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Will you stop the murderous owner of the Awful Orphanage, Mrs Prendergast?
Will you stop the murderous owner of the Awful Orphanage, Mrs Prendergast?
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Production Update #5 - It's a wrap!

Posted by Workhouse Games (Creator)

That's it ... production is done! Wrapped! Finito! 

It took a little longer than we hoped, primarily because we opted to invest heavily in the design of the board and we think you'll agree, the new board is so much nicer! We had originally opted for a standard board that most Kickstarter games use, however we began to notice that the board began to fray at the edges which simply wouldn't do! So we solved the problem, as there's no way we're putting out a shoddy board! Take a look at the photo below ...


The board on top is the old style and you can clearly see it being a little worse for wear after all of our games. The one of the bottom showcases the beautiful binding we've invested in to make it last for as long as possible! We hope you agree that the time it took was well spent.

Do you want a new other nice pictures? Here you go ...

The Rulebook & Tokens
The Rulebook & Tokens
Corridor Punchboard (with Flocked Backs)
Corridor Punchboard (with Flocked Backs)


So yep, that's a wrap for production! We're now onto the logistics part and we're already well underway with that. Barcodes have been purchased, we've handed over to the different logistics companies we're using and before we know it, they'll all be on the boats heading to you amazing people!

Thank you all again, thank you for believing in us and putting your faith in us! We are still amazed this happened, and rest assured we're going to pay as much attention to shipping and logistics as we have to production.



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    1. Rune on

      when will it be ship :)

    2. Andreas Micheel on

      That means that you are WAY ahead of your schedule? Man, this is fantastic news!

    3. Missing avatar

      PhilB on

      This is Fantastic news ! Big up to you WG !!

    4. Karim on

      @Angela Hmm...come to think of it...a sack full of coal might be a bit warmer than the cold Attic...

    5. Angela: Tentacles of Frosted Wisdom

      @Karim You mean the Gaunt and Santa Man will drag us around like a bag of coals *shiver*

    6. Missing avatar

      Douglas on

      Looking forward to the updates on the boat trip.
      This is one game that I am genuinely excited to get my grubby mits on.

    7. Karim on

      Flocking well done guys! This year The Gaunt And Santa Man won't just be bringing us poor Orphans dusty coal for Christmas.