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$3,758 pledged of $50,000 goal
By David Dougher
$3,758 pledged of $50,000 goal

Day 2 - Spreading the Word

Many people seem to be enthusiastic for the project.  I have already e-mailed over 200 people and the results are just starting to come back.  But, thirty days goes by very, very fast, so if you  have anybody you think might be interested - talk to them about the project now.  Once the June 1st deadline arrives it will not be possible for them to contribute.

Support is taking another form as well.  Several former students and old colleagues have volunteered to assist in the project.  A 3D modeler and artist has offered us use of his art libraries at no charge.

This is definitely an idea that people can get behind.  So, if you can, talk it up.  The kickstarter address itself is pretty long and complicated to remember, so just send them to www.oncolos.com.  The website will give them some basic info and a pointer to the Kickstarter.

Also, if you belong to any groups which would back such an idea let them know.  

Many hands makes light work!


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