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Will you stop the murderous owner of the Awful Orphanage, Mrs Prendergast?
Will you stop the murderous owner of the Awful Orphanage, Mrs Prendergast?
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Production Update #3 and What Happens Next

Posted by Workhouse Games (Creator)

Production is continuing at a rapid pace, we're now onto the binding of the boards and the assembly of each product (read that as putting things into boxes and then wrapping each one in plastic). The barcodes are purchased, the products are real and they're registered worldwide ... it's all a bit too businesslike, but it's got to be done!

At the moment (well not right now as it's Sunday) the board is being wrapped so we aren't showing any exposed edges (and plus we thought it would be worth the extra money to increase the quality some more) and the boxes are being assembled. Here's our proof copy and this is exactly what you'll be receiving ... soon! 

The Awful Orphanage Miniatures & Cards
The Awful Orphanage Miniatures & Cards
Alyce, Prof & Verity all Snug & Secure
Alyce, Prof & Verity all Snug & Secure

Our factory estimates that the next phase is going to take a maximum of two weeks, and our logistics companies are all prepped ready to take over the moment the factory has them on pallets ready to go to port. 

We have asked for the GPS locators of the boats we're going on to and plan to create a page on our site ( where we will show a map of the world and where the boats are at that moment. We know that this part is the toughest as it's nebulous as to what's happening so we're going to be as transparent as possible! This is YOUR game after all ... YOU made this happen!

The Next Step

As you might (or might not) be aware, our next project takes The Awful Orphanage and puts it into the hands of some of the worlds best fantasy authors! We've already revealed we have Graham McNeill, Gav Thorpe, Sarah Cawkwell and Mark Latham on board ... so let's spill the beans on the others (to be honest we're too excited to keep it secret) ... 

Ben Counter

Ben Counter is an utterly amazing author who has a way of taking a bad guy (or guys) and making them relatable. Ben's novels for The Black Library saw him creating the much-loved Soul Drinkers chapter and he also authored 'Galaxy in Flames' too!

George Mann

We are over the moon to have George working with us on this anthology. His previous novels are some of our favourites and also writes novels for Doctor Who too! George also recently wrote two fantastic Sherlock Holmes novels which prove his ability at writing superb mystery and suspense ... just what the Orphanage ordered!

Nick Kyme

Nick is the author of the popular Salamanders series of Novels from Black Library and someone we had on our absolute wishlist! He has been involved in a multitude of diverse projects, including art books for Namco Bandais Mark of Chaos game and EA Mythics Wahammer Online: Age of Reckoning.

Aaron Dembski-Bowden

Aaron is an absolute master of his craft and is the third author in this collection to be on the New York Times best seller list! His Horus Heresy novels are utterly superb and devastating and his wicked writing style will bode ominous things for one or two characters.

- - -

What we can say about this Anthology is that it will flesh out some characters, answer a host of questions about the world, lore and what is happening underground and also take us right up to the point where we'll launch The Hollow Earth skirmish game.

We'll be offering a unique Mrs Prendergast sculpt with the book that we're working on at the moment and will be available in strictly limited numbers. The book is going to be hardback, faux-leather bound (and distressed) with a ribbon bookmark ... again we're going for the best quality in everything because you deserve the absolute best! 

And we're hoping to launch it the moment the games arrive into port and they begin shipping to you! 

Madness ... the train continues rolling on!

We hope you have a wonderful Sunday and again if you ever want to chat to us, ask questions or just listen to Paul spill more beans than a Heinz factory then check out our discord channel ...

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    1. Workhouse Games 3-time creator on

      @Jason, we just took a look now and I can't see anything too detailed about the 'box' but I can see they made a decision and are sticking with it. Was it that bad?

    2. Jason Case on

      Did you guys happen to back fireball island and see all the fallout from the box? Looks like you either are thinking ahead better than they did or you saw this and reacted in a very good way.

    3. Workhouse Games 3-time creator on

      @Roswitha ... you got it!

    4. Roswitha Prochazka on

      A whole book of backstories?? Sweet!

    5. Kehlenschnitt (Miremarsh Stumpy)

      @Workhouse Games: Thanks for the update. Hardback, faux-leather book with stories written by my favorite Black Library authors ? Release it now, I want to pledge for it. This is fantastic news and I will back this without a second thought.

    6. Graham Bailey

      Great news. Can't wait for this. There are some truly amazing authors involved. Ben Counter too :-)

    7. Workhouse Games 3-time creator on

      @Nikodemus @Karim ... aww shucks guys that's made our Sunday! Thank you so much for your support, we're so happy with our little corner of the interwebs!

    8. Karim on

      Other Kickstarter Creators take note: THIS is how you handle a campaign from conception to delivery! Future Backers also take note: THIS is a company you can trust with your pledge!

    9. Nikodemus on

      Gonna get a copy of the book with the mini as soon as it is available. Love the quality and dedication to this whole project!