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33 Years of The Good, The Bad and The Ugly -
10 Songs with Large and Lovely Melodies -
2 Hopeless Romantics
33 Years of The Good, The Bad and The Ugly - 10 Songs with Large and Lovely Melodies - 2 Hopeless Romantics
127 backers pledged $10,725 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates

Finishing the mixes this weekend

Hello Kickstarter friends!

We're just about finished mixing. The next step is mastering, which we'll have done next week. Our cover is being designed now, too. Very cool....

We'll be in touch with you all soon to start gathering your mailing addresses.     We're so excited for you to hear it!

Here's 30 seconds in the studio with our engineer Keith Compton.

"Never Givin' Up" on love.....

rodeo and juliet

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Getting close to the finish line

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Hello friends,

Just wanted to update you to let you know that we continue to move ahead with our project. We finished all of the recording and rough mixes last week and we have to say, we are thrilled with how it's coming out! We think you will agree it was worth the wait.

This week we are locking in the final mixes and then the project will be mastered.

Our friend, was our photographer for our shoot last week.  Really cool stuff!

We hope to have the project signed sealed and delivered to you sometime in February.

Thank you again for you amazing support and patience. Can't wait for you to hear!

rodeo and juliet

Good news from Rodeo and Juliet


Hello dear supporters,

We know it's been a long, long time since you heard from us. Thank you so much for your patience. We so appreciate you!

These past couple of years have been full of challenges and personal issues which  led us to have to put our project aside.

But now we're thankful to be moving ahead!

We have a new video (EPK) link that we're going to email you tonight so you get the first look at our new look! Tomorrow we will be launching our new website and social media, too!

And then, if that's not enough, we are ready to move ahead and finish the cd project that you so graciously supported. We're looking at having it out and in your hands by Feb.

Stay tuned.....good things are on their way....

rodeo and juliet

Back on the trail with another song for you


Well, Kickstarter partners.....

As any good Western goes, last year brought some trouble on the trail when we temporarily lost a wheel off our wagon.......

But we're back.......

and on with our Adventures!

Now we're sending you our next single "Doris Day" as a free download just in time for Valentine's Day. Watch your emails (and SPAM) for the download. And let us know if you don't get it or can't open it.

We'll be sending you our songs as we finish them...about one a month...until we finish the project, package it and deliver it to you.

Thanks so much for your patience. We really appreciate it.

WAGONS HO-O-O-O........

Rodeo and Juliet

Our first single is ready for you!


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