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Will you stop the murderous owner of the Awful Orphanage, Mrs Prendergast?
Will you stop the murderous owner of the Awful Orphanage, Mrs Prendergast?
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It was the night before Christmas (almost) ...

Posted by Workhouse Games (Creator)

We've loved the idea of alt miniatures for as long as we can remember. Back when we were devising the timeline of The Awful Orphanage in terms of production we thought it might be possible for us to release a Christmas themed edition of The Gaunt & Sinister Man ... and that's just what we've done!

It's available for pre-order right now over on our website ... 

We're also giving a portion of our profits on this to a charity that's very close to us, LOROS. They help families and those with terminal illnesses out when they need it most, and most of our friends and families have had brushes with them at some point. The work they do is outstanding, so we want to donate to them with this!

So ... Merry Christmas from Me, Tim and Simon and our next update will be about how all the games are finished and heading to the boats!! Madness!!


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    1. Workhouse Games 3-time creator on

      Hey there @Alexander, it did say how many we had on the product page (100) but yes I agree it would've been good to mention it here too! Never fear though, we are in talks for more.

    2. Missing avatar

      Iceeagle85 on

      Will you perhaps to a second print run for the Festively Sinister Man? I wanted to get hin but didn't buy him immediately because it was nowhere said you only would have a certain number of models.
      Most miniature companies either state the amount of minis their santa take will have or sell them through the whole of december.
      So yeah I should have gotten him the moment i read this update but perhaps for the next santa mini it would be a really good idea to state it's availability.

    3. Workhouse Games 3-time creator on

      So, the Festively Sinister Man has just sold out - we're now getting them manufactured this week so we can do our best to get them to you for Christmas!

    4. Workhouse Games 3-time creator on

      Hi there @Art, unfortunately these aren't being shipped from the factory in China. They're being hand cast in the UK and we'll be packing all the orders by hand at Workhouse HQ.

      The bases we use in the Awful Orphanage are 32mm round lipped, you can usually pick these up for a lot cheaper than we'd be able to make them for from most FLGS stores.

    5. Art D

      Is there a way for existing KS backers to get free shipping or have it included with the original pledge when it delivers?
      Also, would you consider offering individual separate bases for an additional cost?

    6. Danny Shafer

      It's nice, but too pricey for me for one miniature.

    7. Workhouse Games 3-time creator on

      @Haak n Slash ... it's both! We've included a base with it, but as it comes in three pieces (the Gaunt & Sinister Man, The Creepy Clown Kid and the Base) you can use it in the game too if you like.

    8. Missing avatar

      Haak n Slash on

      So wait, is it a model or a game miniature? The description clouds things enough that makes me think it's a model that you can use in game if you take it apart. Am I understanding that right?

    9. Karim on

      That hand sticking out of the bag is horrific and fantastic!. The details and stories within all the minis of the game really make them stand out compared to others as brimming with character!

    10. Nikodemus on

      Preordered, great work guys!