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Help finish a novel about love, addiction, and the difference between the two- not just with your wallet, but with your pen.

For Marian began as a small series of vignettes on a blog I began anonymously many months ago.  After a while the blog was forgotten for a time as the characters invented there turned into people I could no longer control and began to spill into a longer, sadder, and more complex piece of writing than I could have imagined producing. 

When I realized what I was creating I began posting again to that blog in the form of first draft chapters.  The renewed response from readers was overwhelming and many of the messages can still be found on the blog, but here are some excerpts:

"i've also been reading your story for quite some time now. it's quite touching... the depth with which you write is captivating"

"I've become obsessed with reading your story, I went back from to the start when I first found your blog and now I just want to know more. It's a story worth being told and I definitely want to listen."

"I am completely drawn into this story"

"this is greatness"

With the writing process already in full swing and a new wave of support beneath me I have nearly readied a manuscript to send out to old fiction and publishing professors and other respected readers I know.

I have poured in approximately 2,000 hours into this novel over the last several months in the form of late nights and restless weekends, and now to finish it, I need your help.

At nearly 400 pages the cost of printing and mailing this manuscript to more than a dozen people for peer review would be insurmountable on my (virtually non-existent) income from working at a small non-profit. 

But I want kickstarter to provide more than just money for me, I want some editors.

If you are so generous as to contribute $100 dollars or more you will receive a full length copy of the manuscript to be edited and mailed back for use in writing the final draft before publication.  The manuscript will be mailed with an instructions page on preferred marking strategies (in case you don't know what/how to underline), pen colors( e.g. no purple, its my editing color) and foods/activities to get you in the editing mood(raw eggs in OJ/ singing quietly to yourself) .

All backers will receive updates in the ongoing edit plus occasional questions on word choice, flow etc. in lines excerpted from For Marian.

All backers of $3 or more will have choice of a number of original, unique handwritten pieces signed by the author.  Conversation and feedback is encouraged and appreciated about any of these rewards.  Typed translations available for especially inspired (illegible) handwriting on the author's part, free of charge.


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    Unfettered access to project updates and reader weigh-ins on the draft (chances to advise me on the finer points of writing) and my deepest appreciation.

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  • Pledge $3 or more
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    A postcard will come to you with a handwritten line from the novel and author signature; scribblies also likely but subject to mood/whim. PLUS access to reader weigh-in questions during editing.

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    A printed chapter of the novel, signed by the author and mailed to you. PLUS a shout out on my web page and reader weigh-in access. (Intl. backers please add $5)

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    An original poem handwritten in the emotional/psychological aftermath of novel writing, unique to each donor PLUS a shout out on my page and still reader weigh-in access. (Intl. backers add $5)

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    A signed chapter plus a bonus chapter or story by the narrator that didn't make the book! PLUS a shout out on my site and a chance to weigh in. (Intl. backers add $5)

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    Ok, I can tell you're excited. And if you are this committed to this book, than you deserve a say in it. For this contribution I will send you a copy of the peer review draft with the request that you send it back with comments to help me finish the editing process including an instructions page. PLUS a hearty thanks on my page and access to reader weigh-ins (like you need that anyway with this reward coming!) (Intl. backers add $20)

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    Same as the $100 dollar reward but I will also send you a signed copy of the peer review draft to KEEP as a piece of history after the book you helped edit becomes a classic. PLUS a shout out on my website and reader weigh-in access. (Intl. backers add $20)

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    OK, OK, if you pretty much just carry the project to the finish line, you get EVERYTHING I've got. The manuscript for editing AND one to keep, ALL the bonus chapters snuck in there PLUS an original and unique poem with scribblies (ALL SIGNED) AND AND AND You get a shout out on both my pages thanking you for your help And oh yeah, you can participate in the reader weigh-ins.

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