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The DIY Desktop CNC Machine - automated fabrication in your home. Your personal cutting/engraving/etching/milling machine in kit form.
The DIY Desktop CNC Machine - automated fabrication in your home. Your personal cutting/engraving/etching/milling machine in kit form.
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Recent updates

Y and Z Axes

Another end-of-building-day update.

The pre-production prototype Y axis carraige and the Z axis are almost done. Close enough to look like the CAD design after another busy stint in the shop. It needs some tweaking and finshing and then it's reay to mount to the Y axis gantry. Should then be about ready to fire it up at that stage.

Safety tip: don't pop out to the shop in your socks to check on something quickly until after you've cleaned up all those metal shards from earlier drilling and cutting. If you really must, at least make sure there's a good tweezers near to hand.

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Prototype Update

Thought I'd do another end-of-a-busy-day quick update.

Once the Christmas decorations were all put away, and despite a nasty headcold, made good steady build progress this weekend. My anti-backlash nut design works great (you can see the one on the Y-axis turned around for the pic). Got to use the bearings and precision rods that arrived last week (they glide nicely) along with many other parts and fittings. Pace is slow as I measure and re-measure against the CAD specs, but it's taking shape.

Should get the Y carraige and Z-axis built here soon and then I can start soak testing and giving it a real workout. I'll post video as soon as I get there.

Just one week to go folks! Hang in, we're almost there :)

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Happy New Year!

To all backers of the DIY Desktop CNC Machine project, just wanted to wish you all a very Happy New Year, and a heartfelt "thank you" for all your support. Because of you 2011 is already looking to be an exciting, fun and busy year.



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Hi Nottingham Hackspace!

Our UK friends at Nottingham Hackspace like the DIY Desktop CNC Machine. Thanks Dominic et. al. Looking forward to getting you guys set up and seeing what you create with your DIY Desktop CNC Machine :)

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Proto Board

Just a quick shot of the new driver board. Today was spent building the latest design boards (thanks to Jameco's excellent delivery service). Tomorrow it gets put through it's paces to make sure everything is working correctly and according to plan/design.

Here's a pic of the new board. Interesting to see this beside the POV render of the prior design used in the testing workhorse. Once the design is tested/proven I can get Sierra Circuits onboard to start fabrication them in quantities.

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