean? Well, it means a couple of things. Firstly, for all of you who so graciously pledged a donation, your money will be refunded in full in the amount that you originally pledged. As previously mentioned, without having reached 100% of the goal, all of the money is returned to the backers. In another facet, this also means a few things for me personally.

The process has been a long one, and I need some time to reflect on that. After that time however, I'll be returning to the production of the book, with a few changes. In light on my current schedule, I'm considering condensing this and future books to only two stories, and a length of about 50-60 pages. I'll also be doing my best to get out on the convention circuit before attempting to promote the book on kickstarter again.

I want to thank each and every one of you who decided to back this project. I'm glad to know that you're out there and that you thought enough of my work to support it. I'll be sure to let you know when I return to kickstarter. In the mean time you can continue to follow me via my website/blog as well as our twitter and facebook pages. 

Until we meet again, fly safe!


Down To The Wire

Hey Pilots! So, another week has gone by. We're now down to only 24 days before the end of the funding period. It's getting down to the wire, and unfortunately we haven't made the progress I had been hoping for. But it's not too late! If you pledge now, there's still a chance that we could get this thing off the ground. If you've been waiting for the eleventh hour, this is the time! Please consider donating, and ask your friends and family to help out. 

In other news, I'll be going on vacation this following weekend and may not have a chance to update next week. In the meantime, however, I'll be continuing work on the book and looking forward to updating you on my adventures as soon as I can. 

Let's rally the troops!


Holiday Haze

Hey peoples! I hope this update finds everyone doing well. As you know, I didn't post this past Monday, like many of you I was busy with the holiday season and enjoying some much needed family time. So I hope you can forgive me!

I'm still working as hard as ever on the book, shading away and gearing up for starting the next chapter. I'm also still doing my best to get the word out about the book. We're down the latter half of the funding time and we're just not quite there. But it's not over till it's over! Let's see what we can do to make sure the book takes off! (pun intended - deal)

Next week, I'll be posting back in full force, so be sure to check back!


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Update #3: The Process!

Hey everyone, this week has been pretty successful for Air-Heart. Thanks to some generous contributions, we're now at 32% funded! There's still quite a long ways to go however, so keep sharing the link with your friends! As promised, this week features a behind the scenes look at my process for making the book, so let's check it out!

1. Scripting - Well, it’s gotta start somewhere. First I get some silly idea rattling around in my head that I think would make for a good Air-Heart adventure. Then, I sit down at the computer and type it out, nothing too specific, just a rough outline of the story from beginning to end. My entire script is usually one page long, and sometimes as short as three paragraphs! But, it focuses my idea, and gives me a scope of the whole story. This helps to give me a direction to shoot for, but at the same time, I try not to get too married to any of my ideas. A lot can change when I get to the next stage, so in the script I just focus on the key people, places, and ideas.


2. Thumbnails - This is where the real magic happens in my opinion. Once I have the story idea locked in place, it’s time to start sketching. I do my thumbnails fairly small, at about 1.5” x 3” or something like that. I use a pre-printed grid so that I have the right page size, and so that when I’m done I can blow up the sketches, and use them as a basis for the final drawing. This stage is where I work everything out, perspective, gestures, action, and pacing. Essentially this is where I decide on how the scenes will be “filmed”. I work my way in order from the beginning of the story to the end. I don’t work with a specific page count in mind; I just try to communicate the story as effectively as possible without wasting time on non-essentials. Once the story ends, that’s how I figure out how long it is. I find out the most during this stage, oftentimes the story can take a complete turn and wind up gaining a life of its own that wasn’t in the actual script.


3. Inking - One of the longest steps in the process, this is where the real drawing happens. The fully finished stuff. I take the thumbnails that I drew for each page, and blow them up in photoshop to full working size. For me, that’s close to 6”x 9” ish. Then, I print off the page in “blueline”, which takes all of my thumbnail sketch lines and makes them a soft blue color that I can drop out later. I then tighten my sketches and make any changes over the top lightlty in pencil. Once I have that knocked out, I break out my ballpoint pens (nothing special, just straight up fine tip Bic’s) and start inking. I don’t bother to do fully finished pencils, because I find it’s not necessary. By the time I get to inking, I have my mind pretty much made up about how the final drawing will look.


4. Flatting - This is a time consuming part of the process, but extremely crucial to the look and feel of the finished work. I take the finished inked page, and transfer it to photoshop. There, I tighten up my panel borders, and erase any ugly lines or ink marks. Once the page is clean enough for my tastes, I start filling in areas with my gray colors. I have two key tasks for my “graying”. I’m looking to break up the space visually to ensure clear storytelling, and to make the characters stand out. Recurring characters, like Amelia and Joey, already have a specific gray pattern that I worked out in their original concept sketches way back when. When I sketch designs for any new characters, I determine how their grays will work before drawing the pages.

5. Shades - This is probably my favorite part of the entire process. This is where the shapes on the page get their volume and solidity. Using a specific technique (sorry, tricks of the trade and all that), I shade each panel, once again with an eye on readability and making key things stand out. I have a formula for building my night scenes and underwater scenes differently from those that take place during the day.

6. Lettering - You can’t have a story without any words can you? Ok, you can… sometimes really awesome ones… but mine have words. So, the last step of the process is the lettering. This is where I finally have to commit to exactly what each line is and what every character is saying. This is the last chance I have to add or modify the flavor of the story. With all of the art already laid in, I have to stay within a certain framework, but it still leaves quite a lot of room for last minute creativity. I try my best to get in some fun gags, and some thematic stuff too.


At long last, we have a finished page! I repeat the process for each chapter of the book, and then before you know it, the book is complete! Ultimately it’s the organic nature of my process that I like the most, and what I think leads to the most creative innovation along the way. Let me know what you think! And as always stop back next week for another update, who knows what I’ll be yammering on about by then!  =D=

Update #2: "Fathoms" Preview

Hey people! So, two weeks down, and just a little over 6 more to go! This week saw our very first contributions! A special thanks once again to Joey, Michael, and Donna for their support. Every bit helps! You should also consider donating to the project when you can, with only 46 days to go, there’s still a long way to go before we reach our goal! And don’t forget, it’s all-or-nothing, so if we don’t make it, we’ll have to start from scratch!

Now on to the fun stuff! As promised, this week I have a small preview of the first chapter for you. The chapter is called “Fathoms” (for now anyway…) and features our heroes attempting to navigate a particularly bad storm, before taking a dive into the ocean below and being rescued by some mysterious figures... Where it goes from there, I'm not at liberty to say, this is a spoiler free zone! 

That's it for this week, but be sure to stop back next week for the next post where I'll be going into the details of my process of creating the book. It'll be a pretty cool post, so be sure to check it out. In the mean time there's a new post on my blog and as always you should check us out on facebook and twitter.


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