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The DIY Desktop CNC Machine - automated fabrication in your home. Your personal cutting/engraving/etching/milling machine in kit form.
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We're back....

It's been a long time since I've posted an update or since we've sent out a newsletter - long overdue! So much has happened recently that it's hard to know where to start. 

The following are highlights of what's going on, and you can always find more details back at our website ( 

We have a new team on board, so you can expect more news more often - more on that below... 

Maker Faire 2013
Maker Faire 2013

  BTW, did you see us This Spring at Maker Faire?


It's been a crazy year! In response to our backers and growing customer base we have expanded our team with some new and exciting strategic positions. Julie heads up our customer service department and is superb about taking care of our customers and making sure they are happy cnc-ers. Alice'a leads our fabrication and tech department and makes sure our products are built to the highest of standards, readily available, and that all of our users' technical needs are met. Greg is our new CFO and he keeps us on the straight and narrow fiscal path and ensures that the business machine is running smoothly. And, of course, Stephen is always here to keep the fires lit under our product development and to address the more-complex technical questions. You can always reach us via our website and now by phone at our new number (530) 350-7461. 

MyDIYCNC New Design, BigFoot model
MyDIYCNC New Design, BigFoot model


This Spring at Maker Faire we introduced a whole-new product line-up based upon our newly designed Desktop CNC Machines. The SPRITE and BIGFOOT Complete Kits and Turnkey Systems feature all-new billet aluminum parts for higher precision and more-robust quality. This new design reduces parts and makes assembling from our kits much easier. As before we provide pictorial step-by-step instruction manuals and guides. When coupled with our new USB Solution (see below) these machines become highly-capable dual-port (parallel AND USB) CNC systems - adding even more to their tremendous versatility

MyDIYCNC USB Solution works on all our current and past Desktop CNC Machines
MyDIYCNC USB Solution works on all our current and past Desktop CNC Machines


 After years of development we were very proud this Fall to release our USB Solution. Why do we call it a "USB Solution"? Because, as discussed in prior updates, we've developed a completely integrated hardware/firmware/software solution for an easy-to-use seamless user experience (see our setup video). Our USB Solution comes with our FabCAM (see below) desktop CNC software which processes your GCode for production through the USB interface and your Desktop CNC Machine. Our USB Solution is plug-in-and-go, cross-platform (Win, Mac,Linux) and is completely compatible with all past MyDIYCNC Desktop CNC Machines. It can also be used on other parallel-port CNC machines that use compatible pinouts. 

GCode from rendered and milled in FabCAM
GCode from rendered and milled in FabCAM


 FabCAM is available to all of our backers, customers and users as a free download on our website. While it's purpose is to operate your Desktop CNC Machine with our USB Interface, you can still take it for a testdrive and use it to render and manipulate your GCode. You can see our tutorial on getting started with FabCAM on our website. We also have several videos of FabCAM in action on our YouTube Channel and in our website Video Gallery. FabCAM and our USB Solution can be used with all current and past MyDIYCNC Desktop CNC Machines

Watch out for our next newsletter and update here (much much sooner than this one, we promise!) and in the meantime, please visit our new-look website, where you'll find new tutorials, videos, products and information about Desktop CNC Machines

 For questions, comments and suggestions, please feel free to contact Julie at 


    1. Creator Stephen on November 5, 2013

      Andy, please e-mail me. I never heard back from you after my e-mail in March when you asked how soon your Turnkey system would ship, nor from the subsequent e-mails about the new design we were about to launch. When you asked about a refund I let you know that there was no mechanism through Kickstarter or Amazon to provide backer refunds. In good faith I offered a partial refund or to ship your reward that was ready, but you never let me know which you wanted.

      I e-mailed all remaining unfulfilled backers in May with news about the new designs, offering that as an option, but being very clear that an upgrade was completely optional. I thought that better than launching a new design and not making that available to those USB backers we had yet to ship to. We've stayed the course and have been shipping the last of the rewards and simply hadn't heard anything back from you.

      I've just e-mailed again you so please get back to me so that we can ship your system.

    2. Creator andy meyer on November 5, 2013

      : it's been three years and I've received nothing. I purchased a complete kit in dec 2010. The last response I got from the company was I could get half my money back or spend another hundred to get an a upgraded model ( that would cause more of a delay) I chose neither and never heard back,

    3. Creator andy meyer on November 5, 2013

      It's been almost TWO years since I ordered one of these and I have still NOT received it. My last contact with this company was three months ago when the offered me HALF of my money back. Have not heard from them since. Be careful who you back on kick starter and don't send any $ to diycnc.