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Will you stop the murderous owner of the Awful Orphanage, Mrs Prendergast?
Will you stop the murderous owner of the Awful Orphanage, Mrs Prendergast?
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We want your opinion ... let us know what you think!

Posted by Workhouse Games (Creator)

Over the past few weeks we've been receiving a lot more enquiries asking about a full novel for The Awful Orphanage. Whilst we're not quite ready to do this yet as we want to concentrate on the final parts of production, we think this could be a nice idea and we have spoken to a few very well known fantasy authors who'd be happy to help!

So, our question to you ...

Is this something you'd support on a smaller campaign as our funds are all currently assigned to the core game and additional bits & pieces!

We'd honestly thoroughly appreciate your opinion on this ... whether you want it pursued and written by a shedload of NYT authors ... tell us :) 

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    1. John L Vogt

      Graphic novel anthology, though I would back pretty much any printed material. I've really enjoyed the shorts in the updates.

    2. Nobbi86 on

      I'm unsure if I would read it. I prefer to play the game;)

    3. Elizabeth on

      No very interested in the book. I like the idea of the game and the mysterious unknown.

    4. Zakarovian on

      I love your work and think you are doing a fantastic job, but a fantasy novel would not interested me. Fantasy based board games....yes - fantasy based no. :)

    5. Workhouse Games 3-time creator on

      @Iain, couldn't agree more - this is why we think an Anthology would be a better choice, to have more than one author and also be a little more varied too!

    6. Iain Macmillan on

      Always room for a book, or two...or more; though (personal preference) perhaps not Gav Thorpe (his dread hand on the fluff for Carnevale notwithstanding)- there are many and talented authors out there, and not all gentlemen to boot!

    7. Jose Guzman

      I would also not back a book. But I know there are many out there who love a good reading.

    8. Missing avatar

      Ulf Göransson

      I would not back a book. But don't let me stop you.

    9. Angela: Tentacles of Frosted Wisdom

      @James The Stragglers set could be offered even though we didn't reach it.

      The diorama came to life thanks to the short story by Gav we unlocked via pledge manager. And some people prefer audio over pdf so we got the audio version. So this all is still part of the current campaign (except the diorama which is extra content)

      All things nobody forces you to buy. They are just extra stuff to expand this great world in which the Orphanage takes place.

      As for the book. This is just a poll, because people asked about this feature a lot in comments. It won't happen anytime soon and def not before the game has shipped (Even my bank account needs a break).

    10. Workhouse Games 3-time creator on

      Hi there James, sorry to hear the updates are annoying. Rest assured we are working as hard as possible on getting the game out as quick as possible. At the moment we're making a small adjustment to the board to ensure that you have enough 'wiggle room' for the tiles and corridors so that placing them is easier. Full production begins next week and is expected to last 27 days, we have our shipping & logistics in place and ready so I can assure you that we want the products in your hands asap!

    11. Lloyd G

      I would gladly back a book be it a novel, novella, graphic novel or an assortment of short-stories, and proudly display it in my ever growing library.

    12. Missing avatar

      James Chessher

      Thoughts? Irritated. So we have the KS for the game, add-ons you could acquire when purchasing via the KS - Orphanage Awakes, Lance and Brunel, Orphans Toolkit, then the Stragglers, then the Diorama, then the Audiobook, now a novel. - I have not even played the game yet and spent a considerable amount (only up to the Toolkit.) I do not know if I will find it interesting enough to play more than a couple of times, - yet Workhouse continues to pump out more. I have reached the point where I delete your Update emails after only a cursory glance. I would prefer to have what I originally ordered before throwing more money your way.

    13. Art D

      YES, YES, YES!!!
      A hard cover color graphic novel would be the way to go. Would gladly pay $29.99 ( or a little more) for a good story expanding the Awful Orphanage universe.
      And why just one book / story? There are so many directions WG can go with this.
      * Who is The Sinister Man and what is "his" origin story?
      * Who are these orderlies and how did they get involved with Mrs. Pendergast? Why do they stay with her?
      * How does "Little Crow" finally get away from Bill?

