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KICKSTART MAI: Performance and education center, home to long durational work and the Abramovic Method
Performance and education center, home to immaterial works and the Abramovic Method
Performance and education center, home to immaterial works and the Abramovic Method
4,765 backers pledged $661,452 to help bring this project to life.

24 Hours Remaining, $650,000 Marker, Video and Message from Marina

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Dear friends and founders of MAI,

With 24 hours remaining in the campaign, we now have over 4,000 MAI Founders and have exceeded our goal by $50,000!

All of us at MAI are so grateful to be welcomed by an engaged, passionate community of supporters. In honor of this moment, we are releasing a very special video here, to MAI Founders first, as well as a message from Marina to all of you: 

I am so touched by all of your support. It gives me more energy than ever to continue what I am doing. It is wonderful that we are all now together in this journey. My biggest wish is to leave this institute as my legacy to all of you, and I am truly grateful that we are supporting each other in this adventure. I want to share with you a video that is very special and dear to me. In this video, I talk about the beginning of the idea for the institute and my own experience at The Artist Is Present performance at MoMA. With 24 hours left, it will mean so much to me if you share this video so that others can learn about story behind the institute that we are creating and have the opportunity to be a part of this momentous beginning. 

Watch the video, directed by Milica Zec, here: 


Marina and MAI

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    1. Carolyn Robbins on August 26, 2013

      Consciousness is one <3

    2. Lisa Park on August 24, 2013

      What I admire about Marina Abramovic isn't just about her performance, but it's about her willingness to make a society a better community and share this to the public. Marina, you truly are amazing. As one human being, you definitely are changing and influencing a lot of us...

      Marina, I want to thank you for all that.

      With respect and love,

    3. Stefano W. Pasquini on August 24, 2013

      I do think this can become bigger than all of us. Thank you, Marina.

    4. The Art Factory on August 24, 2013

      @Raphaëlle Oskar: yes exactly my sentiments, yes you voice it clearly... very special words you speak.. vox dios ...

    5. It's Not You It's Us on August 24, 2013

      Of course this is an idea of Marina. But ever since I first heard of it I experienced it as something of ours. Supporting it meant far more than only supporting a distant project of someone whom I respect.
      So far (in life) I learned that when I have little or nothing at all, the expanse of the sense of what is possible increases dramatically. For in moments like those it is impossible to rely on "solid structures", because there aren't any. Lacking comfort takes so much from us, but it also seems to make place for a miracle to begin to happen. And this is what these $600 000 look like to me.
      When I dropped my few coins in, I heard them fall on the floor of the MAI building in Hudson and their echo mixed with the voices of people pouring out everything they know and can in order for a divine overflow to reach them and flow through them.
      It IS happening.

    6. The Art Factory on August 24, 2013

      this project is so special, so dear to the heart.. so precious.. i pledged one dollar, didn't have more.. but the Hug is truly worth priceless and years before it happens, i feel that gift makes the days better.. just knowing such a special thing is someday coming.. i'll probably bring my kids, wife and family for the occasion.. this project was a very loving gestalt in the face of a slightly scary world.. the fact of this projects ambitious funding success means love is stronger in the world today.. globally.. what a powerful hug project.. thanks for putting your work on kickstarter, and thanks to kickstarter for supporting such a lovely inspiring project.. i cannot fathom the impact, just feel it in the significance and depth.. MAI's work is really important.. durational YES.. eternal is the duration..