Parker Stevens Project

What ever happened to the sound that Paul Parker, Sylvester, and Patrick Cowley created in the 80s? When our heroes passed (Sylvester, Patrick Cowley) the world became a little less fun. 

There were very few musicians who knew how to write and track for nightlife dance music. We need someone to pick up where Cowley and Sylvester left off. One of our own. 

This project is to develop ten songs for a CD that will bring back the sound of the city for the gay and lesbian community. Be a part of the change. I need to spend time in the studio, have someone develop product packaging, do some promotion, and get the CD on AMAZON. This requires a lot of different people to help and the costs are for making this happen. 

Listen to the RAW track that I am working on now.


Listen. Dance. Give.

Every dollar will go to paying for studio time, development, packaging, promotion, advertising, press online and in news, distribution to stores, and more. 

Thank you for considering my project.

*Please remember that 5% of all donations go to Amazon for processing fees. Make your donation count. Let's get the Mirror Ball rolling!

PLEASE.... Spread the word about this project.

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