      Please make it happen!

    14. grys03

      I was one of those who made a comment about a 'book' early on

      & even though I would be interested in a novel or graphic novel - I was thinking in terms of a coffee-table type book.

      Justice needs to be done to the story & stories, the art etc

      The production price will be the deciding factor as I assume much of the text & art is already in place

    15. Missing avatar

      tony johnson

      Would like it if it were a physical book, not so much for E-versions

    16. Kehlenschnitt (Miremarsh Stumpy)

      I would instantly back a full novel, but I would also support a novella, short story anthology or like @Karim mentioned a graphic novel, if you would consider doing this. The lore of this game is intriguing, I would support any future product.

    17. Missing avatar

      Colin Tse


      Honesty, I thought the story was emersive and enjoyable. I'd love a full novel version.

    18. Nikodemus on

      My response to this must surely be obvious. Yes, the setting here is one of the main things that got me into this project, so anything that expands on this and the actual Orphans is what I would like to see!

    19. Karim on

      In one word: YES! Doh, that was 4... XD I'd love for a full-on horror-filled fantasy novel full of historical references and real-world settings. Would a graphic novel be an idea too as an alternative? The art style in the game is so unique.

    20. Weena Legault on

      I would not back a novel.

    21. Sean Overton-shadowopal on

      I would back a novel in this setting.

    22. iolaran on

      Yes, please! "A sinister beggining" was sooo short, but enjoyable... Can I have more, please, Sir?

    23. Danny Shafer

      I personally am not interested in a novel.

    24. Charles Lee Ray on

      What a novel idea!

    25. Angela: Tentacles of Frosted Wisdom

      You already know my answer ;)

    26. Terry McCammon on

      Would be a great idea- something along the lines of Young Adult fiction like the Lamplighter series (MonsterBloodTattoo series) that would allow for illustrations and maps. Love the idea of a series that follows individual children or a collective through the same setting, but a single well crafted hard back with rough cut edges (ala edge chronicles) and cover would find a place on my shelves.

    27. Workhouse Games 3-time creator on

      For those saying after this campaign ... this is absolutely the way it has to be. The plan would be to raise funding to cover initial costs and then deliver sometime in mid 2019 after the author's have had time to write, and we've had time for a cuppa!

    28. Missing avatar

      Henrik Allansson on

      A full novel is a great idea, I would definitely support that!

    29. jevari

      i would definitely support a book, this sounds like a great world you've developed and i would love to see more of it.

    30. Missing avatar

      Lee G. on

      Yes, that would be Amazing!

    31. Mark Winder on

      Yes please, would love to expand on the characters through a novel or story collection. Gav Thorpe is a brilliant writer so would back anything by him in this universe

    32. Be(a)st on

      Sorry i'ts not for me :)

    33. Missing avatar

      Baki Hanma

      Anything after the campaign would for sure be welcome.

    34. Missing avatar

      Lap Tran

      Only if done after this campaign has been fulfilled. A hardbound book would be a nice collectible item. Deja Vu just fulfilled and they included a full color book of the fluff. Alternatively, you could collect all the fluff updates into pdf format for download.

    35. Graham Bailey

      I'd be happy to support this, but would be happier with a novel than a short story collection.
      Which I'd also probably back anyway...

    36. Missing avatar

      Iceeagle85 on

      I would backed it but only if the campaign is done after this one is 100% finished because this should your priority now.

    37. Missing avatar

      Greg Weston

      I’d definitely be interested.

    38. Jaguthin

      I'd back it.

    39. Peter "Dia Fir" Andersson

      Sorry, I'm not interested in a novel.

    40. Ralf Steinberg on

      hey, fantastic- we would like to support the project-
      with beautiful drawings and a signed edition in a HC-Version we would be with £ 50 on board ! !!!

      Ralf & Michael

    41. Gerard Mc Cabe

      I've read a good chuck of Gav's previous work and read enjoyed "A Sinister Beginning", so something on a large scale is thumbs up.

    42. Missing avatar

      Roy on

      Yes, a full novel would be an excellent addition to the game. I would likely support a smaller Kickstarter.